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Taurus Horoscope and Astrology

Taurus Zodiac Sign Horoscope Predictions by pavitrajyotish

Taurus Zodiac Sign –  Sun Sign Horoscope Predictions

Introducing Taurus: Taurus sign is measured as the second sign of zodiac. It is also the first of fix natured earthly sign. Planet linked with beauty, attraction, love, Venus rules this sign. Moon becomes exalted here. No planet gets debilitated here. Saturn is considered as most favorable planet for this sign. Pavitra Jyotish provides online Astrology services for Taurus Horoscope, daily indication, weekly, monthly and also yearly horoscope prediction to make you aware of development for Taurus Sun sign and Moon rashi related indications.

General Information: This sign is represented by pink color primarily. Most pastel colors, pale hues and floral tone work well for Taurus. Colors like Pale Blues, surf greens and rosy pink matches well with this sign. Bull is measured as symbol of the sign.  It is construed as cold, moist, feminine, and negative. It is of short ascension, semi fruitful and eastern. From anatomical view neck, throat, ears, tonsils, pharynx, upper portion of esophagus, thyroid gland and vocal chords are in charge of this sign. Pink rose, foxglove, daisy, violet, mallow, berries, sundew, vine, apple, citrus and palms are the flowers correspond with this sign.

Positive Aspect of Taurus zodiac signs: Native this sign can be trusted and is good as friend. Native can be liked for steadfastness, endurance, persistence, perseverance. Taurus born is self-reliant and has a constructive and practical approach. The native is fearless, has good sense of humor, is kind, sympathetic and have a kind of magnetism around him/her. Being second sign, it is related to money, finance and also with wealth, landed property. The native takes good care of his/her possessions. The person is determined, obstinate, proud and ambitious. The native is often slow, but a steady worker and willing to shoulder responsibility.  The person has latent power and energy, has good organizing ability and is sincere.

Negative Aspect of Taurus zodiac sign: Stubbornness, rigidity, obstructive, domineering and kind of dogmatic in approach can hurt his long term prospects. Native rarely forgive who differs and is critical of his/her views. On getting angry native can go to any extent to retaliate.

Special Tips: Taurus born needs to be pragmatic and remain open minded to constructive views of others. Avoid throwing your weight around for maintaining harmony in relationships.

Lucky Numbers:  2, 4, 6 and to some extent 5

Compatible sign for Taurus: Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo and to some extent Libra and Aquarius.

Pavitra Jyotish provides Astrological guidance for Moon rashi and also Sun sign. We do so by presenting free Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Taurus Yearly predictions for you. We provide personalized career horoscope reading and all predictions are made according to the Vedic Astrology. Pavitra Jyotish also provides guidance to single about marriage prospects. Know about your future partner for life and marital life.


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