Importance and Role of Saturn (Shani) Transit in Vedic Astrology Predictions

Published On : November 3, 2016  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Know What Saturn Can Do As Predicted In Vedic Astrology

Importance and Role of Saturn (Shani) Transit in Vedic Astrology Predictions

The natal astrology (i.e. astrology based on the natal chart which is the chart drawn for the date/time/place of birth) provides the permanent features of various aspects of the life of the native (the individual for whom the chart is drawn). These features are distributed over one’s lifetime through the Dasa/bukthi system. But the transit results of the planets finally modify the pattern of how it spans out. Hence the transit results are the final focus point on which the actual events get triggered.

Moon sign of a chart is called as Janma Rashi and the nakshatra in which the Moon is placed at the time of birth is known as Janma Nakshatra.  The effects of planets caused by their transitory motion with reference to Janma Rasi are generally called Gochara Phala or Planetary Transit results. Get your Personalized Transit Report Saturn.

Any action of a human being is prompted by the mind.  The moon represents mind.  This is the prime reason for considering moon sign for Gochara results.  But it may be mentioned here that the transit results are also seen with reference to birth Lagna in some places including Sri Lanka.

The planetary position at the time of birth signifies the strength and inherent features of various aspects of life that is in store for the native. But the trigger, therefore, happens in Transit of Planets.

Planet Saturn in Astrology represents employment (read as slavery) longevity of the native, fear, poverty, laborer, laboring workers, bodily efforts, diseases, minerals, oil, servants, very old people, lame, beggars, sorrows etc.

Why personalized Saturn Transit results?

You may find several free reports on the internet about the transit of Planet Saturn.  One has to understand that for Saturn there is vital in 12th, 9th and 5th houses. i.e. if Planet Saturn is in these houses and some other planets are there in 3rd, 6th, and 11th houses, the bad results of Planet Saturn in the former set of houses will get canceled.  Therefore you have to see how the Saturn transit is going to give results for you by impacting the transit results with reference to other planets that may be in the vedai position in your natal chart.  The general transit results that you see in free internet reports are unlikely to be of any user based on which you can take /plan action.  Movement of Saturn carries much importance on various aspects of life. Get your Personalised Saturn Transit Report By PavitraJyotish

Case Study:

Let us take the case of a person who is born on 17.10.1969 at 17.10 hrs in Delhi. The natal chart and the transit chart when Saturn moved into Scorpio (the 12th from Rasi for the native) on 3.11.2014 at 22.00 hrs is given below.

Lagna Kundali - Case Study Saturn Transit Effects

In order to study in greater depth, the navamsa kundali (natal), as well as the navamsa ( transit) at 22.00 hrs on 03.11.2014, is given below.

Navamansha Kundali - Case Study Saturn Transit Effects

It may be observed that for this native at the time of previous Saturn transit in Nov. 2014 Saturn entered 12th from Moon sign.  It was the start of the Sade Sati for him. The general prediction based on the moon sign (not personalized) read as under:

“With Planet Saturn transiting to your twelfth house, the first phase of your Sade Sati starts now. The first phase of sade sati affects your mind, brain to the maximum extent. This will create a lot of stress and anxieties in life for you.”

Horoscope Reading the generalized report, the native who was already overstressed in the employment and also carried a grouse that he was not being considered for overseas assignment when his juniors had all gone on overseas assignment was about to resign the job but was persuaded by his spouse to take a personalized Saturn transit.  When the personalized transit was analyzed, it was clear that the negative effects as predicted in the free reports will not happen due to the effect of other planets in vedai position.  He was told that there was a distinct possibility of moving to a foreign country on an “on-site” assignment.  The person who was about to resign from the present employment as he was not getting any overseas assignment was persuaded by his spouse to continue for some more time as the personalized transit report was quite contrary to the general free report. Instead of bad results predicted in the generalized report, the personalized report indicated that the transit can give an overseas assignment.  The predicted  overseas assignment indeed eventuated and the native is still continuing in the “on-site” assignment abroad  with very good pay and perks and relatively peaceful life compared to what he was having here (if he had resigned in the middle age on impulse he could well have been out of job now)

Hence it is necessary that we should see specific and personalized Saturn transit report rather than just go by free internet reports which are only based on the moon sign without taking into account the individual’s natal chart.

In addition to the positive aspects of the transit, the personalized report will also caution any specific period when we are accident prone which is known in advance, will help in taking necessary precautions.

By PavitraJyotish.com Team

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