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Puja and Anushthan

Puja-Anushthan for Resolving Unfavourable Planets

Our lives are controlled and affected by the movements of the planets as they revolve around the Earth. Every planet emits radiations into space. These radiations pass through the Earth’s atmosphere and reach us in varying quantities. Problems arise due to the complete absence or excess of these radiations. Therefore, Puja-Anushthans are done to ward off the ill effects of planets and their respective ruling deities are appeased for positive results.

Pooja and Anusthaan 

India being a land of rituals, customs and traditions is popular worldwide. People have high faith on the pujas and anushthans that are performed here. Since life is unpredictable and so are the circumstances. On different events, we need different pujas to be performed. Basic ritual for Pooja and Anusthan are well known by everyone, however since this list is a bigger one, so it’s advised to take support of reliable pundits and astrologers in India. Following them is a little bit difficult by everyone but Indian pundits and astrologers will make it easy.

Benefits of Pooja and Anushthaan 

Pooja and Anushthan  means respectfully, submissively appease the God. This super power or energy is present and activated and change the events positively, will help them to build their own bright future. Doing pujas and anushthans with true spirit and devotion is highly beneficial. Pooja and Anusthan are done to reduce the ill effects of the planets.  If Pooja is done properly according to the rituals, it gives many positive results. With these you can overcome the problems of life. When you contact astrologer for astrology predictions, he will tell you about the coming year, problems and things that will happen etc. To solve the problems, he will also suggest the pujas and anushthans. This will make your life smooth, simpler and full of joy.

Shiv Pooja

Shiv Pooja Shiv Pooja is performed to get the blessings of Lord Shiva. Worshiping can be done in different ways. Lord Shiva fulfills all the desires of devotees if worship is done with pure spirituality and in a proper manner. There are many rituals in Hindu Purana that must be followed while doing Pooja. Some of the … Continue reading Shiv Pooja

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Satya Narayan Puja

Satya Narayan Puja Satyanarayan Pooja is associated to get the blessings of Lord Narayan. Lord Narayan is considered as the one form of Lord Vishnu. A proper Pooja should be organized to get the blessings of Lord Vishnu. Performing Satyanarayan Pooja is meant to be highly auspicious on the day of Poornima. There is a proper manner to perform this … Continue reading Satya Narayan Puja

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Saraswati Puja

Saraswati Puja Pavitra Jyotish Kendra will organize the Saraswati pooja with Authentic and Accurate Procedures Goddess Saraswati is associated with the Goddess of knowledge, learning, art, career and Music. This Pooja is done on the day of Basant panchami. This Pooja should be done with dedication and spirituality. There are some steps that should be followed by … Continue reading Saraswati Puja

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Laxmi Puja

Laxmi Puja Lakshmi Pooja is dedicated on the occasion of Diwali. It is considered as a big and highly auspicious festival for Hindus. On Diwali poojan, everyone should buy new Pratima of Goddess Lakshami. There are total 16 ritual steps that are followed by our priests to complete the Pooja in a proper manner to get the … Continue reading Laxmi Puja

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Navgrah (9 Planets) Puja

Navgrah (9 Planets) Puja Navgrah Pooja is recommended for the peace in all the nine planets. Each planet has different kind of influence on our life. Navgrah Pooja is recommended to reduce the negative impact of planets on our life. While doing this Pooja we recite 1008 namavali of all the planets to get the blessings of all the nine … Continue reading Navgrah (9 Planets) Puja

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Durga Puja

Durga Puja Durga Pooja is considered as the famous festival of Hindus. This Pooja dedicated to Goddess Durga and the day of Durga Pooja is known as Durgotsava.  Durga Pooja done by our priests is highly auspicious. We perform Durga Pooja for six days regularly. Shiva Pooja is also done at the first place. All the strategies … Continue reading Durga Puja

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Ketu Puja

Ketu Puja Ketu Pooja is done by the devotees to get the blessings of planet Ketu. It is recommended to those people whose planet Ketu is positioned on the negative place. For doing this Pooja, we perform worship of Lord Ganesha. We recommend the devotee to chant Ketu Mantra daily. Chanting of beej mantra should be done … Continue reading Ketu Puja

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Rahu Puja

Rahu Puja Rahu Pooja is done to impress planet Rahu. This is a Grah shanti Pooja that is recommended to the people who have malefic effects of Rahu in their horoscope. Malefic effects of Rahu takes place when Rahu is placed on the negative position in the birth chart or kundali. We chant the mantras of Rahu … Continue reading Rahu Puja

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Shani Puja

Shani Puja Saturn is considered as the most dreaded palnet out of all. Shani Pooja is recommended to please planet Saturn. It is done by the people who have malefic effects of planet Saturn in birth chart. Planet Saturn gives ill effects when placed on the negative place. Devotees should keep fast on Saturdays.  We start doing … Continue reading Shani Puja

