Akshaya Navami Or Amla Navami

Published On : October 6, 2022  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

The Importance Of Akshaya Navami Or Amla Navami

Considered as one of the most important and useful rituals for vrat/fasting in Hindu religions, Akshaya Navami or Amla Navami falls in the month of sacred Kartika. Celebrated on Navami of Kartika Shukla paksha, the occasion is also named Dhatri/Kushmanda or Amla Navami, an accolade of the occasion given in reference to the significance of Amla (Indian Gooseberry), based on the assumptions of some people. The tree of Amla is supposed to have originated on this very day. The advent of this occasion happens at ninth day off Diwali festival. Sometimes, due to difference in dates, Amla Navami happens on the eight or the tenth day of Kartika month. Feasts to Brahmans; and worships to lord Vishnu, as well as charity and other religious activities performed on this day get to devotees the divine favors/blessings; meaning attainment of a ceaseless auspicious result. This vrat of Navami is the giver of very important divine results. Legend has it that, the worship dedicated to Amla tree or observing vrat on Navami blesses the devotees the divine favor, equally important as the auspicious result a devotee gets doing vrat in Akshaya Tritiya of Vaisakhi month. The importance of this festival (Amla Navami) is not only tied to the significance of conserving trees and endorsing the message of environmental safety, it has also its religious values as described in the mythological texts. Lord Vishnu is believed to dwell in the tree of Amla on Kartika month; meaning devotees, who worship and walk around Amla tree, get the divine results equally important as the results they obtain during pilgrimage of Ganga and other religious sites. Amla tree is usually worshipped on this occasion (Navami). Ritualized worship of Amla tree and lord Vishnu involves offerings made by a variety of delicious sweets and food items, including curd, milk, fruits etc.

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Worship Methods On Akshaya Navami

Arrange puja related materials one day before Akshaya Navami. Next day, wake up early in the morning, pray to God while looking at your palms, offer your pray to the earth deity, and attend your daily routines like attending washroom etc. Wear new clothes, do morning prayer, and take Sankalp. Place the pooja-materials in front of an Amla tree. Be seated eastbound or northbound. Do Achamana while praying and taking Sankalp of worshipping lord Vishnu and Amla tree. Bathe the tree with water and milk, and bind a sacred thread (Sut) around the stem of the tree. Dab on the bark of Amla vermilion and scented sandalwood tika. Perform lilting up diyas and do worship. Offer the sacred dish you prepared to the lord and Amla tree and worship them with devotions. Post puja of Amla tree, invite at least one or more Brahman guests to the feast and offer them donations, as per your capacity. Have food with your family under the tree of Amla. Keep signing devotional songs in praise to lord Vishnu so as to gain His divine Blessings out of the vrat you are observing. Donating Amla fruits, pumpkin, gold, silver and coins attain you the divine results and good luck. This is because Amla tree is as sacred as the pilgrimage site of ganga and other sacred sites. Therefore, donating the valuables under Amla tree also means salvations to your forefathers. Offer amla to lord Vishnu, considering Kartika month is called Purushottam, and lord Vishnu dwells in Amla tree on Kartika month.

Story Of Akshaya Navami

The legend has it that, once a trader’s wife sustained a terminal disease. Her husband took her to the Ganga, where he was advised to worship and do rituals to attain solution to the terminal disease of his wife. However, deity Ganga came into his dream, advising to perform worship of Amla on Navami of Kartika month to get the cure of the terminal disease. The trader followed the advice and got his ailing wife cured of the disease. Besides, she was also blessed with progeny. The news of curing of trader’s wife and attaining progeny by doing vrat on Amla Navami spread like wildfire, prompting Hindu communities to worship Amla tree every year on Navami of Kartika Shukla.

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