Goddess Siddhidatri – Ninth Day Of Navratri

Published On : March 23, 2017  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Divine Value And Importance Of Goddess Siddhidatri

The emergence of the ninth goddess Maa Siddhidatri

For destroying the cruelty of evil demons on the earth and for the welfare of the whole of humanity, Goddess Durga descended on earth as her ninth form of Sri Siddhidatri. This form of the goddess is the epitome of completeness and prosperity. She is the suppressor of all the demons and giver of desired fruits to her devotees. Goddess Durga had killed all the egoistic demons between the first and the ninth day of the Navratri by taking various forms. As a result, all the auspicious tasks of humans and devatas gets accomplished. Hence this form of the goddess is popularly known as Siddhi-Daatri in the world. For fulfillment of all the desires and efforts of both humans and celestial beings, Goddess Siddhidatri had manifested on an auspicious day. She is the giver of liberation and is the most auspicious. Because she is the giver of the highest goal of the human life (salvation) she is considered as Siddhidatri and is worshiped in this form. She is a four-armed goddess, in the upper right hand she holds a chakra and lower right hand is contained in mace. In the upper left hand she holds a conch and in the lower left hand, she holds a lotus flower. She has a divine garland around her neck. She is seated on a lotus altar. She has accepted the lion as her main vehicle. Goddess is the dispeller of obstacles, pains, diseases, sorrow, and fears. She is the one who readily blesses her devotees with abundance. Ashwin Navaratri Durga Puja, a golden opportunity for Durga devotees. Register today and get your free gift. 

Worship procedure for goddess Sri Siddhidatri

The ninth divine form of supreme goddess Sri Durga is known and venerated in the world by the name of Siddhidatri. One must worship goddess Siddhidatri especially on the ninth day of the Navaratri Nav Durga Pujan. Her worship is not only done by humans but also devas, daityas, and celestial Gandharvas throughout the universe. Her worship broadens the paths towards divine powers and Nava-nidhis (treasures). Hence wise men should worship her in a proper manner with faith and love for the betterment of their families. Rules for the pooja will be same as before. One must try to follow chastity and also celibacy to the best of one’s abilities. Pooja material will be same as those mentioned in the previous articles. Apart from that, there is a special tradition of offering fragrant flowers and in the naivedyam (eatable offerings) one should offer kheer and halwa and one should also offer a coconut during the pooja. After the detailed poojan one should also try to perform a havan (fire ritual). After this, one must invite and worship nine girl children (one for every form of goddess Durga) along with a boy child. They must be served well with delicious food and gifts as per one’s capacity. After doing this, one must faithfully conclude the poojan. This gives one the desired results and overall success. With the motherly grace of the goddess, the devotee leads a happy and peaceful life.Book Your 9 Days Durga Puja By PavitraJyotish

Story of Sri Siddhidatri as per the Puranas

Throughout the Puranic literature, we find many instances related to goddess Sri Siddhidatri. There are some important instances given in Durga Saptashati. Because of the power of this goddess one gets success, wealth, and prosperity in the lift. One is also able to remove the rifts of the family and enhances love and affection in the family. Hence one must understand that she is the omnipresent power of the universe. In one of the stories, the goddess herself reveals to the demon that who else exists in this world except me? All the forms of the goddess are verily me and they enter back in me. Forms of goddesses like Brahmani etc. then merged into the body of goddess Ambika. Then the only one remained was Sri Ambika. It was only me who manifested into many forms with my grandeur and power and they merged back in me. Now I am standing alone on the battlefield, now you also get ready for the battle. Then a great battle started between the goddess and demon Shumbha and also between devas and demons. Sages said that when great demon Shumbha was approaching near the goddess, she took her trident and pierced his chest after which he fell down. With this mighty attack, he was killed. When he fell on the ground he shook all the mountains, islands, oceans, and the entire earth. After the death of this demon, the whole world was happy and stable again, the sky also started to appear clearly than before.  The disastrous events such as rains and meteorite showers were then immediately stopped. After the death of Shumbha, the rivers also started flowing back in their natural course. Ashwin Navaratri, a golden opportunity for Durga devotees. Register today and get your free gift. 

Mantra of Devi Siddhidatri

We come across several mantras related to the goddess, out of these some are considered as major ones which are potent and capable of granting desired results. With constant sadhana, one can certainly achieve the blessings of the divine goddess and finally attain moksha (liberation).  Important mantra

सर्वभूता यदा देवी स्वर्गमुक्तिप्रदायिनी।  त्वं स्तुता स्तुतये का वा भवन्तु परमोक्तयः ।।

Sarva-bhuta yadi devi bhukti-mukti-pradayini |

Tvam stuta stutaye kava bhantu paramoktayah ||

Significance of goddess Sri Siddhidatri

This is one of the most auspicious worship among all the deities. With the power of worship, one can achieve anything he wants. Apart from granting success and powers, she is very well known for saving devotees from diseases and fears and making life more positive and meaningful. Hence devotees should worship her with a positive mindset. Not only humans, but she is always venerated by devas, danavas, manus, and the Gandharvas too. There is a special significance of her for those wishing for prosperity. While singing the glory of the goddess, many celestial devatas said “O Devi! You are the dispeller of pains of those who take refuge in you.  Kindly grace us with your motherly affection always. O Vishveshwari! Please protect the worlds. Devi! You are the empress of the whole universe. You are the only base of this universe because you are the one whose energy manifests as the earth and other planets. Your heroism is unexplainable. You are the one who nourishes the world in the form of water. You are the mighty powerful form of Sri Vaishnavi. O, Goddess Para! You are the very source of this creation. Devi! You have mesmerized the whole world as a part of your divine plan. With your grace, you bestow the noble devotees with final liberation”.

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