Chinnamastika Jayanti

Published On : April 13, 2024  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Chinnamastika Jayanti And Its Importance

Behind every divine incarnation of gods and goddesses, there are countless mythological tales explaining why divine beings incarnated and under which circumstances.

Among these tales, the one which is very interesting is related to the incarnation of the goddess Chinnamastika. The festival of Chinnamastika Jayanti is celebrated every year in Chaturdashi of Shukla Paksha during Vaishakh month.

On this day, the devotees gather in large numbers, offering reverential regard and prayers with utmost religious devotions to the deity. Mata Chinnamastika is one of the tenth divine forms of goddess Durga (known as Dashmahavidya). She is worshipped as the eight divine forms of Mata Durga. She destroyed the demonic forces to institutionalize peace and religion in the world. The reason why Chinnamastika gained such a name is related to the incident in which she beheaded herself. The bloodstreams that spewed from the severed head of the deity were drunk by two of her female attendants known as Dakini and Varnini to quench their thirst and hunger. Mata Chinnamastika is a famous divine being among Mahavidya deities (a group of ten Hindu deities). Her position among the order of Mahavidya deities is sixth.

While her divine appearance strikes fear in the hearts of many devotees, on the other hand, the very divine form of Chinnamastika is accepted as very useful and effectual for those who follow Tantra rituals. They get benefited from this divine form of Chinnamastika as their desires are fulfilled by the grace of the deity. It is believed that any devotee who worships deity Chinnamastika religiously and with staunch dedication attains the desired results in their life. Mata Chinnamastika is worshipped by devotees from India and other parts of the world. Due to its ferocious form, Mata Chinnamastika is also known as Chandi. Temples of goddess Chinnamastika, both in India and in foreign countries are decorated beautifully on Chinnamastika Jayanti. To be used in the decorations includes countless flowers of different hues, among many other things. Special puja is organised on Chinnamastika Jayanti, including Bhandara.

Puja Methods To Follow On Chinnamastika Jayanti

On Mata Chinnamastika Jayanti, wake up early in the morning, and the first sighting should be your own palms. Then offer your prayer to the earth before leaving the bed. After completing your daily routines (like attending the washroom, taking a bath, etc.), place all essential materials related to Chinnamastika Pujan at a sacred spot (Puja Ghar).

With water-filled Kalash in both hands, and keeping other Puja-related things in order, face eastward or northward and remember the divinity while performing the Achamana ritual three times. Thereafter, perform a self-purification ritual. Now take Sankalp for observing Mata Chinnamastika vrat (fast). Alternatively, a devotee can worship at the temple of Chinnamastika. Perform your puja with extreme dedication and devotions offered to Mata Chinnamastika. Offer your prayer and conclude the Puja.

The Significance Of Chinnamastika Jayanti

According to our mythological books, Mata Chinnamastika is none other than goddess Kali herself, who appeared to destroy the demons and protect the devotees. To subvert the demonic forces, such a ferocious form Mata Chinnamastika assumed that it accomplished the unprecedented, such as quenching the thirst of her female attendants with her own blood. That’s the mercy of Mata Chinnamastika, a giver of what a devotee wishes. When you worship goddess Chinnamastika, even the most difficult problems in your life get solved easily. Therefore, Chinnamastika Jayanti marks a very significant day to rid of sufferings, pains and sorrows in your life. It is a great remedial measure for winning the enemy and removing your life’s misery. On this day, Bhandara is also organised at many places. Devotees, on this day, read Durga Saptashati and recite Devi’s mantras to please goddess Chinnamastika.

Story Related To Goddess Chinnamastika

According to an ancient religious book, once goddess Parvati was taking bath in the Mandakini river. Her two female attendants suddenly got flinched and started to cry out of pain due to hunger. They begged mercy for their life to Devi Parvati. They chorused together, requesting the goddess to save them from their impending doom because of the extreme hunger they felt.

After listening to their prayer and heart-touching wail, Mata Parvati chopped off her head and placed it on her right hand. The bloodstreams sprouted from the severed head of deity Parvati flew in three directions, two of which went into the mouth of the female attendants while the last one went into the mouth of Parvati.

A fearsome appearance such as this wondered the gods who then rained down flowers on the unprecedented incarnation of Mata Parvati as Chinnamastika. The deity was hailed vigorously all over the universe. Since then, Chinnamastika Jayanti as an auspicious festival is being celebrated with great joy by staunch devotees. Though there are many temples of Mata Durga and Mata Kali in different parts of India and overseas, Chinnamastika temple is only in the state of Jharkhand. The vastness and grandeur of the temple are mesmerising.

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