Gauri Tritiya Vrat

Published On : June 27, 2022  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Gauri Tritiya Vrat And Puja

Not only one of the most important vrats and festivals, Gauri Tritiya is also the giver of utmost auspicious results. This vrat is dedicated to goddess, Mata Gauri, on Tritiya tithi. Goddess Gauri, the one giving motherly care to the world, is worshipped in many of her divine forms. The same deity also turns divine forms as Durga and Kali, and many other incarnations, to rescue the devotees from the evil forces endangering their peace, prosperity and good luck. The married women, adorned in the best of finery and ornamental attires, worship deity Gauri and lord Shiva, with auspicious puja-materials, to protect the lives of their husbands. This puja leads to betterment and prosperity to these devotees. The vrat is made accomplished with donations given to brahman priests. On the day of Gauri Tritiya, every married woman follows rituals associated with Gauri Tritiya Vrat. This vrat is celebrated on Shukla paksha of Chaitra month; meaning, Gauri Tritiya is a vrat that is observed on third day of Chaitra Shukla Paksha. The rituals mandate that the vrat must be observed with all sanctity, purity and self-restrains.

Gauri Tritiya Vrat And Puja Methods

ollow the rituals, like maintaining purity and self-restrain one day before the vrat. Wake up early in the morning, finish your daily routine like attending washroom etc. Collect puja related materials. Worship lord Shiva and Mata Gauri, with all devotions and sanctity. Or else, get the puja done by a learned priest. Conclude puja with donations made to brahman priests. Take their blessings. Offer your puja to the lord and deity, and beg pardon for any mistake done in the course of doing worship.

Story Of Gauri Tritiya Vrat

Once Lord Shiva, along with his wife, Mata Parvati, set out for a walk. On their way, they came across Narada. They saw some women were observing Gauri Tritiya vrat, with great devotions. They were also offering the blessings of prosperity and good luck. Pleased with their worships, Mata Gauri blessed them good luck. This delayed Mata Gauri somehow, something that the observant Lord Shiva understood, that the vrat was highly secret. Therefore, any woman, who observes this vrat secretly, can attain a husband full of longevity and prosperity. This vrat, since eons, has been treated as the protector of longevity of the husbands of the married women worshiping Mata Gauri. Even today, the popularity of Gauri Tritiya vrat continues unblemished.

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