Jupiter Information and Astrological Facts

Published On : August 7, 2018  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Jupiter: The King of planets

Jupiter, King Of Planets is the biggest planet in our solar system. Its average diameter is 1.39,822 km. It can encompass about 11 earth in a straight line.  The individual mass of Jupiter is many times higher than the mass of all the planets combined. From the Sun, it is placed in the fifth spot after Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. Because of its gaseous composition, the Jupiter is a giant gaseous planet in the category of Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. These planets are also referred to as gaseous planets. On the contrary, planets like Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars have a composition of solid materials to a larger extent.

Jupiter (Brihaspati) has been identified by humans since very ancient times. Because of this reason, there is a mention of Jupiter in most of the civilizations in human history. In the Indus Valley, Babylon, Roman, Chinese, Japanese, and Greek civilizations to he was either referred to as a God or his glory is expounded in a great manner. Following are some important facts about the giant planet:

Jupiter Guru Transit Report

Data Values
Distance from the Sun 77.83 Million Km
Eccentricity 0.0484
Orbital period 11.862 years
Synodic period 398.88 days
Orbital speed 13.07 km/second
Number of satellites 63
Equatorial radius 71,492 km(11.209 Earths)
Polar radius 66,854 km(10.517 Earths)
Flattening 0.06487
Surface area 6.14×1010 sq. km.
Volume 1.43128×1015  cubic km
Mass 1.8986×1027 kg (317.8 Earths)
Mean density 1.326 g/cm3
Sidereal rotation period 9 hours 55 minutes 30 seconds
Equatorial rotation velocity 12.6 km/sec or 45300 km/h


Average surface temperature             152 K

Life on Jupiter:

There is no expectancy of any life on Jupiter because the amount of water in its atmosphere is almost negligible. The solid crust of Jupiter will be under so much pressure of the gases that it is impossible for life to survive there

Jupiter observation:

Jupiter (after Sun, Moon, and Venus) is the fourth brightest body in the sky. However, due to positions and different angles, sometimes Mars also appears brighter than Jupiter. Jupiter is generally brightest when he is placed in opposition (placed in the seventh sign) from the Sun. This is because the distance is closest to the Earth. Even in retrograde motion, Jupiter appears bright. During this time its brightness reaches -2.9 magnitudes. During its orbital path, when Jupiter reaches near the Sun, its brightness is reduced to -1.6 magnitude because of the long distance from the Earth. During this period the Jupiter moves in the direct motion and gets combusted as it reaches very close to the Sun. When the distance is lesser from the earth, its angular diameter reaches around 47.1 degrees. Whereas the angular diameter is only about 306 degrees when the distance is longer from the Earth.

Jupiter completes one full rotation around the Sun in about 4332.589 days (about 11.862 years) whereas the Earth finishes one rotation in only 365.2564 days. Thus, the Earth reaches the Jupiter in about 398.88 days itself. This very period of 398.88 days is known as the synodic period of the Jupiter. In this time frame only the events like Jupiter-Sun conjunction, combust, retrograde-direct motion etc. are repeated. For example, Jupiter went into the retrograde motion on 4th March 2006 and after 396 days, and got combusted on 11th December 2007. Due to the eccentricity of the orbits of Earth and Jupiter, events like conjunction-opposition, combust-rise, retrograde-direct etc. are repeated hence there comes a difference of 2-3 days in the synodic period.  Get your personalized transit report of Jupiter and also your can Guru Puja will provide you with all the details about the growth along with suggestions and solutions.Book Your Comprehensive Personalised Career Report By PavitraJyotish

The significance of Brihaspati: An Introduction

A broad forehead is considered as a mark of good fortunes and a bright, prominent forehead is considered to be related to the Jupiter. Brihaspati has his authority on important aspects of life such as education, marriage, progeny, religion, wealth, charity. The person satisfied with the above aspects will certainly be a fortunate man. In an ancient scripture, there is a verse which says that Lord Brahma created two paddles named Brihaspati and Shukra to cross the miseries and pains of this world in the boat of life. With the help of these, an individual can reach the opposite shore by crossing the sea in the form of imperfections. The significator of auspiciousness and satvika qualities is Deva Brihaspati himself. On those people who get the blessings of guru and have the good effect of Jupiter are generally kind, philanthropic, the door of their duties, contented, and followers of principles and laws. Jupiter has the ownership of the signs Sagittarius and Pisces which draws a picture of two aspects of Lord Brihaspati. An archer aiming his target with his bow and arrows, self-confidence, is a symbol of hope and capacity of achieving the targets. Whereas the swimming fish in the water is the symbol of calm yet constantly effortful, not getting affected easily, and complete surrender. Sage Parashara has described the image of Brihaspati as a patient, serious, thinker, and a treasure of knowledge. He holds the prestigious position of guru, Acharya of the gods and also their priest. He gives them right advice and warns them from going astray from the right path. Helps them to not go on their sanskaras and time and again gives them the message of the Vedas and Shastras. These are the main duties of deva guru Brihaspati. A positive placement of Jupiter in the chart makes one a teacher or a guru. A guru who gives the righteous teachings and inspires his pupil on the path of truth and morality. There are so much depth and meaning in his words that everyone gets compelled to believe and accept him. Wisdom, meditation, spirituality, pilgrimage etc. are all possible by the grace of Sri Brihaspati.

