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2017 Career Report

2017 Career Report

This Annual report contains Quarter-wise predictions for Career, Job and Occupation. Get all predictions like best time for promotions and good times for changing your job in this report. This report will cover detailed and personalised career prediction for you in 2017. The 10th house in your natal chart determines the career and occupation aspects. The placement of the planet, significance of the house, planets aspecting the house needs to be analyzed and Pt. Umesh Pant expertises in this area. He will also provide accurate suggestions for Gemstones, Yantras and Rudraksha which will surely help you to get rid of career problems and boost your career.



2017 Career Report


Your Future In 2017 – Quarterly Predictions

Your Future In 2017 – Quarterly Predictions The New Year is almost round the corner. The anticipations and expectations would be rising with the new trends coming up. Your promotions and changes in career, expansion and new deals in your business, a possible relocation in the New Year or new avenue to venture in your profession, are just a few areas that … Continue reading Your Future In 2017 – Quarterly Predictions

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2017 Business Report

2017 Business Report The New Year brings with it, fresh view of business. New clients and better areas of expansion are primary intentions for every person intending to prosper in business. What would be your areas to be concerned about in your progress? Are you looking for expansion? What are the possible dimensions that would suit your ilk? … Continue reading 2017 Business Report

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Business Ask A Question – Detailed Guidance

Business Ask A Question – Detailed Guidance The unpredictability of business is the interesting part of it, although to a seasoned person this is well tuned. The possibility of expansion or periodic obstructions may be causes for concern in you. While you are able to sense the pulse of the situation, the recommendation of Vedic Astrology may help you to decide your … Continue reading Business Ask A Question – Detailed Guidance

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Strength Reading for Business

Strength Reading for Business Working towards one’s business is cakewalk for some and muddy road for a few too. Are you meant to move forward in your business or perhaps look for a job instead? How long would you put forth the efforts to tide over the problems? If these questions bother you periodically, you can get a Strength … Continue reading Strength Reading for Business

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