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Published On : November 2, 2018  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Imran Khan And His Life As Revealed In This Astrological Analysis

Imran Khan – Prime Minister of Pakistan

Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, is one of the most distinguished politicians in the country. He is a former international cricketer and is also accredited to have developed philanthropic projects like Namal College and the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre. Born in Lahore, Punjab in upper-middle class Pashtun family, Imran Khan did his education at Keble College, Oxford. Before being politician, he entered into the world of cricket at the age of 18 and played for his team until 1992 during which he contributed his performance as the captain and led his team to the victory of the 1992 Cricket World Cup. Imran is also chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan is known for his philanthropic work serving as UNICEF’s Special Representative for Sports. In countries like Thailand, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, he promoted health and immunization programmes. The source Imran draws his political ideology from is poet-philosopher Muhammad Iqbal and Ali Shariati, a writer-sociologist from Iran. Imran has a persona as a populist and a nationalist across the political landscapes of Pakistan.

At PavitraJyotish, we are conducting an astrological analysis on the life of Imran Khan in the narrative as indicated in the following horoscope chart.

Birth Details of Imran Khan are as per given below:

Date of Birth: November 25, 1952, Birth Day: Tuesday, Birth Time: 06:30:00, Birth Place: Lahore, Pakistan

Imran Khan Horoscope Chart PavitraJyotish

Astrological Highlights and short analysis

Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan is born with Scorpio Ascendant. Scorpio Zodiac Sign is a fix natured water sign, ruled by aggressive Mars. Scorpio native tends to be highly passionate and work hard to achieve objective. Native gets hurt by own people and do not accept defeat. Native tends to be much critical about others. Ruler of the Ascendant Mars is exalted in Capricorn and positioned in the third house along with malefic shadow planet Rahu. This induces Imran Khan to make bold moves to enhance his prospects in general. Malefic Ketu is in a water sign Cancer and stationed in the ninth house. Ruler of the ninth house Moon is in Aquarius and placed in the fourth house. This position backs strong Raj Yoga. Ruler of the third and the fourth house, wily Saturn is in a dual natured earth sign Virgo and gets placed in the eleventh house. This position presents opportunity to benefit monetarily. Ruler of the eleventh and the eighth house, Mercury is retrograde and camps in the first house along with ruler of the tenth house mighty Sun. This position leads to having impressive personality. Benevolent Jupiter holds portfolio of the fifth and the second house. Jupiter is in a fire sign Aries and placed in the sixth house. The seventh and the 12th house are ruled by Venus. Venus is in a dual natured last of fire sign Sagittarius and positioned in the second house.

In Navmansha D9 chart Saturn remains in same sign as in birth chart Virgo leads to being “Vargottami” and gathers strength.

Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan is born in major period of malefic Rahu. Currently he is under influence of Venus major period.

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Effect of transiting planets in near future

Benevolent Jupiter changed sign to enter fix natured water sign Scorpio. Now Jupiter traverses through the first house. During transit through the first house, Jupiter crosses over radical position of mighty Sun and crafty retrograde Mercury positioned in the first house. This movement is to work well to push ahead his prospects on political front. His moves are to be welcomed by common man. Progressive forces are to work effectively now for Imran Khan. This movement of benevolent Jupiter is to work well in enhancing his reputation as a matured politician.

From around end of March 2019 Jupiter enters last of fire sign Sagittarius. From around mid of April Jupiter turns retrograde. Around last week of April 2019, Jupiter reenters water sign Scorpio in retrograde mode. This retrogression period of Jupiter is to prove much challenging for Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan. From around end of August 2019 Jupiter becomes direct in motion. This movement of Jupiter is to ease out pressure for him. From around beginning of November 2019 Jupiter again enters its own last of fire sign Sagittarius. Jupiter now moves through the second house. Jupiter keeps moving in Sagittarius till end of the year 2019 and beyond. This movement of Jupiter through the second house is to prove progressive and prosperous for Imran Khan.

Shadow malefic planets Rahu currently transits in a water sign Cancer and moves through the ninth house. This movement can lead to more travels to foreign countries. Ketu Transit in an earth sign Capricorn and moves through the third house in company of Mars. During movement through the third house, both are to cross over radical position of Mars and Rahu stationed in the third house. This movement of Ketu and Mars through the third house is to keep Imran Khan busier with work of leading the country to better future.

From around March 2019 Rahu enters a dual natured air sign Gemini and moves through the eighth house. Ketu enters dual natured last of fire sign Sagittarius. Now Ketu traverses through the second house in company of wily Saturn. This movement of Saturn and Ketu does not sound a happy proposition for Imran Khan. He needs keep his cool and have patience on his side for good. Movement of Rahu through the eighth house can lead to some health issue for him. He needs to take due care of his health here. Problem related to respiratory system needs to be attended promptly with due remedial measures promptly to save from complications.

Wily Saturn transits in a fire sign Sagittarius during the year 2018 and whole of the year 2019. Saturn moves through the second house, during transit Saturn crosses radical position of Venus stationed in the second house. Transiting Saturn eyes its own radical position in the eleventh house and also radical position of Moon placed in the fourth house. This movement of Saturn sounds a challenging time for Imran Khan. He needs to remain much careful about health. He needs to choose his words carefully while making speech on political front. He needs to keep away from litigation. Things may not work well in his personal life and family as well. Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan needs to handle matter related to finance much cautiously. From around March 2019, Saturn transits in Sagittarius in company of malefic shadow planet Ketu. Saturn then transits in opposition to malefic Rahu moving through the eighth house. This can lead to some health issue troubling him. Overall movement of Saturn is to prove eventful and much challenging for Imran khan.

Summarily viewing transits over major planets is to render kind of mix results for Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan during 2018 and year 2019.

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