Hartalika Teej Vrat

Published On : July 12, 2022  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Hartalika Teej Vrat And Its Importance

This is one of the most auspicious vrats and givers of good luck in Hindu religion. It makes this religious and pious land of ours more simplified, effect of which causes manifestation of desired and propitious results to the devotees. Here, the sacred water of sin-remover rivers, Ganga and Yamuna are providing relief to the mankind from their sorrows by quenching their desires. Moreover, these rivers bring to devotees the most favorable divine results when they take a bath in these rivers on any festival and vrat seasons. While every male and female being spares on pains in safeguarding their happiness and good luck, on the other hand, women folks are never on the backfoot when it comes to protecting the lives of their husbands by indulging in karmic rituals of puja and vrat. In this order, there is this vrat called Hartalika Teej, very important which involves worshipping Mata Gauri and Lord Shiva as the foremost divine beings. The worship of whole Shiva family is conducted religiously, apart from doing puja of other deities. This vrat is observed mostly by women folk, to protect their husbands’ lives, as well as firstly, they get a desired boon, and secondly, they attain longevity. Besides, married women, they unmarried ones also conduct this vrat, which helps fulfill their goal of having a healthy life partner, who can responsibly perform domestic responsibilities, and successfully achieves in pursuit of wealth, salvation and other deeds expected from their inherent masculinity. This because one cannot have an eligible life partner without exercising some religious deeds and dharmas. Hartalika Teej vrat is celebrated on Tritiya of Shukla paksha during Bhadrapada month every year. This time, it is to be celebrated on August 21, 2020, on Friday. This vrat is celebrated by Hindu communities in India and those living in other nations following Hindu religions and festivals. In other words, women wishing to achieve happiness observe this vrat without drinking even a water and eating a food, the whole day! Ritual of this type is what makes following this vrat more difficult, considering this vrat solidifies and thrives the sanctity of marital samskara. The sanctity and sweetness of Indian samskara is famous worldwide. Our wonderful and interesting mythological details cite the references of marital samskara of our Trident divine beings. The story of Hartalika Teej vrat also revolves around the marital sanctity of Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati. Therefore, this vrat and its effects eliminate sins of men and women, committed intentionally or intentionally.

Puja Methods For Hartalika Teej Vrat

This vrat is observed by unmarried ladies. However, even married women observe this vrat to protect good luck of their husbands. Meaning, both married and unmarried women can do this vrat. The most important thing is to follow rules and self-control, thus making this vrat more difficult to observe. The reason is, this vrat which women do with utmost trust and reverence, is not less than a conduct similar to hard meditation and sacrifice. On the night of Dwitiya, devotees have to give up on non-vegetarian diets and follow sanctity and celibacy. They use toothbrush of Mahua tree, and tooth powder, thus certifying that no grain of food could enter into mouth. Otherwise, if any grain of food is found in the mouth next day, this would mean suspending the vrat then and there. Hence, the devotees make sure that these rituals are properly followed. Married women doll up in a variety of ornamental fineries, while unmarried women dress up in simple finery as permissible in their religion. No fruit, food etc. is allowed to be taken in this vrat, unless devotee complete puja of Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati consistent with the mandatory rules. Once the puja is done, they can drink as much water as they could in a single breath on daybreak/dawn. Please remember, water is mandated to be taken once, not twice. Devotees must remember the names of the lord, spend time without eating, and conduct puja after collecting all puja-related essentials. Offer auspicious objects to Mata Parvati, such as fruits, sweets, and donate money to brahman priests. Listen to the story of the vrat, attend Arti, and beg pardon to Lord for any mistake. Touch the feet of brahman priests, given them donations and foods to make your vrat successful. Next morning, end your vrat on Chaturthi tithi by eating some foods.

Story Of Hartalika Teej Vrat

A popular story about this vrat suggests that when Mata Parvati was born to her parent, Himanchal, she decided to marry none other than Lord Shiva. However, it was very difficult to convince Shiva to become her husband. Therefore, she observed extremely hard vrat by adhering to all rules, self-control and rituals. her penance created much hue and cry in all over the heavenly kingdoms of gods, including the fact that it also swayed the throne of Lord Shiva. Gods took hard tests of allegiance of Parvati’s vrat and she fared well in all of the tests. On being asked to ask for a boon, she expressed her desire to marry with Lord Shiva. Later, the grand marriage of Mata Parvati with Lord Shiva took place. The moral of this story is, every married female devotee, who desires good luck of their husband, must follow Hartalika Teej vrat with proper rituals and devotions.

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