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Pisces Horoscope – Monthly

Pisces monthly February 2017

General planetary positions for the month of February are as follows:

This month the Sun will move in the Aquarius on 12th February. Mars will transit in the first house. Mercury will travel in the eleventh house from 3rd February and it will enter the twelfth house on 22nd February. The Jupiter will transit in the seventh house and Venus will move into the first house. Saturn’s transit will continue in the tenth house. Rahu and Ketu will transit in the Leo and Aquarius zodiacs respectively.


Career and Business:

You will start thinking of various ways to improve your business in the month of February. But as you will not get the growth to your expectations, you will feel a little upset and dejected. Challenges will continue but despite problems you will be able to maintain an average level of business. In terms of career, the first and third phases will be more favorable. You can get an upper hand in the areas of management and medical sectors. Know your personalised Career Report 1 Year


Love and Relationship:

In February you will be very excited to visit your closest relatives and friends after a while. You will be invited to participate in some grand weddings or religious ceremonies. From the starting of the month, you will get very good support from the family. You will feel very lucky and proud of your family. But you will be worried about your brother in the second week. For your personal relationships, the second and fourth phases will prove more favorable. Get your Love and Marriage Prospects



Though the first phase of February will be challenging, you will yet make best efforts to gain profits from all your available income sources. But you will be worried due to the low level of profits. In the second phase, you will see the condition improving in terms of finance. But it will not be for a long while as there will be more expenses in the third week. There will be some good hopes of financial progress in the month end and you will be glad about it. Check your Finance Report 1 Year.


Education and Knowledge:

You will enjoy a higher level of skills and intelligence in the month of February. But this will demand a lot of persistent efforts too. You will feel that it is very troublesome. But there is nothing to worry because the planets are hinting that you will manage your studies well in the second phase of the month.  There will be many favorable opportunities to reach new heights with respect to education and knowledge. Resolve your education issues with Education Report.



The first phase of the month will be suitable for maintaining a good state of health. You will continue your work in the same way as before. Planets are suggesting that during the second part of February you will have more physical stamina and energy levels. But this will not continue in the third week and because of this, you may visit a doctor as well. However, until the month end, you will achieve good health. Improve your health with our Health Report


Remedial Measures:

Performing following remedies would bring success for the Pisces zodiac.

  1. Chant “Sri Krishna Chalisa”.


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