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Published On : February 6, 2020  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

The Life Detail Of Sourav Ganguly As Analysed In Astrological Term

Introduction Sourav Ganguly – BCCI President, Indian Former Cricketer and Commentator

Sourav Ganguly, BCCI President, Indian Former Cricketer was born on 8 July 1972 in Calcutta to the parents, Chandidas and Nirupa Ganguly. He was born in the silver spoon his mouth, considering the richness and affluence of his father known as one of the richest men in Calcutta. Also known as ‘Dada’ (meaning, an elder brother) among cricket fans, Sourav was a left-handed opening batsman, who captained the Indian national team. Also, a commentator and an administrator, Sourav did his graduation in Commerce from St. Xavier’s College. Sourav the 39th and current president of BCCI (the Board of Control for Cricket in India). Besides, he is the President of the Editorial Board with Wisden India. He is also the former President of Cricket Association of Bengal, prior to becoming the President of BCCI. Among fans and cricket legends, the name of Sourav is held in respect as one of the greatest captains in the Cricket world. During his halcyon days in cricket, he was hailed as one of the top batsmen in the world, as well as one of the most successful captains of the Indian national cricket team. He earned the spotlight due to his unique off-side batting style containing elegant stroke square of the wicket and through the covers for which he was nicknamed as God of the Off Side.

We at PavitraJyotish are conducting an astrological analysis on the life of Sourav Ganguly in the following horoscope chart and narratives.

Birth Details of Sourav Ganguly are as per given below:

Date of Birth: July 08, 1972, Birth Day: Saturday, Birth Time: 08:20:00 hrs, Birth Place: Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Saurav Ganguly Horoscope Chart PavitraJyotish

Astrological Highlights and Short Analysis

Sourav Ganguly, BCCI President, Indian Former Cricketer is born with Cancer Ascendant. Cancer Zodiac Sign is a moveable first of water sign Cancer and ruled by Moon.

A complex one, both at its best and its worst, Cancer is one of the most intriguing signs of the Zodiac. Ruled by Moon, the moody, temperamental Cancer is a sensitive, emotional, watery Sign, and can be closely associated to its animal symbol ‘Crab’. The tenacious exterior shell of most Cancer subjects belies their super –soft, benevolent, nurturing side, which to be fair to them, is truly their trademark. Cranky and sweet, Crabs are capable of all sorts of emotion, just like a ‘Crab’, when they are hurt or sense any discomfort, they retreat into their shell. They follow their ‘heart’ and intuition and while making a decision, or when they want to decide whether something is right or not, they depend on their ‘feeling.’ If they feel it is right, then it is right for them.

Ruler of the Ascendant Moon is exalted in earth sign Taurus along with ruler thereof Venus and Saturn. All are positioned in the eleventh house, linked with gain. This position presents encouraging opportunity for Sourav Ganguly, President of the BCCI to have spirit enlivening financial gain. Debilitated Mars along with Mercury and malefic Ketu is in water sign Cancer and stationed in the first house, alias the Ascendant sign. This position enables Sourav Ganguly to succeed as left hand batsman and also succeed as an able administrator. Mighty Sun rules the second house. Sun is in a dual nature air sign Gemini and positioned in the 12th house. This position sees Sourav Ganguly, President of the BCCI at times spending money indiscriminately. Jupiter is retrograde in own sign Sagittarius and stationed in the sixth house. Sun and Jupiter are in opposition to each other. Jupiter also eyes the second house. This position and influence of Jupiter works well for Sourav Ganguly to remain in very strong position on financial front. Shadow planet Rahu is in last of earth sign Capricorn and positioned in the seventh house.

In Birth chart, Mars is debilitated, Moon is exalted, and Jupiter and Venus are in their own sign.

In Navmansha D9 chart Sun and Moon are exalted ad gather strength.Get your Personalised Horoscope Reading By PavitraJyotish

In D10 chart, Moon is exalted, Mercury is own sign Virgo, Venus and Mars are debilitated. Jupiter and Saturn are in opposition to each other. These position leads Sourav Ganguly to exert more to achieve desirable level of progress as a left hand batsman and captain of Indian cricket team successfully.

Sourav Ganguly, President of the BCCI is currently under the influence of Saturn sub period in major period of Saturn till 13th February 2023. This position works well for Sourav Ganguly to succeed as an able administrator.

Viewing Planetary Transit positions in Cancer Ascendant and transit of major planets, we try to explore prospects of Sourav Ganguly in near future.

Hard task master Saturn currently transits in own sign Capricorn. Saturn moves through the seventh house. This leads to have more meaningful associations for Sourav Ganguly. Now Sourav Ganguly is president of world’s richest firm. Now he gets associated with many new faces. Saturn moving through the seventh house crosses radical position of shadow planet Rahu and moves in opposition to radical position of debilitated Mars, Mercury and malefic Ketu. This movement and influence of Saturn leads to major change for betterment of Sourav Ganguly, President of the BCCI. Progressive forces are to work much effectively and add to reputation of Sourav Ganguly as able administrator. Sourav Ganguly, needs to think out of box to make his position welcomed by critics and well wishers.

Shadow planet Rahu currently transits in air sign Gemini and moves through the 12th house. Rahu moving through the 12th house, crosses over radical position of mighty Sun stationed therein. This indicates major change for Sourav Gangulyi around May to July 2020. He needs to avoid conflicts and keep off from controversy, keep his cool and have patience on his side. This period seems much eventful for Sourav Ganguly.

Benevolent currently Jupiter Transit in own sign Sagittarius. Jupiter moving through the sixth house, repeats own radical position, meaning it is Jupiter return. Jupiter moves in opposition to radical position of Sun and also send positive vibes over the tenth house, linked with occupation alias ’Karma’ Viewing this movement and positive influence of Jupiter, period seems much eventful and encouragingly progressive for Sourav Ganguly, President of the BCCI.

From end of March 2020, Jupiter enters last of earth sign Capricorn. Jupiter becomes debilitated in Capricorn. Jupiter now moves through the seventh house along with Saturn already moving therein. This movement of two major planets through the seventh house indicates something big in offing for Sourav Ganguly in near future. From mid of May 2020, Jupiter becomes retrograde. From end of June 2020, Jupiter moving in retrograde mode again enters own sign Sagittarius. From around mid of September 2020, Jupiter becomes direct in motion. This second time transit of Jupiter in own sign and again moving through the sixth house indicates much eventful and encouragingly progressive for Sourav Ganguly, President of the BCCI. His ability as an able administrator is to be acknowledged widely.

Now two major planets are transiting in their own sign and moving through important house, surely works well for Sourav Ganguly, President of the BCCI. He is to climb new heights and prove his ability as able administrator having long term view of things and conduct according to prevailing ground reality. Sourav Ganguly gives new life to BCCI and takes much progressive decisions make the game livelier.

Summarily, after viewing planetary positions in Cancer Ascendant and effect of transit by major planets, period ahead seems very much eventful, encouragingly progressive and add to his reputation as able visionary administrator and add to his prosperity. Some major change for betterment of Sourav Ganguly is also envisaged. Read similaar Sports Articles from our website Pavitrajyotish.com.

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