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Astrological Analysis: Former RBI Chief (Governor) Raghuram Rajan

Astrological Analysis: Former RBI Chief (Governor) Raghuram Rajan

Date : November 5, 2017  |  Author : Astrologer Umesh

Former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan

Raghuram Rajan was as we know was appointed as a Governor of Reserve Bank of India by UPA government from September 2013 and after his tenure was over was replaced by New Governor Urjit Patel. Rajan was born in an affluent Tamil family. His father held the respectable position in intelligence bureau.

He is an IIT graduate from Delhi.  Rajan did his post-graduate diploma in Business Administration from IIM Ahmedabad in 1987. He was Gold medalist from IIM Ahmedabad and also has to his credit Gold medal from Directors at IIT Delhi. To add to his credit Rajan as the youngest ever became Economic Counselor and Director of Research (Chief economist) at the highly revered International Monetary Fund (IMF) from October 2003 to December 2006.  As a governor of RBI, he did an excellent job by bringing down retail inflation substantially.  He licensed two universal banks and eleven payment banks. Rajan as a financial economist took the risk to criticize USA financial system as early as the year 2000. He also warned concerned quarters about the pitfalls. Rajan proved right then in due course of time. Raghuram Rajan has with the passage of time gained the lot of experience about the systems work. Get your own horoscope analysis and effective solutions.

Not going into more details Pavitra Jyotish here tries to explore by way of Astrology what is in store for him in the ensuing year 2018. Since correct birth time is not available we here try to look at things by viewing and deliberating on his “Surya Kundli” as on February 3rd, 1963.

Astro highlights and conclusion were drawn

Former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan Horoscope

Sun in Capricorn is in degree close to hard taskmaster Saturn, ruler of Capricorn. This is a unique position. Both are in opposition to retrograde Mars and malefic shadow planet Rahu. All these positions are indicative of a strong personality Rajan is. Venus and Mercury together in Sagittarius allow him to think out of the box to achieve his objective. Exalted Moon drives him to conduct with due grace and kind of decency. At the same, he becomes kind of outspoken. Being outspoken at times is not taken kindly those in power. Perhaps this was the reason for not getting an extension.

The year 2018 is to prove quite eventful for Rajan. Noticeable is the movement of wily hard taskmaster Saturn 12th from the natal position of Sun and Saturn. This movement of Saturn delays recognition for all this master economist. Shadow planets Rahu –Ketu traverse through water sign Cancer and earth sign Capricorn respectively. Ketu crosses over the radical position of Sun and Saturn closely from mid of January does not sound well for his physical well being. Get your own horoscope analysis and effective solutions.

Most noticeable movement is Mars through Capricorn from around May to the beginning of November 2018. Exalted Mars in Capricorn is to push and prompt Rajan to express his view with due conviction to get acceptance. However, there is a possibility of getting injured unexpectedly. He needs to take due care in this regard. Here there seems good possibility of getting some important position to work upon. Rajan is to have kind of challenging time on the occupational front and also in personal life. Things do not seem to work well for him in personal and family life.

The most favorable movement for Rajan is that of dear Venus. From around August to end of the year 2018 Venus traverses through own sign Libra. This is tenth from the natal position of Sun. This is indicative of a strong possibility to get some coveted position, recognized worldwide. Maybe the recent talk about getting posted to work in the economy of USA become a reality. His work is to get applauds from all concerned quarters. His guess/prediction about future of world economy is to come absolutely correct. In past also he came correct about slowing down of world economy and running of USA financial system

Conclusively a very much progressive period for Raghuram Rajan coupled with new challenges to work upon. Pavitra Jyotish wishes Mr. Raguram Rajan Good Luck for his continued success.

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