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Cancer Horoscope – Monthly

Cancer monthly January 2017

General planetary positions for the month of January are as follows:

This month the Sun will enter the 7th house on 14th January. Mars will transit in the 9th house on 20 January. Mercury will transit in the sixth house as before. Jupiter will transit in the third house. Venus will enter in the 9th house on 27th January.  The Saturn will be transiting in the 6th house on 26th January. Rahu will transit in the second and Ketu will transit in the eighth house respectively.


Career and Business:

You will make extra efforts towards making your career more stable and enriched during the month of January. You will temporarily stop going out and gossiping with your friends which are not productive. This is in order regain the grip on some of the professional issues which you have been lacking in the recent past. However, during the second and fourth weeks, there can be some worries related to the business or job. Know your personalised Career Report 1 Year


Love and Relationship:

In the month of January, you would insist a senior or a close relative of yours help you regain the smoothness and stability in your relatives. You will try that the tension and disputes between the people do not increase. You will request people to sort out the financial and property matters with a logical and peaceful discussion. You will see that your efforts will be successful during the second and fourth phases of the month. In the love relations, there will be jovial and sweet discussions with your partner. Get your Love and Marriage Prospects



In January, there is an indication of comprehensive progress in the financial matters. To get the maximum out of the income sources, you will try to put in some extra efforts during this time. You will be pleased with the progress in the second and fourth weeks of the month, hence you will think of modernizing your house with new appliances. There could be worries during the rest of the time. You might need to think more in order to gather the required funds.  Check your Finance Report 1 Year.


Education and Knowledge:

You would like to make special efforts to gain more confidence in the academic sector during the month of January. But you would not be able to put in the hard work which you would like to. Because since the first phase of the month itself, the planetary transits will be giving you a little lethargy and dullness. But you will soon come out of this and make some active efforts towards the half-yearly and yearly study syllabus during the second and fourth phases of the month. Resolve your education issues with Education Report.



In general, your health will be good during the month of January. You will not face any issues in your work. You may adopt some new strategies towards gaining fitness and higher energy. There are planetary indications that your health will be better during second and fourth phases of the month. In the other days, you might need to visit a doctor towards your health issues. Only then you can expect some relief from your problems. Improve your health with our Health Report


Remedial Measures:

Performing following remedies would bring success for the Cancer zodiac.

  1. Chant “Sri Shiva Chalisa”.


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