Lord Shiva happily granted the boon to Brihaspati to attain the position of Devaguru and also of a planet. Lord Shiva is the actual source of Neeti, Dharma, and Veda etc. In the Puranas, there is mention that during the creation, Lord Brahma created Neeti Shastra which was later briefed by Lord Shiva. This was later known as Baarhaspatya Neetishastra. In astrological fact, Jupiter is granted additional fifth and ninth aspect along with the seventh. Because Jupiter is the minister, his full aspect of key areas like good education and moral, religion is very essential. Dharma and neeti are the essential subjects of deva guru Sri Brihaspati. In Mahabharata, Lord Brihaspati while explaining the core secrets of religion said that Dharma is the only way to establish peace on this earth.

na tat parasya samdadhyat pratikulam yadatmanah|
esha samkshepato dharmah kamandayah pravartate||

 It means that the words which are unpleasant to us should not be uttered for others too. In the Indian Astrology fact, the main significance of Jupiter is related to religion and morality. Thus he is also known for charity and benevolence. In relation to social work and charity, there is a mention in the Barhaspatya Neetishastra that three types of donations are the best viz. donation of cows, land, and wisdom (teaching). These are capable of liberating one from all sins and miseries.

trinyahuratidanani gavah prrithvi sarasvati|
tarayanti hi dataram sarvat papadasamshayam||

Even though duties and commitments are usually related to Saturn, dutifulness and loyalty are the subjects of Jupiter. Lord Brihaspati himself demonstrated heights of duty and loyalty which are narrated as an interesting story in Sri Harivamsha Purana. Rahu’s daughter Prabha was married to Aayu. Among her five sons, King Raji was very courageous and powerful. In the battle of Devas and Asuras, Lord Brahma announced that the side which is supported by King Raji would win, he also spoke that on the side which King Raji will stand will also have Dhriti. When there will be Dhriti, there will also be Lakshmi. When Dhriti and Lakshmi meets will certainly be the place of Dharma. There the Dharma will be victorious. When both Devas and Danavas approached King Raji and prayed for his support, King Raji put forward a conditional support proposal. He made a proposal that if he stands by the Devas then after the victory he should be given the position of Indra. Hearing this, Lord Indra immediately accepted it happily and said that King Raji was like his own son. Eventually, the Devas were victorious but after King Raji attained Brahmaloka, his sons repeatedly attacked the yajnas and made Lord Indra weaker due to fewer parts of yajnas would reach him. Hence Lord Indra came and requested Sri Brihaspati to help him get rid of the son of Raji. In order to help Lord Indra, Guru Brihaspati created delusions in the mind of Raji’s sons by creating such a Shastra which is full of atheistic views and facts. It created aversion towards religion in the mind of Raji’s sons. This is one of the most special Shastra created by Sri Brihaspati which is based completely on logic and arguments. Raji’s sons got into delusion and went astray from the path of religion and eventually got defeated. Lord Indra got back his kingdom and glory as well. In the Uttara kalamrita of Sri Kalidasa, he has also linked dutifulness and sincerity as the significator of Jupiter. The above story demonstrates that Sri Brihaspati, for the sake of his duty, the guru of devas created the Shastra which actually contains immorality and injustice. If the position of Jupiter is not good in the chart, the person runs away from his duties and usually crosses his limits.Get Your Love and Marriage Prospects By PavitraJyotish

Sacrifice is the quality expected from a guru. Jupiter is the best and foremost example for this. Chandra abducted Brihaspati’s wife Tara and Budha was born as a result. After Brihaspati was insisted by the gods, he not only forgives Chandra but also made a proposal to accept Budha as his own son. This was the epitome of selflessness and tolerance. Those people who have Jupiter in a good position in their charts show traits of selflessness, righteousness, humility, and patience

