Akshay Tritiya Festival 10 May 2024

Published On : April 22, 2017  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Detailed Review Of Akshay Tritiya Festival

Akshay Tritiya is Eternally Auspicious

In the scorching heat of the summer, the earth is fully laden with a variety of fruits and flowers. When the crops are ready for harvesting, the farms and the entire landscape of the country looks very much decorated. The sight is very pleasing to the farmers and every individual of the country. Not only the nation, but the whole of the world gets attracted to this land which is rich in flora and fauna. When a person searches for truth, peace, and spirituality, he comes to the core of Hinduism to gain contentment and self-realization. But due to changing time, when the world is high in immorality and misconduct, people gradually start thinking that there is no god at all. When such injustice and misdeeds are at peak, then Lord Sri Hari incarnated on earth regularly in order to create a balance. In the same order, divine incarnation like Nara-Narayana, Sri Hayagreeva, and Sri Parashurama etc. descended on earth. Because God is omnipresent and eternal. He is the creator and destroyer of the cosmos. His divine play is infinite hence many worlds are made and dissolved in his play every moment. In Hindu texts, there are several legends which say that the lord almighty incarnates on earth for the betterment of entire humanity. Due to the divine will the festival of Akha Teej became famous and popular. The importance of akshay tritiya and fame of this day can be understood from the fact that the scriptures of Astrology and religion have given it the name “Akshaya Tritiya” which means never ending or eternal. In rural areas, this holy festival is known as “Akha Teej” or “aktijiya” as well. This is such a magnificent and auspicious time that it makes the fruits of charity and spiritual activities manifold. Book Your Akshaya Tritiya Puja By PavitraJyotish

The significance of Akshay Tritiya in Hinduism

Akshay Tritiya Festival is very famous due to its auspiciousness and individuality throughout the world. Hence it holds extreme importance from the Hindu point of view as well. This day was the beginning of Satyuga or Tretayuga (as per difference in the Kalpa). This is the reason why it is also considered as “Yugadi”. It is mainly known for religiousness and philanthropy. Because the charity done on this day brings high merits which are never exhausted. There is a custom of donating food, money, water, fruits, garments, currency, and other useful domestic or household items. Hence those wishing for well being and obtaining merits should readily donate useful items with devotion and faith. They can donate items like vessels, fans, jewelry, garments, etc. One should donate these items to the needy or to a priest. One should also donate the eatables like ghee, milk, sweets, fruits, and other items which are offered to the deities as a naivedya. For religious benefits, well being, and for happy married life, worshiping Gauri-Shankar and Lakshmi-Narayana is the giver of desired fruits. There is also the importance of fasting and bathing in sacred waters like Ganges and pilgrim places. At the same time, one achieves never-ending fruits of deeds like fire rituals, penance, japa, tarpana for the pitra (manes), and other deeds of selfless service and devotion. On this day, it is considered highly auspicious to buy gold, silver, and metallic ornaments and vessels. Due to this reason, there is a lot of happenings in the jewelry shops on this day. This is an important day for goldsmiths and related people. In many large business firms, they decide the sales target on this auspicious day.

This day is more important for the Hindus for another reason that the source of all sources, the Almighty manifested on this day. For achieving moksha (one of the most important of all purusharthas) people from far-off countries visit holy places like Badrinath in order to get liberated by spiritual upliftment and grace of the lord. This is one of the most famous pilgrim places in India. This day, the divine doors of the temple open up for the visit of devotees. People come in large numbers and offer various eatables like mishri, horse gram, sweets etc. with devotion to the lord along with the archana. Hence Akshay Tritiya is extremely important for the Hindus. The main reason is that the day is so potent that it can give never-ending results of the good deeds done by a person. This day is celebrated on the 3rd day of the waxing moon of the Vaishakha month. The Punya (good deeds) done on the day are considered to be manifold. This day there is also a tradition of eating “sattu”. The delicacies made from gram flour and sattu are also given to people as charity. There is also a merit obtained by inviting Brahmins for food. Book Your Akshaya Tritiya Puja By PavitraJyotish

Pooja Procedure for Akshay Tritiya

On the eve of Akshay Tritiya, one should worship Lord Sri Narayana along with Goddess Sri Lakshmi. One should also worship Lord Shiva along with Sri Parvati and other major avataras by performing pooja and archana. One can perform the pooja by panchopachara or shodashopachara as per one’s convenience. Those who are unable to perform this kind of worship can just offer flowers or bilva/tulasi leaves and mentally pray to the god for your well being and financial progress. So that you can be in a position to do pooja and social work. One should offer lotus flower to Sri Vishnu and Lakshmi and should offer white scented flowers to the family of Lord Shiva. The articles of pooja should be clean and flowers must be fragrant and fresh. There is no dosha if the flowers are bought from the gardener.

Why is Akshay Tritiya Considered as best Muhurta (Shubh Muhurta)?

This day is considered as the most auspicious for religious activities and charity by the Hindus. This day the good deeds are multiplied manifold hence it is the most auspicious day. The fruits of charity and social work remains eternally with the individual. But the items given out in charity will be gotten in the heavens or in the upcoming births. This day is very auspicious to conduct ceremonies like housewarming, marriage, shop opening etc. But the day should be finalized after other considerations. Book Your Akshaya Tritiya Puja By PavitraJyotish

Popular Legends and Tales

Many tales and religious information about the vrata and celebration are found in many popular Hindu scriptures like Puranas. One of the famous tales is about a merchant named Dharmadas who was noble, religious, righteous, and an honest person. He has immense faith in gods, saints, and Brahmins. He developed many physical issues and had to face a stiff struggle for many years yet his faith did not get lesser. He still continued to observe vows and did charity with his limited resources on the auspicious days like Akshaya Tritiya. Rough phase continued in his life and he still did pilgrimage and charity on every Akshay Tritiya with great difficulties and courage. As a result, he was born as a great kind of Kushavati in his next birth due to the merits of the previous birth. His merits were so high that even gods like Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesha also used to participate in the grand yajna conducted by the king in disguise of Brahmins. It is said that he never boasted about his wealth or position as a king and was humble in nature. As per some legends, it was this king who was born again as the great Chandra Gupta in his next birth. This festival is also very vital for the followers of Jainism. On this very day, Lord Rishabhdev completed one year of rigorous penance and ended his fast by drinking sugarcane juice. He then went on preaching about truth and non-violence for the betterment of the world. In many regions of the country like Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana etc. there is a custom of distributing gifts to the dear ones as a symbol of auspiciousness. In many regions, people sing various folk songs on the special occasion. It is also an auspicious day for the farmers who work hard in the fields. Many farmers and related employees review their crops and predict the harvest and quality of yield in the upcoming days. They inspect the farm and crops and predict the upcoming trend in harvest, the effect of seasons, quantity and quality of harvest and other related aspects.

The Day of Akshay Tritiya is believed to bring good luck and success

This year Akshay Tritiya will be celebrated on 10 May 2024, Friday, Shukla Paksha of Vaishakha month (Tritiya) throughout the country.


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