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Shukra Puja

Shukra Puja Shukra Pooja or Venus Pooja is recommended to those who have malefic effects of planet Jupiter. Venus is helpful in showering the knowledge of music and art. This planet is ruled by Goddess Lakshmi. There are several rituals that are followed by us at the time of Shukra Pooja. This Pooja is performed when Venus … Continue reading Shukra Puja

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Brihaspati Puja

Brihaspati Puja Brihaspati Pooja is dedicated to planet Jupiter. It is recommended to those people who have malefic effects of Planet Jupiter in their horoscope. Brihaspati Pooja service provided by us is helpful in long life, better results in education, progeny, improvement in physical problems, valour and many more. While doing Pooja, we chant the Mantra and … Continue reading Brihaspati Puja

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Budh Puja

Budh Puja Budh Pooja is dedicated to the Mercury planet. There are many things that are associated with Budh Pooja such as the nature of planet mercury is airy and it helps to eliminate difficulties, possession, land fertility and progeny. We perform Budh Pooja of duration of 3-4 Hours. All the rituals are performed step by step … Continue reading Budh Puja

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Mangal Puja

Mangal Puja Mangal or Mars Pooja is dedicated to Lord Mangal. This Pooja is done to seek the blessings of Lord Mangal. This Pooja is helpful to eliminate the ill effects of Mars planet in Horoscope. When mars planet placed on negative place in horoscope, it provides bad results. This Pooja can be performed in numerous temples … Continue reading Mangal Puja

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Chandra Puja

Chandra Puja Chandra Pooja is considered as the one who depicts mind and other feelings, emotions, softness, imagination, and sensitivity. It actually represents the basic needs, habits and reactions. Chandra has a crucial importance in everyone’s life. It controls all the five senses and Moon is considered as the ruler of mind. Chandra Pooja can be started … Continue reading Chandra Puja

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Surya Puja

Surya Puja Surya Pooja is dedicated to Lord Surya. It is recommended to those people who have malefic defects of sun in their horoscope. Lord Surya is considered as the boon that helps the people who are facing obstacles, financial problems, hurdles and misfortune in their life. Sun is known as the Lord who provides power, glory … Continue reading Surya Puja

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Ganesh Puja

Ganesh Puja Celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja falls on the Birth anniversary of Lord Ganesha. On this day, people worship Lord Ganesha for Ridhi-Sidhi, wisdom, happiness and prosperity. Lord Ganesha was born in the month of Bhadrapada on the fourth day of the Shukla Paksha. Poojan of Ganesh Chaturthi is done by us with chanting Puranik Mantras. … Continue reading Ganesh Puja

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Navavarti Path

Navavarti Path Navavarti path is believed to provide several beneficial effects to the devotees when it is performed correctly. We follow all the rituals to conduct this Navavarti Path so that the devotees get maximum benefits. The devotees get benefits such as good health, prosperity, protection from mishaps, victory over enemies, protection form malefic effects and happiness. … Continue reading Navavarti Path

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Shat Chandi Path

Shat Chandi Path The Shat Chandi Path is a very powerful and unique ritual having Saptashati mantras. This Anusthan is an act to get blessings and merits from the Divine Mother. We perform this path with all rituals so that the devotees receive benefits like good health, success, protection and fulfillment of all their desires. The devotees are … Continue reading Shat Chandi Path

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Baglamukhi Anushthan

Baglamukhi Anushthan Baglamukhi Anustahn is done to please Maa Baglamukhi and it helps to defeat all internal and external enemies such as krodh, lobha, moha etc. We perform this Anusthan by following all the rules and rituals. Maa Baglamukhi is believed to have ultimate powers that remove all problems and sins and ensure victory and valour in … Continue reading Baglamukhi Anushthan

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Mahamrutinjay Anusthaan

Mahamrutinjay Anusthaan Meaning of Mahamrityunjaya is victory over the great Death and over the illusion of separation from spirit. Mahamrityunjaya means Lord Trimbakeshwar who is considered to be the destroyer of sorrow and evil. We perform Mahamrityunjaya Anusthan following all the rituals that helps to get rid of sickness and provides long and healthy life. This Anusthan … Continue reading Mahamrutinjay Anusthaan

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Navgrah Shanti Anushthan

Navgrah Shanti Anushthan It is believed that Navgrahas play a very important role in determining the future of a person and have significant effects on their lives. Navgrah Anushthan provides alignment with the upper frequencies of all the nine planets and also helps to reduce their malefic effects. We will do complete Navgrah Shanti Anusthan that will remove … Continue reading Navgrah Shanti Anushthan

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