Even though there is a belief in the Vedic astrology that Mercury is the significator of speech; oratory skills are related to the Jupiter alone. In Vedic Astrology texts there is a mention that speech will be better if Mercury is in a stronger position but for meaningful and impactful speech, there is also a need for Brihaspati to be stronger. If Mercury is stronger but Jupiter is weaker; the person will talk a lot but it will have much meaningfulness. In Uttara Kalamrita, great poet Kalidasa claims that amusing the audiences is directly related to the Jupiter. Hence, scholasticism and logical speech can be only given to the native by a strong Jupiter in the natal chart. In epic Mahabharata, Pitamaha Bhishma has described Sri Brihaspati as the lord of speech, wisdom, intellect and very benevolent in nature.

vakta brrihaspatimsamo na hyanyo vidyate kvachit|

At 20 degrees Southeast from start Rohini, there is a star Lubdhak, which is known as Rudra. At the distance of 15 degrees towards north from Lubdhak, there is another bright star called Lubdhak bandh. These both stars are also believed to be as Brihaspati. In Shatapatha Brahmana there is a mention that Lord Brihaspati resides even beyond Lord Indra.

brrihaspatih purveshamuttamom bhavati indra uttaresham prathamah|

Brihaspati is the guru because he shows the righteous path with the light of wisdom. Jupiter is a satvika planet which gives one the strength to stand with the truth and honesty.

Muhurta and Jupiter:

The existence of Jupiter in Vedic astrology is not only established today but also constantly growing and expanding. In smallest and biggest tasks astrology is used in a lesser or larger way. In this, there is a significant contribution of Muhurta branch of astrology. Ever increasing demand of Muhurta astrology for socio-religious and political events has compiled the scholars to seriously study and do more research in this branch of Astrology.

Muhurta is also affected by various means of time calculations which cause some minute differences in the appropriate time frame. Just as the competency of the chart is largely enhanced by placement of auspicious planets like Moon, Venus, Jupiter etc. in the auspicious houses of the chart like Kendra or Trikona, similarly the strength of a Muhurta is also based on the auspicious planets and their placements in the given time.

Jupiter- Venus and the moon are the major aspects of a successful muhurta. For the success of any auspicious muhurta, it is essential for these three planets to be in good strength along with their placement in the auspicious houses.

When these planets (Jupiter, Venus, Moon) are weaker i.e. combust, all types of auspicious ceremonies have to be avoided. But the importance of Jupiter in muhurta is by no means lesser than the moon.

In marriage and related ceremonies, the position of Moon is usually seen for both bride and the groom. However, for the bride, the transit of Jupiter is especially seen from the moon sign or based on the birth chart. This is given very high importance during the marriage.

The beauty of the married bride is not fully enhanced even by spending millions for makeup and jewelry if there is no sindoor or kumkum on the forehead. Just a pinch of vermilion or kumkum on the forehead alone is capable of enhancing the beauty which cannot be compared even to the accessories worth millions.

In Indian tradition, women have considered as a goddess. “yatra naaryastu pujyante ramante tatra devataa” which means that the deities reside at the place where women are worshiped. There are some commonly used accessories for enhancing the beauty of the woman such as anklets, rings in the foot fingers, bangles in the wrists, mangal sutra in the neck, kumkum on the forehead, tied hair, and Vermillion in the upper forehead which were discovered by wise men. But for wearing these, there is a condition that the husband should be alive. Because for the protection of the beauty of the bride, the life of the bride, and position of the bride it is necessary for her husband to be healthy and alive. A woman without a man is like a boat without the helmsman means unprotected.

Scriptures say that “guroraste pati hanyaat” means if the Jupiter is combust during the wedding of the girl then there are chances that her husband would die or leave her soon.  Do you know cosmic movements cast their influence on your life? Ask Astrologer for Planetary Transit report. Key Astrological Guidance and tips. Instant response to your question. 

Jupiter Guru Transit Report

The glory of Jupiter:

In the planets of our solar system, Jupiter has an important place. In the sequence, Jupiter is placed in the fifth spot. In the weekdays, the Thursday is related to the Jupiter. He is also known as Deva Guru Brihaspati because he is the guru of devatas and helps them to get the fruits of yajnas with this wisdom. Demons wanted to starve the gods by depriving them of the positive gains from the sacred yajnas. In such situations, Brihaspati used to chant protection spells and used to safeguard the yajnas (sacrifices) from the asuras. Thus the devatas used to get their share of every yajna. Brihaspati himself is very good looking and his residence is also extremely beautiful. The whole world wants to learn the qualities of great Deva-guru. He grants desired fruits to the devotees and gives them wealth and wisdom too. He is very compassionate towards the believers. He motivates the devotees and also protects them on the path of truth and spirituality.

