4 (Char) Mukhi Rudraksha

4 (Char) Mukhi Rudraksha

Product Information For 4 (Char) Mukhi Rudraksha

Product Name: 4 (Char) Mukhi Rudraksha, Number Of Mukhi: 4 (Four), Colour: Brown Or Black, Shape: Round Or Oval, Weight: Approx. 3-5 gm, Place of Origin: Nepal, Quality Effects: Energize by Scholar Pundits, Capping: Silver, Is It Oil Applied: Oil Not Applied, Purpose: Religious, Spiritual Use: Meditation, Healing, Positive Changes and Effective Astrology Remedies, Usage/Application: Wearing method provided to you with Rudraksha, Finishing: Natural, Brand: PavitraJyotish, Packaging Type: Box, Guarantee: Best Quality Rudraksha With Assurance of PavitraJyotish.com

4 (Char) Mukhi Rudraksha and Its Benefits

Lord Brahma is linked with 4 (Char) Mukhi Rudraksha. Mercury (Budh) is the ruling planet. Mercury is linked with intelligence, communication, creativity. Wearing energized 4 (Char) Mukhi Rudraksha sharpens intelligence, improves communication skills gives insight in creativity. 4 (Char) faced Rudraksha helps in controlling system of thyroid glands (With silver capping of the Rudraksha). You remain in a balanced state of mind and take right decision to act upon. Wearer of energized 4 (Char) Mukhi Rudraksha gets positive vibes of Mercury. Pavitra Jyotish caters a certified and energized 4 (Char) Mukhi Rudraksha. Buy from our online store at reasonable prices.

How the Rudraksha is selected

  • Selection of Rudraksha is done after deliberating on position of Mercury in your birth chart alias Kundali.
  • The Rudraksha is tested in a laboratory by expert. We cater to certified Rudraksha.
  • The Rudraksha is then purified of negative effects and activated/energized involving one whole day Puja, according to your Kundali.

Benefits of wearing Energized 4 (Char) Mukhi Rudraksha

  • This helps to improve intelligence.
  • Sharpens your communication skills. This way you are able to present your point well enough.
  • You are able to take right decision timely.
  • Enhances leadership quality.
  • System of thyroid gland is regulated well enough.

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