A Brief Introduction to Astrology

Published On : December 2, 2015  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Know Astrology In This Succinct Yet Effective Detail

Understanding Rishis Science Astrology Alias Jyotish Shastra

An Introduction of Rishis Science Astrology and Jyotish Shastra. Astrology had emerged and evolved before thousands of years in India, the birthplace of many ancient and esoteric subjects. It is a fact that India developed the glorious science of astrology for the betterment of mankind; this fact is endorsed in many ancient scriptures. Though it faced many hostile attacks time to time, the usefulness of astrology is so intensive that it is still well established in its ancient form. It still continues to provide us hints about various events on the planet. At the same time, it also provides accurate information about events in human life and tries to save them from future disasters. It is endowed not only with the ability to foresee the events of the world, but it can also give a detailed idea about the timings and nature of events happening in human life.  Astrology is also known as “Kalashritam Gyana”, Rishis Science astrology means that which provides us with the knowledge of the auspicious and inauspicious event is indeed the “Jyotish Shastra”. In the present human life, disease, stress, frustration, impulsiveness, discontent, negligence of family and other such negative aspects are constantly rising. This shows that man is not aware of negative and positive influences on him due to his stubbornness. For this reason, he constantly suffers from various miseries.

Emergence of Astrology

The origin of astrology can be traced around thousands of years from now. In the ancient times, it was divided into three major categories due to its authenticity. The three divisions are Siddhanta, Samhita, and Hora Shastra. But then, astrology started evolving gradually with time. In the Siddhanta division, astrological calculations were then incorporated towards measuring the speed of planets and constellations, making of ephemeris (panchangam), and making of smaller units of time. The Samhita section deals with the cosmic events taking place in the universe. In the Samhita, there is detailed information on Medini khanda, Varsha khanda, Shakuna khanda and also about Lakshana vijnana. In the Hora Shastra, one can find the details of good and bad happenings from birth until death. This is also known as “Phalita jyotisha” or “Predictive astrology”. In this sequence, there has been a significant evolution of the divine science of astrology. Even today we are getting benefited by utilization of this glorious science. Some of the ancient masters of astrology are Parashara, Narada, Jaimini, Varahamihira etc and many other famous sages have also greatly contributed towards making this subject more helpful and compendious. Get your Strength Reading For Career By PavitraJyotish

Authenticity of Astrology

Astrology has been known for its accurate predictions since time immemorial. Even today, the events like sunrise, sunset, solar eclipse, lunar eclipse etc occur as per the accurate time mentioned in the panchanga. Even the modern science is astonished by such accurate and timely calculations. Not only in the calculation part, but also in the predictive area, there have been numerous predictions which have come true. Due to this fact, astrology is self-established. There have been many perfectly accurate Horoscope Reading regarding the life events of people viz. birth, disease, progress, marriage, position, fame, progeny, friends, enemies etc.  Due to this the science of astrology is established and proved even today.

The utility of the science of Astrology

Astrology is an unparalleled science for the welfare and well being of humanity. With the help of this divine knowledge, man can foresee the good and bad events that are going to happen in his life.  Even though we are at a higher level of progress today, but without astrology, our lives seems to be crippled.  That is, we can only escape from the disastrous incidents with the help of this divine science of astrology and make our future happier and more prosperous. Hence the importance of astrology will continue in every age for every human being. An individual of any nationality, race, caste, or religion, overlooking astrological aspects could prove to be a grave mistake. Ask Chief Astrologer in India Pt. Umesh Ji and Buy Lab Certified Gemstone Online for you to achieve success in your pursuit.

How to lead a comfortable life by utilizing Astrology

From the time immemorial, there have been various kinds of challenges for man towards making his life prosperous and comfortable on earth. Whether they are sequential events, accidental events, events taking place at longer intervals or various diseases, the man has always faced difficult challenges with these events. Human birth is not only rare but is also priceless. In the Indian subcontinent, Chatur Purushartha viz. Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha, have been given extreme importance. These signify the goals of every human being. But without the use of astrology, neither the life of man can be made happier nor can one attain the chatur purusharthas. Hence, to make life prosperous and successful one must check the relative aspects related to their goals with qualified acharyas. To know about the planets and constellations which are related to your time of birth.  Also, about performing Japa and pooja towards the specific planets or constellations. One will gain more positive energy from such remedies and would be able to achieve his goals.  If you pay attention to these small things, you can be very successful in leading your family towards a happy and glorious future.


The system of making human life more stable and pleasant with the help of astrology is very primitive. Astrology has been utilized on earth for the betterment of mankind.  It has been widely used in the forecast of some very crucial events like storm, tempest, rain, snowfall, floods and also in the life events of an individual. Astrology has helped to a great extent to escape from these calamities. Hence we should know about the astrological details for the sake of knowing the positive and negative upcoming events in the family.  It would help us to take some timely remedial measures if required.

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