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Virgo Horoscope – Monthly

Virgo monthly January 2017

General planetary positions for the month of January are as follows:

This month the Sun will enter the 5th house on 14th January. Mars will transit in the 7th house on 20 January. Mercury will transit in the fourth house as before. Jupiter will transit in the first house. Venus will enter in the 7th house on 27th January.  The Saturn will be transiting in the 4th house on 26th January. Rahu will transit in the twelfth and Ketu will transit in the sixth house respectively.


Career and Business:

In January, you will get favorable opportunities to enhance your business aspects. You will be very alert towards re-implementing the strategies which were failing in the past. You will take a few necessary decisions in order to take your career to new heights. You will be elated during the second and fourth phases of the month as you will witness auspicious and positive results. However, in the rest of the days, you might lack proper profits in your business. Know your personalised Career Report 1 Year


Love and Relationship:

In the month of January, you will be worried towards the health condition of your father. You will witness that the medicines are not able to produce the desired results. Hence you should consult an experienced physician. There will be mutual bonding and cooperation with your siblings in general. You will get favorable results during the third phase of this month. The second and fourth phases will be good in terms of love relations. Get your Love and Marriage Prospects



You will be able to keep up the income and profitability from the related sources in January. The second and fourth phases of the month will be more supportive towards your income. During the first and third weeks, there could be higher expenditure and low levels of income. You will need to manage your loans and debts properly. You might need to take a loan in order to achieve the balance in financial matters. There could be some obstacles during this period. Check your Finance Report 1 Year.


Education and Knowledge:

The intelligence levels you have will be indicative of betterment in the month of January. In the second and fourth parts of the month, you will be gaining the desired success in enhancing your academics as well as improving your knowledge. Your efforts in the study and competitive sectors will not go futile. However, during the first and third phases of this month, you will be more active in the competitive sector. Resolve your education issues with Education Report.



You will enjoy a pleasant health in January. Your disciplined routine will be very fruitful and effective. You will not only enhance your physical strength this month but also will be capable of showcasing your skills in a better way. From the beginning of the month itself, your health will be a positive point. The third phase of January will also be very positive for you. But you should take care of your health in the remaining days of the month. Improve your health with our Health Report


Remedial Measures:

Performing following remedies would bring success for the Virgo zodiac.

  1. Chant “Sri Ganesha Chalisa” on a regular basis.


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