Astrological Analysis About USA

Published On : August 27, 2017  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

USA And Its Worldwide Position As Seen From The Prism Of Astrology

About United States of America (USA)


Astrological Analysis About USA. The United States of America (USA) or US, is a country spread over an area of 3.8 million square miles. It consists of fifty states and five unincorporated territories self-governed by the US and are considered integral parts of the country. Based on the area in totality, the US is the third or fourth largest country in the world only next to the entire continent of Europe. Moreover, it is also world’s third largest country in terms of population density; say the country is populated by 327 million people. Washington, D.C is the capital of the United States. The city of USA that is the largest by the size of its population is New York, also known as the Big Apple. This city is also famous for Statue of Liberty situated on Liberty Island. The citizens of USA are usually called Americans. In the era of world war 1, the united states did not partake in it and remained neutral but was forced into the war due to some important reasons, including the most prominent – Pearl Harbor attack by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service. The de facto national language of USA is English.

PavitraJyotish conducts an astrological analysis on USA as detailed in the following manner.

USA (United States America) Horoscope Predictions

Natal position of Planets and ensuing transits

  • Ruler of the Ascendant Sun is in a dual-natured air sign Gemini along with Jupiter, Venus and Mars and stationed in the 11th
  • Rahu and Mercury are in water sign Cancer and positioned in the 12th house.
  • As a ruler of the sixth and the seventh house, Saturn is in Virgo and placed in the second house.
  • Saturn has an eye over the eleventh house and planets positioned therein.
  • Moon is in inclined to experimenting and having a humanitarian approach that fixed natured last of air sign Aquarius and positioned in the seventh house.
  • From around beginning of October 2017 strict discipline loving Saturn traverses in that dual natured last of fire sign Sagittarius through the fifth house, till around beginning of the year 2020.
  • Saturn now moves in direct opposition to the natal position of Sun, Jupiter, Venus, and Mars positioned in the eleventh house.
  • For ensuing two years, Jupiter makes move in Libra and Scorpio through the third and the fourth house respectively.
  • Shadow planets Rahu – Ketu repeat their respective natal position till around beginning of March 2019.
  • From March 2019 Rahu-Ketu shifts into Gemini and Sagittarius respectively through the eleventh the fifth house respectively.
  • In the year 2019, Saturn, Jupiter, and Ketu traverse through Sagittarius in the fifth house, a notable event.
  • At the same time, Rahu crosses over the natal position of Sun, Jupiter, Venus, and Mars.

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  • Movement of Jupiter in Libra through the third house is likely to have positive effects for the general public wellness, national and international transportation, information and broadcasting systems, tours and travels, railway, relation with neighboring countries and heavy industries. The USA can get new clients for its natural resources like oil. Influence of Jupiter over the eleventh and the ninth house can work well for the betterment of the overall economy.
  • There is a likelihood of enhancement in the overall status of USA, owing to positive vibes of benevolent Jupiter over the ninth house. Foreign policy measures are to taken suitable for enhancement of overall prospects of the country.
  • Improvement in country’s revenue, government security schemes, stock exchange and other speculation –related activities.
  • Return to natal position of Rahu-Ketu is to play a major role in the way the USA spends money, giving monetary and military wares as aid and also through sales. The major shift in aid-giving policy seems imminent.
  • Positive measures for health care seem to be on the horizon.
  • The major notable event is about the movement of wily Saturn in last of fiery sign Sagittarius through the fifth house.
  • Saturn directly aspects the eleventh house and all major planets, Sun, Jupiter, Venus, and Mars positioned in the 11th
  • Government is likely to remain much concerned about increasing revenue. Saturn has a habit of keeping concerned one grounded. This can mean some ambitious policy may not render desired results initially. Some groundwork and commitment to the cause are to help in achieving desired results.
  • Some states may differ with the policy decision of the fed government. A pragmatic approach is to help in resolving the issue.
  • The government may face some opposition legally over some important policy.
  • From around May 2018, US can take some aggressive steps to prove its military strength. The period until the end of the October looks sensitive on this count.
  • Last quarter of the year 2018 is to present some good news for the USA.
  • Notable fluctuations in the value of Dollar Vis a Vis other major currency is envisaged, during movement of Saturn in Sagittarius.

Conclusively the year 2018 seems progressive for United States America (USA)

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