Importance and Significance of Horoscope and Astrology

Published On : December 24, 2016  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Learn The Key Values Of Horoscope And Astrology

The Relationship Between Horoscope and Humans

Importance and Significance of Horoscope and Astrology. Similar to the twelve zodiacs of the sky, we have twelve houses in the horoscopes. Birth chart (horoscope) is a celestial map of the sky (planetary positions) during that specific time at a given place.This horoscope is a chart of twelve boxes which are also called as “houses”. These are also referred as “Bhava” in the Hindu astrology.

Importance and Significance of Horoscope

In the Horoscope, the favorable and unfavorable events of an individual are indicated based on the Planetary Transits positions at the time of birth.  The nature of horoscope, a method of prediction, and indications of good and bad are highly diverse in different cultures and countries of the world. The pleasant happenings of the life, mishaps, fortunes, mother, father, siblings, progeny and spouse-related questions can be analyzed from the horoscope. Questions pertaining to the marriage timing, favorable periods of life, struggling phases of life, approximate time of death etc. can also be addressed with the help of horoscope.  Get your Personalised Horoscope Reading By PavitraJyotish

History of Horoscope

The present method of predictive astrology based on the twelve houses of the birth chart based on the zodiacs is not mentioned in the traditional Indian Vedic Astrology. But in the Atharva branch of Vedic astrology contains the core elements of this method from the ancient times. In this, the 27 constellations (Nakshatras) of the Zodiac are divided into 9 parts and these are further divided into 3 constellations each in each part. Among these, the first constellation is taken as a birth constellation, the tenth constellation is the profession constellation, and the 19th constellation is the “adhan” nakshatra.

Horoscope and Predictive Astrology

Predictive Astrology is a science in which the positive and negative effects of planets and constellations on humans and Earth are studied in detail. The yogic meaning of the word “Jyotisha” is the discipline that is related to the planets and constellations. However, from this word, Mathematics (Siddhanta) is also understood. But generally, people associate Astrology with the predictive approach only.

Problem-Solving with Horoscopes

Who doesn’t want happiness, peace, love, and success in life? But it is seen that people have money but lack peace, have love but lack money, lack of success despite wholehearted efforts. Is there any remedy for these? We come across many competent people who do not get what they deserve, on the other hand, there are people who lack caliber but are very successful. What is the real reason behind this? Know definitive Astrological Solutions for all your problems.

In the above article, we have tried to provide you with brief and pointwise information about the birth chart (horoscope). We hope that you would have got some rudimentary knowledge on horoscope and about solving of critical issues of life from the above information.  Through Pavitra Jyotish Kendra, you can also know about detailed information on your horoscope and a precise, certain solution for your problems. Call Astrologer For Detailed Analysis based on individual charts, you can get the Horoscope Reading here.

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