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Published On : November 16, 2019  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Astrology Revealing Dimensional Aspects Of Anshula Kant’s Life

Anshula Kant – Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director of the World Bank Group

The Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director of the World Bank Group, Anshula Kant was born on 7 September 1960 in India’s Roorkee city. Her academic pursuit involved completion of graduation in Economics from Lady Sri Ram College for Women, and thereafter she did her Master’s in Economics from Delhi School of Economics. She is working as a Certified Associate in the Indian Institute of Bankers. The preliminary career cycle of Anshula involves being a Probationary Officer at India’s largest bank, the State Bank of India (SBI). During her career stint, she served as a chief general manager of SBI for Maharashtra and Goa, thereafter; she served as deputy managing director of operations for National Banking Group. She also portfolio for the post of chief executive officer of Singapore based SBI. Later on, her appointment as the MD/Managing Director of State Bank of India happened in the year 2018 for the tenure of two years and then a member of the Bank’s Board. Spotlight in her career stint came post being appointed as a chief financial officer and managing director of the World Bank Group. This position requires her shouldering responsibilities like mobilizing International Development Association, financial, and risk management. Sanjay Kant is the name of her husband and the couple has a son named Siddharth, and a daughter named Nupur. Solve your financial problems with our Finance Report.

We dig deeper into the astrological aspects of life of the Anshula Kant Horoscope chart and representational data as narrated in the given details.

Birth Details of Anshula Kant are as per given below:

Date of Birth: September 07, 1960, Birth Day: Wednesday, Birth Time: 06:00:00 hrs, Birth Place: Roorkee, Uttaranchal, India

Anshula Kant Horoscope Chart PavitraJyotish

Astrological Highlights and Short Analysis

Anshula Kant, Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director of the World Bank is born with mighty Sun in own sign Leo. Sun is accompanied by crafty Mercury and shadow planet Rahu.

Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac. Leo is symbolized by the regal, royal Lion. The Leos are confident and extrovert, they are strong, dominating, assertive and magnanimous. Leo natives are incomparable when it comes to the elegant and striking use of power. That is they make statement out of it like nobody does! Undeniably, Lions possess ample leadership skills. Chivalrous and inherently generous, Lions are considered to be bold, brazen and powerful, both in action and speech. When it comes to relationships – be it professional, personal or social – Lions often end up taking the centre stage with their powerful presence as always.

Union of mighty Sun in Leo with Mercury supports ‘Budhaditya Yoga’ which leads to having sharp intelligence and gain from their innovative idea to let things work more smoothly and in turn make encouraging progress and adds to prosperity. Anshula Kant, Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director of the World Bank held many responsible positions and handled successfully the task she is entrusted with. Now Anshula Kant is MD and CFO of the World Bank. Venus is in a dual nature earth sign, wherein it gets debilitated and positioned in the second house. Viewing this, Anshula Kant gets job which is well paid and in turn adds to her prosperity. Malefic Ketu is last of air sign Aquarius and stationed in the seventh house. Moon rules the 12th house, linked with expenses and monetary loss, is in a dual nature last of water sign Pisces. Moon is positioned in the eighth house. Moon in the eighth house is in opposition to debilitated Venus stationed in the second house. Jupiter is in own sign Sagittarius along with retrograde Saturn. Both are positioned in the fifth house. This position of two major planets enables Anshula Kant to keep climbing up the ladder in her career. Mars rules the ninth house, linked with luck in general. Mars is in a fix nature earth sign Taurus and positioned in the tenth house. This position of Mars keeps Anshula Kant active on occupational front and succeeds in her endeavor.

In D10 chart, Saturn seems well placed in the fifth house in opposition to Jupiter in own sign Sagittarius positioned in the eleventh house. Mars being ruler of the tenth house is positioned in the ninth house. These positions seem to have worked well for Anshula Kant to become MD and CFO of the World Bank.  Get your Personalised Horoscope Reading By PavitraJyotish

Effect of Transit by Major planets on prospects of Anshula Kant in near future

Wily Saturn currently transits in a dual nature last of fire sign Sagittarius along with malefic Ketu. Saturn repeats its own radical position. Saturn and Ketu move through the fifth house. This movement of two malefic leads to major change for betterment for Anshula Kant, Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director of the World Bank. She gets appointed as MD and CFO of the World Bank. This movement of two malefic indicates progressive and prosperous time for Anshula Kant.

Shadow planet Rahu currently transits in a dual nature first of air sign Gemini. Rahu moves through the eleventh house, linked with gain. This movement of Rahu opens new avenue to gain financially for Anshula Kant. She now gets her remuneration from the World Bank.

Benevolent Jupiter currently transits in own sign Sagittarius and repeats its own radical position in the fifth house. Jupiter moving through the fifth house crosses over own radical position and also of retrograde Saturn. Jupiter moves through the fifth house, in company of Saturn and malefic Ketu. This movement raises new hopes for Anshula Kant. She is to be praised for her innovative and constructive approach. However, Anshula Kant is to experience new challenges while handling things in the World Bank. She needs to take note of ground reality and take up new challenges willingly. Anshula Kant, Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director of the World Bank needs to keep working over new challenges to succeed in achieving her objective. She may miss some good opportunity to make move for enhancing interest of the World Bank.

From around end of March 2020, Jupiter enters its sign of debilitation earth sign Capricorn. Jupiter moves through the sixth house in company of the ruler of Capricorn wily Saturn. Jupiter moving through the sixth house aspects radical position of Mars stationed in the tenth house. Transiting Jupiter also has an eye over the radical position of debilitated Venus positioned in the second house. Viewing this movement and influences of Jupiter seems indicative of much eventful and surely progressive time ahead for Anshula Kant, Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director of the World Bank.

From around end of June 2020, Jupiter becomes retrograde in motion while transiting in earth sign Capricorn. Jupiter moving in retrograde mode again enters owns sign Sagittarius. From around mid of September 2020, Jupiter becomes direct in motion and moves ahead in own sign Sagittarius, till around last week of November 2020. This period of retrogression by Jupiter can lead to some constraint holding Anshula Kant from making due progress in her stint with the World Bank. Jupiter becoming direct in motion in Sagittarius works well for Anshula Kant. She is able to recover ground lost if any earlier and able to prove her worth as MD and CFO of the World Bank. Now seems much eventful, much progressive and prosperous time ahead for Anshula Kant.

From around last week of January 2020, Saturn enters own sign Capricorn. Saturn moves through the sixth house. This movement of wily Saturn through the sixth house seems to be much challenging for Anshula Kant. She may need to exert more and remain focused at task on hand. Some innovative measures taken by Anshula Kant are to receive due appreciation from scholars and critics as well.

Overall, this effect of transit by major planets seems to indicate much eventful, progressive and prosperous time ahead for Anshula Kant. However, in between some new challenges are to come up for Anshula Kant, Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director of the World Bank. She needs to accept new challenges willingly and keep working over the same to prove her ability to handle task as MD and CFO of the World Bank efficiently and successfully.

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