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Original Rosary (Mala) Power

Rosary (Mala) – Find A Calmer Mind and Useful in Mantras Chant

A Rosary is a collection of beads, in specific numbers. It is used for wearing in the neck or counting / reciting Mantras (Jap Mala). The number of beads can be 18, 27, 54 or 108, with an extra bead at the knot, called ‘Meru’ bead.

The Rosary can have either the same kind of beads or a mixture of beads, to suit the purpose of the rosary. The beads could be of Rudraksha, Tulsi, Sphatik, Parad, Haldi, Chandan or Moonga. Various beads impact the physical, emotional or other dimensions of our life. Wearing the rosary helps to bring in joy, success and peace of mind. Apart from this, Rosary also helps to calm the environment of work due to its inherent positivity. When you wear this Rosary, the subtle impact of its radiation brings about pleasant situation. This also helps to increase finances over a period of time, when coupled with dedicated and consistent efforts.

Health related matters are also benefitted with the Rosary. Hyper tension, stress, pains and aches and stomach problems are caused largely due to accumulated stress and malefic impact of planets. These impacts can be reduced to bring in positivity, happiness, growth and joy. Proper use of Rosary, on understanding the horoscope helps in many ways, in short and long term effects. helps in understand the correct Rosary (mala) for you and thus guide you in proper use of Rosary (mala).

Rudraksha Mala

Rudraksha Mala It creates a protective shield of energy around the user. The user is bestowed with health, success and well being. It also has the power to reduce the effects of negative energies and provides protection against them to the user. It provides important support prevent the user from harm and suffering.

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Moti Mala

Moti Mala Moti Mala is considered to stand for innocence and purity and is the queen of all the gems. The wearer is bestowed with health, success, prosperity and all his desires are fulfilled. The negative effects are nullifies and it also provides protection against evil effects. The environment is filled with positive aura all the obstacles … Continue reading Moti Mala

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Moonga Mala

Moonga Mala The Moonga Mala is believed to represent happiness and joy and it provides extremely beneficial effects to the wearer. It has several effects such as spread positive aura, reduces evil effects, provides peace of mind and has healing power. The user also gets other benefits like ease from pain, enhancement in positive energy and positive … Continue reading Moonga Mala

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Sfatik Mala

Sfatik Mala Sfatik stone is considered to clear negative energies and enhance positive aura. It also purifies mental, spiritual and physical planes and spread positive energy by absorbing, amplifying, balancing and transmitting. It acts as a healer for all purpose. Harmony in relations is increased and it clears away negative powers.

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Rakt Chandan Mala

Rakt Chandan Mala There are two kinds of Chandan or Sandalwood mala: Rakt Chandan mala and White Chandan mala. Rakt Chandan Mala is used to bring spread Positivity. If you wish to propagates goodness, then this mala is best for that. Those who wear this mala gets the blessings of God.

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Shwet Chandan Mala

Shwet Chandan Mala Chandan Mala is made with natural and genuine sandalwood that will never lose their aroma. The wearer gets all the comforts and mental peace. It is believed that Chandan Mala provides cooling effect on mind and thus helps in reducing stress. All the desires of user are fulfilled and he enjoys full command on things.

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Haldi Mala

Haldi Mala Haldi mala, which is also called as Turmeric mala is considered to be the most effective and purifying herb. It provides protection against negative energies and also helps to destroy enemies. The wearer gets several benefits such as increase in concentration, reduction in evil effects, reduced stress and also the peace of mind is enhanced.

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Parad Mala

Parad Mala In Vedas too, Parad was considered to be the must auspicious and purest metal on the Earth. There are a number of religious as well as religious significances associated with Parad Mala. Those who wear this mala get rid of diseases related to Blood Pressure, Lungs related problems like Asthama and it even boosts power.

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