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Published On : April 18, 2020  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Here Is What Astrology Talks About Rajeshwari Sachdev

Rajeshwari Sachdev – Famous Indian Actress

National Award winner and one of the Famous Indian Actress, Rajeshwari Sachdev, was born on April 14, 1975, in India’s city of Mumbai. She did her graduation from Mumbai-based Guru Nanak Khalsa College (King’s Circle). Actor Varun Badhola is her husband with whom she married in 2004. Sachdeva made her maiden appearance in films with a Marathi film, Aayatya Gharat Gharoba (1991). Thereafter, her career in Bollywood films spanned, involving many films in which she acted, including Sardari Begum for which she received a National Award in 1997 for best supporting actress.

We are conducting an astrological analysis on the life of actress, Rajeshwari Sachdev, in the following horoscope chart and narratives thereof.

Birth Details of Rajeshwari Sachdev are as per given below:

Date of Birth: April 14, 1975, Birth Day: Monday, Birth Time: 07:00:00 hrs, Birth Place: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Rajeshwari Sachdev Horoscope Chart PavitraJyotish

Astrology Highlights and Short Analysis

Rajeshwari Sachdev, Indian Actress is born with mighty Sun in fire sign Aries. Sun gets exalted in fire sign Aries and ruled by fiery Mars.

In cycle of 12 Zodiac Signs, Aries the Ram represents beginning. Known as hasty and rash, Aries natives are, however, not always wrong in their haste. Their passion and zeal is sometimes worth imbibing. They may be too quick to their own disadvantage, but often, they are bright and possess a profound thought process. Intellectual and creative, most Aries natives, thus tend to attain great heights in careers. However, many may also turn out to be rather late bloomers, making skeptics distrust their ability. Assign some work to an Aries native and you will see how they jump—start the entire process and later at, how easily and instinctively they work leading a team of people! Quick at decision making, they may get ball rolling, as soon as they are done with the initial planning.

Ruler of solar chart Mars is in a fixed nature last of air sign Aquarius and posited in the eleventh house, representing gain, friends, relationship in general and fulfillment of wish. Mars here facilitates opportunity to gain monetarily. However, Rajeshwari Sachdev, Indian Actress needs to execute due caution in relationship. Saturn rules the eleventh house and also holds portfolio of the tenth house, linked with ‘Karma’. Saturn is in a dual nature air sign Gemini and stationed in the third house. Saturn here supports Rajeshwari to take a calculated risk to push ahead her prospects. Saturn also cautions Rajeshwari not to take decision in haste. Ruler of the ninth and the 12th house Jupiter is in own sign Pisces and along with Mercury is posited in the 12th house. This position makes Rajeshwari Sachdev good at humor and be witty. Rajeshwari inclines to religiosity and remain God fearing. Shadow planet Rahu is in a fix nature water sign Scorpio and positioned in the eighth house. Viewing this Rajeshwari Sachdev, Indian Actress needs to be much careful about health. Venus is own sign Taurus and along with malefic Ketu is stationed in the second house signifying finance and family. Viewing this, Rajeshwari Sachdev needs to deliberate enough prior to taking major decision in matter related to finance.

In solar chart, Venus and Jupiter are in own sign. Sun is exalted.

In Navmansha D9 chart, Sun remains exalted termed as ‘Vargottami’ and gathers immense strength.Get your Love Ask 3 Question

In D10, chart, Mars is in own sign Aries and along with exalted Sun get positioned in the tenth house. Jupiter is in own sign Pisces in company of exalted Venus and malefic Ketu and is stationed in the ninth house. These positions surely lead Rajeshwari Sachdev to succeed exceedingly well and mark her name as talented actress.

Viewing position of planets in Aries solar chart and deliberating on effect of transit by major planets, we try to explore prospects of Rajeshwari Sachdev in near future.

Hard task master currently Saturn Transit in own Sun Sign Capricorn and moves through the tenth house, which is owned by it. Saturn moving through the tenth house has aspect over natal positions of Jupiter and Mercury stationed in the 12th house. Viewing this, Rajeshwari Sachdev, Indian Actress is in for major change for good during movement of Saturn through the tenth house. Rajeshwari Sachdev, Indian Actress gets encouraging opportunity to exhibit her talent as actress and singer as well. This movement and aspect of Saturn indicates eventful and encouragingly progressive time for Rajeshwari.

Shadow planet Rahu transits in a dual nature airy sign Gemini and moves through the third house. Rahu moving through the third house crosses over natal position of Saturn stationed in the third house. This does not sound well for Rajeshwari Sachdev, Indian Actress. She needs to avoid conflict and keep off from any controversy, during this movement of Rahu.

Benevolent Jupiter currently transits in its sign of debilitation earth sign Capricorn. Jupiter moves through the tenth house in company of wily Saturn already moving therein. This movement of two major planets through the tenth house surely indicates something big in offing for Rajeshwari Sachdev, Indian Actress in near future. However, Rajeshwari Sachdev has to exert more to reap benefits of this movement of two major planets through the tenth house.

From mid of May 2020, Jupiter becomes retrograde in motion. From end of June 2020, Jupiter moving in retrograde mode enters in own sign Sagittarius. From around mid of September 2020 Jupiter becomes direct in motion. Jupiter now moves through the ninth house. Jupiter moves through the ninth house in opposition to natal position of Saturn posited in the third house. Jupiter moving through the ninth house aspects natal position of exalted Sun and Moon in solar chart. Viewing this movement of Jupiter and its aspects, surely leads to something big for Rajeshwari Sachdev in near future.

Two major planets moving through their own house which has major importance surely indicates something big in offing for Rajeshwari Sachdev in near future. However, Rajeshwari Sachdev, Indian Actress needs to look at ground reality and make move accordingly.

On viewing planetary positions in Aries solar chart and deliberating on effect of transit by major planets, period seems much eventful, encouraging progress and much prosperous in near future for Rajeshwari Sachdev, Indian Actress. She becomes richer and wealthier.

PavitraJyotish wishes all the best to Rajeshwari Sachdev in near future.

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