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Capricorn Horoscope – Monthly

Capricorn monthly January 2017

General planetary positions for the month of January are as follows:

This month the Sun will enter the 1st house on 14th January. Mars will transit in the 3rd house on 20 January. Mercury will transit in the twelfth house as before. Jupiter will transit in the ninth house. Venus will enter in the 3rd house on 27th January.  The Saturn will be transiting in the 12th house on 26th January. Rahu will transit in the eighth and Ketu will transit in the second house respectively.


Career and Business:

In January month, you will be inclined towards choosing medicine or engineering as a path of career. There will be many pleasant and positive moments in your business life. The efforts made by you in the recent past will suitably reward you. In the first and third weeks of the month, there will be a success at every step. There can be worries in the rest of the days. You should be careful in these aspects. Know your personalised Career Report 1 Year


Love and Relationship:

January month will be an opportunity for you in which you will be keen in ending the disputes with your family members and you will be generous in your behavior. You will stay away from arguments and gossips. This is because you will realize that unity in the family is indeed very important. Hence you will try to bring it back on track. In love life, the second and fourth weeks will be very positive and peaceful. Rest of the time may not be as good as the other. Get your Love and Marriage Prospects



You will suddenly shift your gears in January in order to gain more financial benefits when compared to the past. You will certainly reap some monetary profits during the second and fourth parts of this month, which could be in the service sector or from the business ventures. It could be regaining your funds given as a loan to someone. But it is possible that you would be a bit worried during the first and third phases of the month due to lack of funds. Check your Finance Report 1 Year.


Education and Knowledge:

You will work hard during January to enhance your educational standards. You will make a resolution to perform well in the academics when compared to the past. There will be golden opportunities to address your weaknesses. You will get favorable opportunities in the middle and fourth phases. There will be an enrichment in your intellectual skills. But the first and third weeks will be a little difficult for you. You may get distracted from studies. Resolve your education issues with Education Report.



You will start doing some morning or evening exercises in order to keep healthy and fit during the month of January. You will see that your face has a glow due to your fitness plans. Your body will also feel lighter. You will be more successful in the middle and ending phases of the month. You will make a good balance in your daily routine and diet plans so that your health remains stable. Still, the first and third weeks could be difficult for you in terms of health. Improve your health with our Health Report


Remedial Measures:

Performing following remedies would bring success for the Capricorn zodiac.

  1. Chant “Hare Rama, Hare Krishna” mantra with faith.


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