Indian National Congress Horoscope

Published On : May 22, 2019  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Know About Indian National Congress In Our Astrological Analysis

About Indian National Congress

The Indian National Congress is a broadly based political party in India founded in 1885 in an era of the British Empire in Asia and Africa. Post-1920, the party flourished with Mahatma Gandhi at the helm as a chief leader of the Indian Independence Movement. Congress party follows the doctrine of secularism and has on its social democratic platform the centre-left of Indian politics. It is adherent to the Gandhian norm of Sarvodaya that literally translates – uplifting all sections of society. As outlined, the doctrine that the party follows is social democracy that advocates liberty, justice, secularism, and welfare of the individuals. The constitutional principle or ideal of the party is democratic socialism. Post the independence of India, the Congress party set up a central government as well as regional state governments. Being the most powerful and dominant political entity in India, its contribution to all the 15 general elections as of 2015, the victory by an outright majority on six occasions and forming the coalition government four times and being the head of central government for 49 years is an impressive portfolio of the party. As of today, the national president of the Congress party is Rahul Gandhi son of Sonia Gandhi. It is in power in the states like Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Rajasthan.

Indian National Congress Foundation Date is as per given below:

Foundation Date: January 02, 1978, Foundation Day: Monday, Foundation Time: 12:00:00, Foundation Place: Delhi, Delhi, India

Horoscope Congress party Chart PavitraJyotish

Astrological Analysis of Congress Party Chart

Astrological Details of Kundli: When the Congress party founded Pisces Zodiac Sign rising was going on. The ascendant Lord Jupiter is placed in the 4th house i.e. in Kendra or Quadrant in retrograde condition. The natal Jupiter is aspected by Sun and Venus. Venus is combusted, Saturn and Jupiter are retrograde and Mars is debilitated and retrograde. Natal Moon is in Virgo in the constellation of Hasta. Sun is Digbala in the chart. Congress Party is passing through Jupiter major period and sub period of Venus ruling till September, 2019. Jupiter is a functional benefic planet whereas Venus is considered as a functional malefic planet. The chart is also going through Shani Dhaiya and it is also known as Dasama Shani. Jupiter is passing through the 9th house of destiny and over your natal Mercury and this transit of Jupiter deems to be auspicious. Saturn is passing over the natal Sun and Venus and transiting Saturn is influencing the natal Moon therefore the transit of Saturn is challenging and negative for the Party. Rahu and Ketu are passing through the 4th and 10th house axis and it is the Gemini Zodiac Sign and Sagittarius axis of the horoscope.Get Your 5 Years Predictions By PavitraJyotish

Strength/ Yogas in Horoscope Chart:

According to the birth chart planet Sun is placed in the 10th house of the Indian National Congress Horoscope. (Get directional strength). Though you will try your best and put maximum effort you will receive minimum gain. In order to achieve success you will have to put in a lot of hard work or effort. You will have an intellectual appetite for learning. The position of Sun in the 10th house would mean favourite of rulers, affluent and cheerful, dutiful son, name, fame and position in life and powerful parents. If eclipsed by Rahu-it eclipses political career, makes one extremist and independent and daring, there will be lot of opposition, abrupt ending and your mind will be restless.

The ruler of the 9th house in the 5th house: It is considered as one of the finest possible placements, as a dharma lord occupies a dharma house and a trikona lord occupies a trikona house. Lucky , fortunate, wealthy, blessed with divine grace, knowledge of scriptures and mantras, wise, performs good deeds highly spiritual or religious, philosophical, great wealth from investments, gets good guru, lucky in obtaining knowledge. Wealthy, powerful, and long lived.

Gaja Kesari Yoga: This is an auspicious yoga in the birth chart. This yoga bestows wealth, luck and overall prosperity and knowledge. This yoga also protects one and eradicates any adverse effect of other malefic planets in the chart.

Parakrama Yoga: The 3rd house lord is in a benefic Navamsha sign conjunct or aspected by benefics, and Mars is placed in a benefic sign (original source unknown). Great courage is bestowed upon the individual.

Bharathi Yoga: The lord of the Navamsha sign occupied by the lord of the 2nd is exalted and combined with or is the 9th house lord (original source unknown). The person is a world famous and reputed scholar, religious, with love for music and romance, very attractive and possesses bewitching eyes. 

General Analysis of Horoscope Chart

The Rahu Ketu Transit over the natal Venus, Jupiter and Sun indicates negative period for the party where the party morale may get affected. Saturn’s transit is going to create confusion among party members and also the party may become rudderless. The party is likely to face the reality and there will be myriad challenges in front of the party to douse the grouse of dissidents. The transit of Jupiter is in favour therefore it may help the party to garner a few votes and also the anti-incumbency factors will work in favour of the party. In mundane astrology, the 10th house governs leadership and ruler and the transit of Saturn over the natal Sun indicates some issues or trouble with the same. The party’s policies will be questioned and also the party may face discontent within which will be hard to control. Saturn’s transit will automatically reduce the significance of the 10th house and it may act as dampener and spoilsport the efforts and initiatives of Congress party in particular.

Analysis of Current General Election 2019

We have witnessed the just concluded 17th Lok Sabha election and election had been conducted in seven phases across India. Every Indian is waiting with bated breath to see whether Congress can topple the current Bharatiya Janata Party government in power and form the next government. People of India are concerned about the good governance and corruption-less leaders. Congress has too many pies in hand to tackle. It is the question of raising the bar and pouring the damn squib into BJP’s party. The party will be at crossroads and dynasty system of ruling will not go down well with some section of people in India. Party has to prove that they are the perfect alternative in lieu of BJP. Shani Dhaiya does not augur well for the party plus the transit of Rahu and Ketu will act as very challenging for the Congress party to form the next government even if the party pulls up the last minute surprise. Due to the positive transit of Jupiter through the chart of the party there is no doubt that some votes will increase and in a few states the party will do well and also there will be increase in vote tally however it will be daunting task for the party to reach close to the magic figure of 272 as BJP is likely to steal the thunder once again and formation of next government will remain elusive to Congress.

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