Astrological Analysis About Mamata Banerjee

Date : January 6, 2018  | Author : Astrologer Umesh

About Mamata Banerjee – Chief Minister of West Bengal

Mamata Banerjee is chief minister of West Bengal since 2011. She is the first woman chief minister of the state. Mamata is born on 5th January 1955. Her correct birth time is not available. Pavitra Jyotish tries to explore what is in store for her in the year 2018 -19. Planets here portend eventful time for Mamata Banerjee, Indian Politician on basis of her Surya Kundali. Besides being an active politician she is a poet, painter, miscellanies as well.  She has done Ph.D. on Muslim history and has other degrees as well. A well learned and well-read person Mamata, CM West Bengal is. It was sheer guts and strong motivation on her part to overthrow thirty years of communist rule and establish her own. She has tremendous hold in the rural area. Her simplicity has won her many hearts.

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Horoscope Chart of Ms. Mamata Banerjee

Mamata Banerjee Horoscope By PavitraJyotish

Astrological Highlights and Horoscope Analysis of Mamata Banerjee

Mamata, Indian Politician has Sun in a dual-natured last of fire signed overly ambitious Sagittarius. This makes her have an aggressive approach and strong motivation to achieve her objective. This way she came to power by overthrowing the communist regime. Sun here is in the company of crafty Mercury. This provides necessary intelligence input to her way of working. Saturn and Jupiter are exalted in Surya Kundali. Saturn has an eye over-exalted and retrograde Jupiter. This position of major planets has taken her to new heights in her life by becoming the first woman to become chief minister of West Bengal. Currently, she is running her second term as a chief minister. Exalted Moon on earth sign Taurus has made her a determined person and averse to the opposition. Sun in Sagittarius can make her err in making choice of company to keep. Exalted Moon in opposition to Venus induced her to become a poet, writer, and innovative thinker. Know about Career prospects by having yearly Career Report.Get your personalised 2019 Quarterly Predictions By PavitraJyotish

Effect of transiting planets

For the whole of 2018 -19 wily Saturn moves through fire sign Sagittarius. In this process, wily Saturn is to hover over natal Sun, Mercury and malefic Rahu. This is indicative of the kind of challenging time for Mamata Banerjee, CM West Bengal. Opposition forces are to put up all efforts to challenge her authority. She needs to have a kind of balanced approach to meet the challenges successfully. Entry of malefic Ketu in Sagittarius in the year 2019 can increase trouble for her. She needs to avoid sounding partisan and become more accommodative. Mamata, Best Politician in India has to get rid of persons who harm her image as an able politician and administer. She needs to visit sacred religious places in the state to minimize evil effects around.

Movement of shadow planets Rahu –Ketu during years 2018 -19 does not spell well for her progress and giving a solid push to development-oriented activities. Progressive forces are not to work effectively this time around. This can harm her reputation. She needs to do all to help manufacturing and services sector to grow and gather speed. The positive move in this direction is to enhance her grip over the administration and keep masses sympathetic to her.

Aggressive Mars traverses through its sign of exaltation Capricorn during May to end of around October 2018. Mars remains in the company of hostile malefic Ketu. This can affect development-oriented activities. Ethnic clashes are to pollute peace and harmony. The administration is to have a challenging time in controlling the same. Forces creating ethnic disharmony needs to be silenced effectively. Movement of exalted Mars is to induce the government to take aggressive measures to control disorder. The opposition is to try to ignite controversy over this. Handling this situation is to become a sort of challenging task for Mamata Banerjee, Best Politician in India .

The period from August to end of the year spells well for progressive forces to work effectively. The manufacturing sector is to pick up encouragingly. Planet linked to the relationship and harmony Venus is to move through own sign Libra during this period. This is to present encouraging results for Mamata on many fronts. She is to get enough sympathy from masses in general.

Amidst all chaos created due to movement of Malefic, wily Saturn, shadow planets Rahu – Ketu, and movement of aggressive Mars, movement of benevolent Jupiter is to have a kind of steadying effect. During 2018 -19 Jupiter moves through Libra and Scorpio for most of the times. From around October 2019, Jupiter moves in to own sign Sagittarius. This movement of Jupiter is to work well for growth and development. Jupiter is to have kind of balancing effect on disturbing forces and work well to enhance development prospects.

Summarily 2018-19 are to render mix results for Mamata Banerjee.

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