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Published On : November 5, 2019  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

All Astrological Info You Need To Know About Azim Premji

Introduction of Azim Premji – Indian Business Tycoon

One of the most Celebrated Indian Business Tycoons, Azim Hashim Premji was born on 24 July 1945 in a Nizari Ismaili Shia Muslim family in Mumbai. His father was also a celebrated businessman. Premji is also a known investor, engineer and involved in philanthropy. The chairman of Wipro Limited, Premji has earned an accolade of being the Czar of the Indian IT Industry because of his immensely valuable contribution to Wipro guiding the company for four decades of diversification and progress toward being one of the greatest software industries. Asia Week named him the 20 most powerful men in the world, was twice listed among the 100 most influential people by Time magazine. In India, he holds the tenth richest person in the homeland because of his projected net worth of US$7.2 billion as of October 2019. In 2003 he agreed to give away half of his fortune to The Giving Pledge, a campaign to encourage wealthy people worldwide to contribute significant part of their fortune to the philanthropic cause. About his academic feat, he is graduate (B.Sc.) in Electrical Engineering that he obtained from the USA-based Stanford University. Yasmeen is the name of his wife and the couple has two children, Rishad and Tariq. Talking about his honorary accolades, Premji was recognized as one of the greatest entrepreneurs by Business Week because of his contribution to making Wipro world’s one of the fastest growing companies. He was awarded Lakshya Business Visionary by National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai in 2006. An award of honorary doctorate was conferred to him by MysoreUniversity in 2015. He is the recipient of Padma Bhushan conferred to him in 2005 by the Government of India in recognition of his outstanding work in the field of trade and commerce. He received PadmaVibhushanaward in 2011, and in 2017, he was ranked ninth in India’s 50 Most powerful people of 2017 list by India Today.

We at PavitraJyotish are conducting an astrological analysis on the life of India’s one of the greatest business tycoons and investors, Azim Premji  Horoscope chart and representational details.

Birth Details of Azim Premji are as per given below:

Date of Birth: July 24, 1945, Birth Day: Tuesday, Birth Time: 07:00:00 hrs, Birth Place: Bombay, Maharashtra, India

Azim Premji Horoscope Chart PavitraJyotish

Astrological Highlights

Azim Premji, Indian Business Tycoon is born with mighty Sun in a movable first of water sign Cancer. The native of Cancer Sun sign is sensitive and emotional. Native is ambitious and exerts more to make encouraging progress in his pursuit. At a later age native tend to become philanthropist. Wily Saturn along with shadow planet Rahu is in a dual nature first of air sign Gemini. Both are positioned in the 12th house for his Sun sign. This position of two malefic induces Azim Premji , to remain well focused at task on hand. Venus is in own sign Taurus along with Mars. Both are stationed in the eleventh house for Cancer Sun sign. This union of Mars and Venus induces Azim Premji, Indian Business Tycoon  to being ambitious to make a mark as highly successful business person. Moon is the ruler of his Sun sign. Moon is in a dual nature last of fire sign Sagittarius along with malefic Ketu. Both are positioned in the sixth house. Opposition of Moon and Saturn enables Azim Premji, Investor to successfully formulate strong strategy to make vertical growth in his pursuit. Crafty Mercury is in a fix nature fire sign Leo and positioned in the second house for Cancer Sun sign. Benevolent Jupiter is in a dual nature earth sign Virgo and stationed in the third house. This position of Jupiter, works well to protect his interests on financial front and business front as well.Get your Business Report 10 Year

Effect of Transit by Major planets on prospects of Azim Premji in near future

Wily Saturn along with malefic Ketu transit in a dual nature last of fire sign Sagittarius. Here it is Ketu return. Both malefics moves through the sixth house. Saturn moves through the sixth house, in opposition to own radical position in the 12th house. This opposition leads Azim Premji to reduce his responsibility as business person and follow his wish to become philanthropist. Change is to be sudden for Azim Premji, Indian Business Tycoon . Progressive forces are to keep working effectively for Azim Premji, Investor during this transit by two malefic in a fire sign Sagittarius.

Shadow planet Rahu currently transits in a dual nature air sign Gemini. Rahu moving through the 12th house repeats own radical position. So this is Rahu return. Rahu moving through the 12th house, crosses radical position of Saturn stationed therein. This movement of Rahu can lead to major change for Azim Premji, Indian Business Tycoon. He is to start taking more interest in philanthropy and spend more time and money over the same.

Benevolent Jupiter Transit in a fix nature water sign Scorpio and moves through the fifth house. Soon from 5th November 2019, Jupiter enters own sign Sagittarius. Jupiter moves through the sixth house, in company of malefic Ketu and wily Saturn. Jupiter moving through the sixth house crosses over radical position of Moon and malefic Ketu. This movement of Jupiter is to raise new hope and new platform to perform. Progressive forces are to keep working effectively. However, things are to move well but slowly initially here.

From around end of March 2020 Jupiter enters its sign of debilitation earth sign Capricorn. Jupiter moves through the seventh house in company of wily Saturn. Both move in opposition to radical position of Sun positioned in the first house. This opposition does not spell well for Azim Premji. Amid all chaos, Azim Premji, Investor needs to remain careful about health. He needs to take due care about any nagging old health issue troubling him. From mid of May, Jupiter becomes retrograde in motion in Capricorn. From around end of June, Jupiter moving in retrograde mode again enters own sign Sagittarius. From around mid of September 2020 Jupiter becomes direct in motion in Sagittarius and moves ahead therein. This second time movement of Jupiter being direct in motion seems to work well for Azim Premji, Indian Business Tycoon . He is able to attend things which he overlooked earlier. He is likely to achieve great heights as committed philanthropist. Azim Premji is able to make encouraging progress in whatever he does and achieve his objective during direct motion by Jupiter, in Sagittarius. Jupiter transits in own sign Sagittarius till around end of November 2020. Then Jupiter again enters earth sign Capricorn.

From around last week of January 2020, Saturn enters own sign Capricorn. Saturn moves through the seventh house. Azim Premji, Investor may now become active on business front. Progressive forces are to work effectively. From around end of March 2020, Jupiter joins company of Saturn. This movement of two major planets indicates a major change for betterment in life of Azim Premji, Investor. However, change is to come suddenly for Azim Premji. He is to accept new challenges and keep working over the same to make desirable level of progress in his pursuit. Azim Premji achieves success encouragingly in his business and also in activity as a committed philanthropist.

Overall deliberating on Transit Of Planets, Azim Premji, Investor seems in for a progressive and somewhat challenging time. Azim Premji, Indian Business Tycoon  is to indulge in philanthropic activity in a big way. From around end of March 2020, he can again become active on business front. Amid all hectic activity, Azim Premji needs to remain much careful about health. Ask Astrologer and get solutions for your business problems.

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Pavitra Jyotish wishes Azim Premji , success and happiness in ensuing time

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