Goddess Shailaputri – First Day of Navratri

Published On : March 16, 2017  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Know The First Form Of Mata Durga, Shailaputri

The origin of first goddess Shailaputri Day 1

Mother (Maa) Adi Shakti (Jagadamba) manifested for the betterment of the creation. Be it the slaying of cruel demons to save the celestial beings or removing pain, sorrow, agony, diseases, guilt from the human life. Mother Shailaputri is the epitome of kindness and auspiciousness. She is always ready to bless the devotees. Just by seeing her and performing the pooja, one can get the desired results. This is the reason that our ancient sages have time and again praised the glory of the goddess as the savior of humanity. For the same reason, sages started to celebrate Navratri twice a year for worshiping the glorious divine energy. Because of nine different forms of the goddess, she is referred as “Nav Durga Pujan” in many scriptures. The procedure of her worship continues for nine days. Among the divine forms of Durga, First Avtar Goddess Durga Shailaputri is the first form. The first form of the goddess is very auspicious. This is a very famous form of goddess Durga. It is said about her origin that she was born to king Himalaya hence she is known by the name “ Maa Shailaputri”. She rides a white bull as her vehicle. She holds trishula in the right hand and white lotus in the left hand. She is having a bright crescent moon on her forehead. She dispels sorrow and diseases of all her devotees. She is also known as Parvati, Shaia suta, Daksha suta, Hemavati and Shailaputri Chaitra Navaratri Durga Pooja, a golden opportunity for Durga devotees. Register today and get your free gifts. 

Procedure for Shaila Putri Pooja

Maa Durga First Avtar Shailaputri is the first form of goddess Durga. Her pooja should be done in accordance with the authentic scriptures. Hence one should gather the pooja material well in advance before the first Navratra. One should get up early in the morning and become clean after finishing the household works. Shodasha upachara pooja should be performed to the goddess with devotion. If possible, one should do recitation of Durga Saptashati or get it done by a learned priest. After the pooja and chanting, one should ask for forgiveness and complete the pooja process. Ashwin Navaratri, a golden opportunity for Durga devotees. Register today and get your free gifts. 

Ancient story of First Avtar of Goddess Durga Shailaputri

In the previous incarnation, she was the daughter of Daksha Prajapati. She was married to Lord Shiva himself. As per the puranic legend, Prajapati Daksha once conducted a great yajna in which he invited all his daughters and related pupil but did not invite Lord Shiva and Sati (parvati). Because Prajapati was unhappy with some of the qualities of Shiva. When the time arrived, all the gods and daughters of Daksha started reaching the place in their respective vehicles. By seeing these, Parvati asked Shiva about the same. Shiva explained the whole context in detail to his consort. From Shiva, she came to know that her father is organizing the event and she decided to go to the place. Shiva asked her not to go to such place without an invitation. Goddess replied that after all, Daksha was his father and urged Mahadeva to allow her to go. Shiva finally accepts her wish and sends along some of his Ganas with her. After reaching the venue, she found that her father has no respect for her and her husband. She was ignored and soon this news was spread in whole of the gathering about views of Daksha for Shiva and his daughter. As she came to know that her father does not want to allow her or her consort to participate in the yajna, she felt insulted and felt guilty about going back to her husband. She gave up her body in the divine fire herself. After seeing this terrifying incident, there was an outcry in the gathering. The Ganas of shiva, furious over the incident of Sati giving up her body, destroyed the whole of yajna. Daksha and many other gods had to face the wrath of Shiva’s anger. But goddess again incarnated in the house of Himalaya and got back Shiva as her consort by performing great penance. The goddess is also known as Shaila Suta, she is the wife of Lord Shiva who is the rider of bull. Just by remembering her, devotees feel blessed and their desires are fulfilled.Book Your 9 Days Durga Puja By PavitraJyotish

Mantra of Maa Shailaputri

There are different mantras of Goddess Shailaputri is given in various ancient scriptures for various purposes. Hence one should adopt a mantra as per the need and recite it with correct procedure and rules. Some important mantra for mother Sri Shaila Putri is given here:

ऐश्वर्यं यत्प्रसादेन सौभाग्यारोग्यसम्पदः।   शत्रुहानि परो मोक्षः स्तूयते सा न किं जनैः। ।

न तेषां जायते किंचिदशुभं रणसंकटे।   नापदं तस्य पश्यामि शोकदुःखभयं न हि। ।

aishvaryam yatprasadena saubhagyarogyasampadah |

shatruhani paro mokshah stuyate sa na kim janaih |

na tesham jayate kinchidashubham ranasankate |

napadam tasya pashyami shokaduhkhabhayam na hi |

Greatness of Devi Shailaputri

Though the greatness of Maa Durga first avtar Shailaputri is sung in the entire Saptashati, we are presenting with some of the portions here. Devi pleased with king Himalaya’s penance and agreed to incarnate on earth as his daughter. This story is quite famous in the Hindu puranas. Goddess is extremely fair in complexion and is seated on a white bull. “O Goddess! Thou are the daughter of Himalaya and consort of great Shiva himself! Please grant me beauty, grant me victory, give me glory and destroy my enemies like lust, anger, greed etc.”

“Om, all the Devatas approached Jagadamba and asked her, “O Great goddess! Who are you? What is your real form?”

Goddess answered thus, “I am verily the supreme Parabrahman. I create this world, composed of Prakriti and Purusha. I am both `Ananda’ (bliss) and `Anananda’ (sorrow). I am both `Vijnana’ (science) as well as `Avijnana’ (ignorance). I am the Brahman that everyone should know and also the illusion. I am both Panchikrita and Apanchikrita Mahabhuta, I am the entire visible world!” I am knowledge (vidya) as well as ignorance (avidya). I am there in all the directions.

“I wonder as that of Rudra and Vasus. I also wonder in the form of Adityas and Vishve Devas. I nourish (safeguard) Mitra, Indra, Varuna, Agni and Ashwini gods. I have Devatas like Soma, Poosha, Tvashta, and Bhaga in me. I hold in myself, Prajapati, Brahma, and Vishnu.

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