Kaal Bhairava Ashtami Vrat

Published On : March 25, 2024  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Shri Kaal Bhairav Ashtami Vrat And Its Importance

This vrat is done to gain the divine favor of lord Shri Kaal Bhairav, which can protect the life of devotees from many serious dangers. In addition, doing this vrat can also help devotees to get absolved of the sins they may have done, wittingly or unwittingly. According to Hindu religion, Ashtami tithi is considered very endeared to lord Kaal Bhairav. Therefore, anyone, who worships the lord on this vrat occasion, can get the divine favors of Kaal Bhairav, thereby translating their wishes into reality. There is huge importance of worshiping Kaal Bhairav. Effect of His puja can eradicate all sorrows and poverty of the devotees. It also helps you gain peaceful solution to your property related disputes. Lord Kaal Bhairav is also called the divine deity of all evil forces. According to mythological texts, lord Kaal Bhairav is believed to be one of the incarnations of lord Shiva. This is because, many narratives suggest validity of the statements found in various places. Countless stories about the incarnations of Kaal Bhairav are found in Shiva Purana or other Puranas. When sages and mankind were oppressed on earth by the tyranny of the devils, this greatly disturbed the earth’s natural cycle of balancing out lives. This was the time when even Lord Shiva had to take the form of Kalb Bhairav. Kaal Bhairav vrat protects devotees from obstacles created by ghosts, imps, diseases, enemies, debts, and so on. Therefore, a person should worship Kaal Bhairav with all devotions. The lord protects his devotees from all directions. The worship of Kaal Bhairav is done to fulfill any wish or goal, mostly it is celebrated on Ashtami of Krishna paksha during Margashirsha month. Famous shrines of Kaal Bhairav are Ujjain and Kaashi. Miraculous results happen upon visiting such shrines.

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Puja-methods Of Shri Kaal Bhairav Ashtami Vrat

Preparation of this vrat begins since Saptami tithi, while maintaining sanctity and purity completely. On the day of vrat, wake up early in the morning, finish your daily routines, like attending washroom etc. Thereafter, keep a stock of all puja related ingredients to start puja of Kaal Bhairav with all religious manners. Keep the collected puja materials, sit in the direction of east or north, remember God, take Achamana, and do self-purification. Lit up incense stick and diya, recite shlokas, take vrat Sankalp. You must also take Sankalp if you worship or do vrat without holding any wish. Do your worship in all manner of shadopchar, or get it done by a learned Brahman priest efficient in getting religious activities done. If you want to conduct a havan, that’s very good gesture. Now, perform Arti. Express sorry for any mistake during the course of conducting puja of Kaal Bhairav. Rituals suggest to conduct the worship of Mata Durga along with Kaal Bhairav, and Mata Parvati. Black Urad and mustard oil, Til and other ingredients are important in this puja. to appease lord Kaal Bhairav, feed a black dog deliciously cooked foods, offer him milk. If there is no black dog available around, you can choose any dog and offer him foods. This will appease lord Kaal Bhairav and fulfil wishes of the devotees.

Story Of Shri Kaal Bhairav Ashtami Vrat

An ancient story regarding lord Kaal Bhairav is that, when groups of arrogant monsters forgot the omnipotence of God, their leader Andhkasura attacked the heaven. He spared no pains to capture it. Out of his own arrogance, he even challenged Lord Shiva for a war. Then lord Shiva incarnated Kaal Bhairav out of his own organs, who then killed the monster. Stories, similar to this one are aplenty.

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