Regarding the birth of Brihaspati and attaining the position of Deva-guru, there are various stories in the scriptures. As per the legend, one of the Manasa Putra of Lord Brahma was Angira Rishi whose son was Atharvana. The son of Atharvana was Ujisha. Ujisha too had three sons namely Utathya, Brihaspati, and Samvarta. Once Utathya’s wife was pregnant and Brihaspati cursed her that her son would be blind because of ignoring the order. As per the curse, when the child was delivered, he was born blind whose name was Deerghatama. He was very scholarly and brilliant. He acquired the knowledge of all Vedangas too. With heavy prayers and penance, he got back his vision due to the grace of Almighty. But because of a sin, he was cursed by a sage named Sharadvat. His vision got lost again and he was thrown deep into the oceans. Deerghatama was finally rescued by King Bali. His wife Queen Sudveshna gave birth to five sons with the blessings of Sri Deerghatama. Their names were, Anga, Banga, Kalinga, paundu, and Brahma. From these names, only some states have been named.

As per the Mahabharata, Sri Brihaspati is the son of sage Sri Angira. Wife of Sri Angria followed the vows and rules taught by the Sanatkumaras and conceived the divine Brihaspati as her child.

As per Skanda Purana, Brihaspati did severe penance in the Prabhas pilgrim spot to appease Lord Shiva. As a result, Lord blessed him with the position of the gurus of the gods and also conferred him the title of a planet. Brihaspati had three wives, first was Shubhaa, the second was Taaraa, and this was named Mamata. From Shubhaa he had seven daughters namely Bhanumati, raakaa, archikaati, mahaamati, mahishmati, sinivaali, and havishmati. He has seven sons and one daughter with Tara. He had two sons with Mamata who were named Bharadvaaja and Kacha. Bharadvaja established himself among the great Sapta-Rishis due to his knowledge and penance. Son Kacha was famous for the incident of learning Mrita Sanjeevani Vidya from Sri Shukracharya.

Deva Guru Sri Brihaspati always tried to protect the devatas. But Shukracharya, the guru of demons had acquired the great Mritasanjeevani Vidya through which he would bring back the dead demons back to life. But there was no way to bring back the dead devatas back to life hence Brihaspati was worried. After thinking about it, he sent his son Kacha to Shukracharya in order to learn the divine Vidya of Mrita Sanjeevani. After the request of his daughter Devayani, Shukracharya agreed to accept Kacha as his disciple. Other disciples of Shukra used to kill Kacha but Shukracharya would bring him back to life. Once the devatas played a trick by killing Kacha and mixing his ash in the drink of Shukra. When Kacha did not return for a long time, Devayani and Shukra were worried and tried to use the vidya. But in the process, he came to know that Kacha is partly in his stomach because of the ash. Devayani suggested that Kacha should learn the Vidya in his stomach and come out from Sukracharya’s stomach and then bring Shukra back to life. After successfully learning this sacred and powerful Vidya, Kacha returned back to his father Guru Brihaspati.

In the ancient times, Rishi Pravarya used to get their children initiated by other rishis in order to enhance the aptitude of his family lineage. In this process, there was no hint of enmity or grudge but only the correct fulfillment of guru-shishya tradition.

As per Rigveda, Jupiter rides a golden chariot whose speed is that of the air. It has 8 horses joined with it. The great chariot of Sri Brihaspati is known as Neeti Ghosh in the Shastras which hints at the excellence of Jupiter in neeti (morality). As per Srimad Bhagavatam, Sri Brihaspati transits only one sign every year. But due to retrograde motion, a difference arises in this duration.

Brihaspati is a very auspicious planet whose color is yellow and holds golden weapons. There is a sister of Brihaspati whose name is Varastri. She was enlightened and adept in yoga. Her husband was Prabhasa Vasu and her son was Vishvakarma. Hence Vishwakarma is the nephew of Brihaspati.Personal Ask A Question - Get it now By PavitraJyotish

The significance of Jupiter in the birth chart:

In the natal chart of an individual, Jupiter signifies the following: auspicious domestic ceremonies, work related to religious prosperity, works for physical and domestic prosperity, learning, education, higher education related areas, cooking related materials, food grains, gold and wealth, intellect and level of wisdom, spiritual aptitude, work related to yajna, Pooja, etc. family and friends, garments or gifted garments, vessels like pot, pitcher, friends and friendship, religious movements, politics, justice, philosophy, mantras, politician, elephants, political and social position, speech, oration, skilled orator, commentator, commentaries, writing and writers, ability to write, publisher or publishing related work, mystic poetry, gains from the government, government-related work, professor, religious scriptures, religious progress, godliness, devotion, penance, detachment, renunciation, mindfulness, generosity, good luck and bad luck, fame, religious gurus, teachers, judge, lawyer, law, school uniform, businessman, thighs, right ear, ability of acceptance, scripture writing, patience, dutifulness, timely work, fearlessness, for desire of better food and standard of living, Jupiter is the reason.

