Bhauma Pradosh Vrat

Published On : July 6, 2022  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Bhauma Pradosh Vrat And Its Importance

Bhauma Pradosh vrat is observed for the attainment of blessings of lord Shiva and lord Hanuman. This is one of the most important occasions in the orders of several other vrats. It is considered highly auspicious. It eliminates sorrows and pains of humankind and brings forth auspiciousness in their lives. Though Pradosh vrat follows in every month, it is observed in Trayodashi of Shukla and Krishna Paksha. Pradosh vrat is known and worshipped for its time duration of two hours till sunset. This Pradosh vrat, being related to Trayodashi tithi, is what makes it very useful and important. This vrat is the provider of all effectual results, like peace and prosperity, to all male and female devotees. In Hindu religion and mythological texts, the significance of Bhauma Pradosh Vrat has been highlighted, saying it is the destroyer of all sins and sorrows of devotees, including removing their debts and other griefs effectively. Bhauma Pradosh vrat is very simple to follow. It suggests the ritual of having foods after conducting the worship of lord Shiva. This vrat is observed during Vyapini tithi of Trayodashi. What Trayodashi we have on Tuesday is marked as a day of Bhauma Pradosh. Similarly, every Pradosh vrat consists of its relative importance, depending on days during Shravana and other month

Puja Methods For Bhauma Pradosh Vrat

Bhauma Pradosh vrat must be observed with all purity and sense of devotions. Therefore, taking into consideration of its utmost sanctity, a person should abstain from eating non-vegetarian diets and other irreligious stuff like wine etc. Wake up early in the morning on the day of vrat, finish your morning routines (like attending washroom etc.) Keep a stock of puja-related materials. Visit a temple of lord Shiva and Shri Hanuman. Worship as per Shadopchar methods to Shri Ganesh, Gauri, Shiva, Karthikeya, Nandi, Virbhadra, Kuber and Shri hanuman, with all devotions. Due to any unavoidable circumstances, if there is no availability of temple nearby, then, under such conditions, you can make an idol of the dedicated lord or make a clay-idol of Shiv Lingaa. You can now dedicate your puja with that clay-idol to all divine beings. At last, offer your puja to lord Shiva. Pray to lord Hanuman and lord Shiva like “O Lord! Please remove my debts and diseases. Kindly rid me of sorrows caused by inimical force.” If you are going through any tension related to land disputes, then you are advised to observe a special worship of lord Hanuman on this tithi. Results equal to attending a pilgrimage would be achieved by doing this vrat. In Bhauma Pradosh vrat, devotees should offer Halua, Puri and ghee-made laddu to lord Hanuman.

Story Of Bhauma Pradosh Vrat

Bhauma Pradosh vrat has many stories mentioned in religious texts. However, there is an amazing story related to lord Hanuman regarding this vrat. Long time ago, an old woman was observing Bhauma Pradosh vrat with great devotions. Finally, her devotions pleased lord Hanuman, who then appeared as an old brahman in front of the house of the old woman, and asked for alms. Hearing the request of the brahman beggar, the old lady came out of her house and asked how could she be of assistance to the beggar. At this, lord Hanuman, dressed as a beggar, said that he wanted to have some foods, but make sure that my seating place should be dug a little and be cleaned with dung. This request of the brahman beggar astonished the old woman, and she said “I am observing Bhauma vrat today. Therefore, I can’t dig up earth and clean it with dung. Except these, I would serve you with any other requests.” The explanation of the old woman delighted lord Hanuman a lot and he disappeared from there after giving her the desired boon. Since then, Bhauma Pradosh vrat is being observed with all devotions.

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