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Published On : February 11, 2020  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

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Introduction of Varun Dhawan – Famous Indian Actor

India’s one of the Most Successful, Famous Indian Actor, Varun Dhawan was born on 24 April 1987 in Mumbai, to the parent of film director, David Dhawan, and mother, Karuna Dhawan. His uncle, Anil Dhawan is also a film actor, while his elder brother, Rohit, is a film actor. Varun did his academic pursuit from the H.R. College of Commerce and Economics, and graduated in Business Management from the Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom. Before coming to cinematic world as an actor, Varun was working with Karan Johar as his assistant director for his drama film, My Name Is Khan with Shahrukh Khan. The first film he got a break in was Student of the Year with Alia Bhatt and Siddharth Kapoor, a romantic comedy film directed by Karan Johar. Commercial and critical success of the film not only established Varun as one of the finest actors in Hollywood, but it also helped him to get nominated for a Best Male Debut at Filmfare. Today, Varun is an established actor being hailed as India’s one of the successful celebrities, in terms of monetary income he earns in his films. Forbes India has featured him Celebrity 100 list since 2014. Also, he is the actor to have given commercially successful results in 11 films in which he starred.

We are conducting an astrological analysis on the life of India’s one of the most successful actors, Varun Dhawan, in the given horoscope chart and subsequent details representing the same.

Birth Details of Varun Dhawan are as per given below:

Date of Birth: April 24, 1987, Birth Day: Friday, Birth Time: 17:00:00 hrs, Birth Place: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Varun Dhawan Horoscope Chart PavitraJyotish

Astrological Highlights and Short Analysis

Varun Dhawan, Famous Indian Actor is born with Virgo Ascendant. Virgo Zodiac Sign is a dual nature earth sign and ruled by Mercury.

The sixth Sign of the Zodiac — Virgo is represented by a Virgin. Virgo is the only Sign symbolized by a female, in the entire Zodiac calendar. Innocent and unpolluted, the Virgin is viewed as the symbol of ultimate purity by society.

To begin with, most of the Virgin natives tend to be calm, shy and quiet, at least on the surface. They often take time to react to a situation. Being down-to-earth and easy-going, they also tend to be calculated and diplomatic in demanding situations, more so, because of their steadying element –Earth. They may have a tendency to think of themselves as the best, while being critical and judgmental of others.  They prefer to pick and select their friends.

Ruler of the Ascendant Mercury is debilitated in water sign Pisces. Mercury is accompanied by ruler of Pisces Jupiter, exalted Venus and shadow planet Rahu. All are positioned in the seventh house. This position enables Varun Dhawan to have association with notable personality in Film industry. Malefic Ketu is in earth sign Virgo and positioned in the first house. Presence of Ketu in the first house, keeps Varun Dhawan conscious about his progress and responsibility to perform well enough. Wily Saturn rules the fifth and the sixth house. Saturn is retrograde in a fix nature water sign Scorpio and stationed in the third house. Varun Dhawan, Famous Indian Actor is good at communication and takes calculated risk to push ahead his prospects. Mars rules the third house and also holds portfolio of the eighth house. Mars is in earth sign Taurus and positioned in the ninth house. In this way Mars and retrograde Saturn are in opposition to each other. This indicates that Varun Dhawan, Famous Indian Actor works hard to perform exceedingly well. Moon is in last of air sign Aquarius and stationed in the sixth house. Mighty Sun is exalted in fire sign Aries and stationed in the eighth house. Viewing this, Varun Dhawan gets encouraging financial gain by his effort.Get your Remedial Solution for Career Issue By PavitraJyotish

In Navmansha D9 chart, Jupiter being in own sign gathers strength. Moon being exalted gathers strength. Venus being debilitated leads to loss of strength.

In D10 chart, ruler of the Ascendant and the tenth house, Mercury is in the eleventh house, linked with gain, along with debilitated Mars and Sun. Jupiter is in the ninth house. These positions support Varun Dhawan, Famous Indian Actor to succeed as a versatile actor and gain financially.

Varun Dhawan is currently under the influence of Venus sub period in major period of Mercury till April 7th 2021. This indicates encouragingly progressive and much prosperous time ahead for Varun Dhawan, Famous Indian Actor.

After deliberating on planetary positions in Virgo Ascendant and effect of transit by major planets, we try to explore prospects of Varun Dhawan in near future.

Wily Saturn currently transits in own sign Capricorn and moves through the fifth house. Saturn moving through the fifth house has aspect on Jupiter, exalted Venus, debilitated Mercury and shadow planet Rahu stationed in the seventh house. Saturn moving through the fifth house eyes the second house, linked with finance mainly. This influence of Saturn indicates major change for betterment of Varun Dhawan in near future. However, Varun Dhawan has to exert more to make desirable level of progress by exhibiting his inherent ability and talent as a versatile actor. Varun Dhawan needs to remain aware about ground reality and conduct accordingly. Varun Dhawan, Famous Indian Actor needs to avoid conflict and keep off from any controversy to make encouraging progress as an able actor.

Shadow planet Rahu currently transits in air sign Gemini and moves through the tenth house. This movement of Rahu induces Varun Dhawan, Famous Indian Actor to remain determined to climb up the ladder and strengthen his position on financial front.

Jupiter currently transits in own sign Sagittarius and moves through the fourth house, along with malefic Ketu. Jupiter moving through the fourth house has aspect on radical position of exalted Sun stationed in the eighth house and also eyes the 12th house. Viewing this movement and positive influence of Jupiter, period ahead seems much prospective for Varun Dhawan. However, things are to move slowly initially. Varun Dhawan, Famous Indian Actor needs to keep his cool and have patience on his side.

From end of March 2020, Jupiter enters last of earth sign Capricorn. Jupiter gets debilitated in Capricorn. Jupiter now moves through the fifth house, in company of Saturn already moving through the fifth house. This movement of two major planets through the fifth house indicates something big in offing for Varun Dhawan in near future. From mid of May 2020, Jupiter becomes retrograde. From end of June 2020, Jupiter moving in retrograde mode, again enters own sign Sagittarius. From mid of September 2020, Jupiter becomes direct in motion and moves ahead in own sign Sagittarius, This second time movement through the fourth house, leads to encouragingly progressive and much prosperous time for Varun Dhawan. However, Varun Dhawan, Famous Indian Actor has to accept new challenges on road to progress. Varun Dhawan needs to exert more over new challenges to improve his performance and prove his ability and versatility as an actor.

Two major planets transiting in their own sign and moving through important house, surely indicate something big for Varun Dhawan, in near future. However, Varun Dhawan needs to accept new challenges willingly and work hard over the same to prove his inherent ability as an actor. This movement of two major planets indicates encouragingly progressive time ahead for Varun Dhawan, Famous Indian Actor.

On viewing effect of transit by major planets, period ahead in near future seems much eventful, encouragingly progressive and adds to his prosperity. Call Astrology number Delhi NCR and find the most meaningful solution to anything causing obstructions in your life.

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