Pooja procedure:

For the pooja of Sri Brihaspati, one should select an auspicious muhurta on any of Thursdays of Shuka paksha. On the decided day, one must take a wooden altar and one should cover it with a clean yellow cloth. An eight-petal lotus should be made on the altar with gram pulses. On the ashtadala (eight-petal lotus figure) one must place a gold or copper pot and a coconut should be placed on it which should be covered by a yellow cloth. Then one must start performing the pooja by using the sacred mantras of Deva guru Sri Brihaspati along with offering articles like white sandalwood, saffron, turmeric, yellow colored rice, yellow flowers, and yellow fruits. Pooja should be done after wearing yellow garments. After completion of the pooja, one must continue to chant the mantra at least 108 times a day.

Mantra can be chanted continuously 108 times on a daily basis or also can be done as an anushthana. In the anushthanas, usually, one is supposed to chant the sum of mantas in either 1 or 7 days. The total number mantras to be chanted could be 19,000 or it can be multiplied by four to get 76,000 total mantras. After the completion of prescribed mantra chanting, one is required to perform the homam of 1/10th of the actual number of mantras. After the homam is done one must donate yellow colored items like horse gram, gram pulses, gold, brass, yellow clothes, and yellow flowers to a suitable person. One can also donate religious texts, academic books, and stationeries to the students as per one’s capacity. One can also perform brahmana bhojan and give them yellow clothes, fruits, and Dakshina. Alternatively, one can get the Japa of Sri Vishnu mantra by one or more priests in his own house or in temples such as Vishnu Temple, Rama temple, Krishna temple etc. the fruits of mantra chanting is higher in the temples when compared to the house and higher in pilgrim places when compared to the temples. One can choose the pooja procedure of Guru Brihaspati and his mantra among the below mentioned mantras. You should choose only the mantra which you can chant easily and with clarity. During the chanting of mantras, concentration and physical purity are also essential. If one is to undertake this anushthana then one has to follow complete celibacy during the time of anushthana.  Get your Personalized  Transit Report of Jupiter, which will provide you all the details about the growth along with suggestions and solutions.

Useful mantras:

om brrihaspate atiyadaryo arhadyu madvibhati kratu majjaneshu|
yaddidayachchavasa rritu prajata tadasmasu dravinam dhehi chitrama||

om brrihaspataye namah||
om angiro jataya vidmahe vachaspataye dhimahi tanno guya prachodayat||
om brrihaspataye namah||
om gram gri graum sah guruve namah||

One should recite Gopala Sahasranama once every day.

One should wear Yellow Sapphire or Topaz on Thursday.

The procedure of the Yantra:

After finding a good muhurta from your birth sign, you should write the yantra on gold foil or on a bhoja-patra with the pen made of pomegranate wood by using saffron or sandalwood paste on any first Thursday of Shukla Paksha or during Guru-pushya yoga. You have to worship the yantra with yellow flowers and offer yellow fruits after lighting the lamp and incense. Then you have to chant the tantric mantra of Guru for 108 times. Then you have to bow down to Lord Vishnu and Lord Brihaspati and pray them to remove the obstacles and sorrows of your life. Yantra should be worn in the neck by tying it in a yellow cloth or enclosing in a taveez made of silver or gold. If unable to wear in the neck, yantra should be tied in the right arm for men and on the left arm for women. By doing this, the negative effect of Jupiter are greatly reduced and Jupiter starts giving positive results gradually.

Mantra for Prayer:

om devadaitayaguru tadvat titashvetau chaturbhajau|
dandinom varadau karyau sakshasutra kamandalu|
devanam cha rrishinam cha gurum kamchana sannibham|
buddhi bhutam mrrinalabham tam namami brrihaspatim||

Thus you can reduce the malefic effects generated by Jupiter and get rid of the related problems too. Usually, Jupiter is known for either enriching one’s social prestige or to diminish it. Lack of proper conduct or behavior is the main reason for the dosha. One can become happy by maintaining the clean character and righteous conduct.

After carefully studying your individual chart, Pavitra Jyotish will examine the effects of the transit of the Jupiter with respect to your family, career, health, married life, love life etc. many vital areas of your life. All these areas will be extensively studied and a detailed and comprehensive report along with the analysis will be provided to you. Know a detailed analysis of your chart.

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