Kalank Chaturthi Vrat

Published On : July 13, 2022  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Kalank Chaturthi Vrat And Its Importance

This vrat is highly effective and giver of auspicious results, as well as to eliminate the malefic effects of various types of evil forces. It puts an end to stigmatic incidents causing suffering in the lives of devotees. Kalank Chaturthi Vrat is the day in which seeing the moon is prohibited. If someone sees the moon anyhow, he/she has to face stigmatic results or accusations, escapade from which is next to impossible. Recommended ritual to rid of such sins is worshipping and holding vrat for Lord Ganesha and maintain full compliance associated with the rituals. Don’t see moon this day. Vrat and worship dedicated to lord Ganesha on Chaturthi is the giver of great auspicious results. In local vernacular, this Chaturthi is called Kalank Chauth or Chaturthi. Somewhere it is also called Patthar Chauth. About Chaturthi, it is said that moon sighting is prohibited due to the curse of Lord Ganesha. Therefore, one should not see the moon on Chauth of Shukla paksha during Bhadrapada month. Doing so would earn you worst stigma or disgrace and sins. Though moon sighting throughout the year is indicative of auspicious deed, but it is prohibited to see the moon on Kalank Chauth. Some people, who see moon unintentionally, throw some stones here and there, to ward off the evil effects of seeing the moon. This practice, later, was called Patthar Chauth, a tradition long in practice. These days, people show interest in worshipping Lord Ganesha to defend against evil effects of seeing the moon, due to which the importance of Ganesh Chaturthi has been on upward trend

Kalank Chaturthi Puja And Vrat

This vrat involves worshipping lord Ganesha. Therefore, it requires maintaining highest sanctity to collect necessary puja-related materials and worship the lord, accordingly, and offer Him your prayer. Beg your pardon from the lord for any mistake done unintentionally, by praying, “Lord! Forgive me for my mistakes. Accept my prayer and bless me your divine favours!” And then conclude your worship.

Kalank Chaturthi Vrat And Story

Legend has it that, once moon became vainglorious over his beauty. Blinded by the arrogance, he made a fun on big stomach and bent trunk of lord Ganesha. This enraged the lord, who then cursed moon with tuberculosis, adding further that anyone seeing him (moon) on this day would earn stigma in his/her life. The curse of lord Ganesha deformed the physicality of moon, almost nearing him to his death. Later, a group of gods advised moon to worship lord Shiva. Being pleased with the worship of cursed moon, lord Shiva ensconced him on his forehead, thus saving the life of moon. There are many related stories about Kalank Chauth.

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