Ashadha Purnima Vrat

Published On : May 7, 2024  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Importance Of Ashadha Purnima Vrat

Ashadha Purnima Vrat: In Satya Sanatan Dharma, vrats/fasting have their respective significance. However, the one observed in Purnima (Purnima vrat) has its unique connotation as a giver of auspicious results in the life of devotees.

A total of twelve Purnima vrats are observed in a year. The number increases because of more months. Talking about Ashadha Purnima, we gather it is extremely important and useful on various grounds. While it is important from a religious standpoint, it is also important from a spiritual viewpoint. Though Gods are considered the lords of Purnima Tithi, it is the Moon who is believed to be the lord of Purnima Tithi, according to astrology. And Moon is considered to be a factor of mother and also a factor to sway the mind/brain of our body. It also controls blood and water circulation in our bodies. Therefore, Ashadha Purnima should be observed religiously to attain physical and mental purity and rid of many types of sins. It also cures devotees from anaemia and psychological disorders, thus helping them to enjoy a life of sound well-being.

Devotees should worship Lord Shri Ganesh, along with Shri Hari Vishnu and Lord Moon religiously on Ashadha Purnima. Temples, religious places, and pilgrim’s spots witness huge gatherings of devotees on the auspicious day of Ashadha Purnima. It should be borne in mind that Ashadha Purnima is also celebrated as Guru Purnima, apart from being a festival in which Lord Satyanarayana or Lord Vishnu is worshipped. It is because Guru or teacher is believed to have the power to dispel ignorance from the life of people (by edifying them). However, the importance of a spiritual guru is transcendental. The blessings of a spiritual Guru are said to carry divine power that can emancipate a person from temporal attachments and attain a position of Kaivalya (emancipation of the soul from birth and death when it attains the Supreme-self or self-realization).

Due to its significance and universality, Ashadha Purnima vrat is believed to be a giver of desired results in the life of devotees. This is the day in which the fullness of the moon intensifies the lunar power, which then fulfils the wishes of the devotees observing Ashadha Purnima vrat. The day is also celebrated as Vyas Purnima, considering it marks the birthday of Lord Vyas. Ashadha Purnima constitutes many favourable results or Punya that can effectively cure devotees of various types of diseases and sufferings.

Because Guru Purnima takes place during Ashadha Purnima, the importance of teachers/Guru is very in the context of accentuating the fact that – Guru Bin BhavNidhiTarai Na Koi, Jo Biranchi Shankar Sam Hoe(anyone, even if they are equal to the status of Lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva, can never be emancipated without Guru).

In other words, learning, concentration, bravery and prosperity will only be accomplished if they are desired while religiously observing Ashadha Purnima vrat and worshipping lord Vishnu, along with the blessings of Guru. Otherwise, emancipation from temporal attachments is impossible for anyone, even if they are equal to the divine status of Trinity Lords, such as Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu or Lord Vishnu. Therefore, Ashadha Purnima paves an auspicious path for a devotee leading to peace, happiness, prosperity and divine blessings.

Puja Methods To Follow During Ashadha Purnima

A devotee should ensure that all the puja-related materials for Lord Satyanarayan Puja be collected during Chaudas Tithi or a day before Ashadha Purnima. Also, if you have an idol of your Guru already in place, then collect all essential materials for Guru Pujan. During Ashadha Purnima, get up before sunrise, finish your daily routines, like taking bath, etc. and wear clean outfit. Make sure you purchase fresh rosary on the same day of puja. Start your puja with shodashopchar methods to Lord Vishnu. You can also have the puja done by a Brahmin priest profoundly educated in how to conduct religious rituals. Beg pardon to the lord for any mistake you may have committed while performing the puja. Conclude your puja by offering prayer to the lord.

Story Of Ashadha Purnima Vrat

Observe Ashadha Purnima vrat by dedicating your puja to Lord Vishnu. Make sure puja is performed religiously and with staunch devotion to Lord Vishnu. Listen to the story of Lord Satyanarayana and also Lord Vedavyasa. We are not mentioning any story related to Ashadha Purnima to avoid lengthening the texts. Therefore, we advise you to study related books for stories regarding Ashadha Purnima. Once your puja is done, offer it to Lord Shri Hari Vishnu.

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