Kartik Purnima

Published On : August 20, 2023  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Kartik Purnima

In Hindu festivals and religion, the step of Kartik Purnima holds its supremacy and richness above all others. It was on this date that the group of demons challenged gods and was killed. On this full moon day (Kartika Purnima), the sequence of events like bathing and donations etc. are ritualized. This month is seen associated with Lord Vishnu, because of which it is also called by many names, including Madhav month. On this day, there is a ritual to worship Shri Hari Vishnu and Satyanarayana., along with other Gods, including Shiva-Parvati and Kartikeya. In this context, there is saying that the demon named Tripurasura had terrorized all the three-realms for the purpose of conquering the Heaven abode of Gods. The incident depressed Gods and the earthlings, who then beseeched Lord Shiva, who then killed Tripurasura on this day, an accomplishment that accentuates the importance of Kartik Purnima tithi. This is the very day marking incarnation of Lord Vishnu as Mats avatar. A ritual during Kartik month suggests bathing in holy water of pilgrimage sites like Ganga. Devotees unable to attend the pilgrimage should use normal water mixed with Gangajal to take a bath.

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Methods To Worship On Kartik Purnima

Worship during Kartik Purnima mandates self-restraint and celibacy. After getting up before sunrise and finishing your daily routines like attending washroom etc. collect the necessary worship materials and sit on a consecrated seat. Take Sankalp followed by Achamana, and dedicate your prayers to the lord with total devotions. Listen and tell the tales of the lord, lit up diya, or have the puja performed by a brahman priest scholarly-talented in chores related to Vaidik activities. Take Sankalp and pray to lord to bless you the stamina of continuing the vrat.

Story Of Kartik Purnima

The tale involves demon named Tarakasura and his three sons, who performed hard meditations to take the boon of defeating lords and conquering all three realms under divine rules. The hard meditation performed by the demons not only shook the throne of gods, but it forced Lord Brahma to appear in front of the demons and asked for boon. Lord Brahma asked the demons to take a boon in return of their hard penance. Seeing Lord Brahma in front of them made the demons pleased and they asked the boon of immortality. Lord Brahma explained that such boon can’t be granted, as it would counterbalance the universal laws, saying the born ones are fated to die, as per the law of Nature. Lord Brahma urged the demons to ask for another boon, to which they requested that the person who can penetrate all the three realms (Trilok) simultaneously should be the cause of their death. Being the lord of three realms named the demon Tripura, who was killed by lord Shiva, in view of the fact that killing the demons was the toughest job. Lord Shiva took care of the dignity of Brahma’s boon while killing the most ferocious demon.

Significance Of Kartik Purnima

Kartik Purnima is not only important socially and religiously but it holds its significance health-wise. Vrat and worships on this day are extremely valuable, including its benefit from scientific viewpoint. This month is also known as Keshav month to commemorate lord Vishnu. Devotees continue bathing and fasting for the last one month, non-stop. Bathing starts since Sharad Purnima and concludes one month of Kartika snana on Kartika Purnima. Bathing and donations during this occasion augments religious benefits to the devotees. This explains why large number of devotees takes bath before sunrise and offers their worships to the lord, religiously. Many important and new activities are carried out during Purnima. This occasion is also the festival of Diwali for Gods, as demon Tripurasura was killed this day by the lord Shiva, who then carried the surname, destroyer of Tripura. On this very day Lord Rama worshiped lord Shiva with 1000 (one thousand) lotus flowers. To test the gravity of Rama’s devotion, Lord Shiva stole away one lotus. Later, the shortage of the flower was compensated by lord Rama by sacrificing his one eye. This named him Rajiv Lochan. This day also marked lord Vishnu’s incarnation of Matsya Avatar (incarnation of fish-lord). Therefore, when rituals like yagna, Japa, meditations, puja etc. are carried out religiously, they give multiple results to the devotees, including destroying their sins of all births

Beliefs About Kartik Purnima

Kartik Purnima suggests that Pandava had conducted a ritual dedicated to salvation of their deceased forefathers. This named the bank of Ganga, Garhmukteshwar. Hence, according to the beliefs, people take bath and observe Tarpan dedicated to their forefathers on the bank of Ganga. Bulls are also believed to be donated during this day here. The festival of Kartik Purnima is important both for Shaiva and Vaishnava. Special important is associated on this day with the worship of basil plant and emblic tree. The festival of Kartik Purnima constitutes special yoga, like Chandra yoga on Kritika nakshatra and Padmaka yoga due to sun transition on Vishakha. Bathing on this yoga gives result equally beneficial like Pushkar pilgrimage. Thus, there are many religious beliefs associated with Kartika Purnima.

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