Ketu Mystery

Published On : January 30, 2019  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Analysis Demystifying Ketu Mystery And Its Variant Traits

Planet Ketu Characteristics and Astrological Significance

Roles and Importance of Ketu in Astrology

Ketu Mystery – Though Planet Ketu is considered to be one of the most inauspicious and malefic planets, but because of being the strongest and salvation-giver, it is also considered an auspicious planet. According to some scholars, Ketu is a half-portioned part of Rahu, which thus explains as to why Ketu is considered to be like Rahu in all respects. In other words, all the merits-demerits that Rahu has are considered the attributes of Ketu. Ketu bears the tendency of being obsessed with temporal possessions and is of squalid-natured. It is the planet of mixed-breeds and obstinate nature but when in auspicious transit, Ketu delivers results far more auspicious than other benevolent planets combined. This explains as to why some scholars place Ketu under the group of auspicious planets. Ketu is also viewed as a distraught form of Orion. Thus, Ketu is a symbol of misery.

It is believed that Planet Ketu extends its influence on the soles of the feet. This is treated as an indication of numerous possibilities such as diseases related to skin, daydreaming, death, hunger-induced pain, imprisonment, accidents, misery, leprosy, joint pains, and conspiracies etc.

Scholars believe that Ketu is in exaltation when it traverses Pisces but when it transits Gemini, it is in debilitation. The original triangle-formed zodiac of Ketu is Leo. Their strength lies in zodiac such as Taurus, Sagittarius, and Pisces.  When situated in seventh house of Scorpio, Ketu delivers wellbeing. The friendly zodiac signs of Ketu are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Capricorn while Cancer and Leo zodiacs are the enemy of Ketu. They are considered in order to determine the attainment of results in astrology called Vimshottari Dasha of Ashwini and Mula Nakshatra. The relation of Ketu with Jupiter is friendly but with Sun and Moon, it has enmity. Buddh, Shukra and Saturn are friendly zodiacs of Ketu. Sun, Moon and Mars are enemy planets of Ketu. It is cordial with Jupiter. Being two parts of the same body is the reason why Rahu-Ketu are considered friendly to each other. Just like Rahu, Ketu also gives results differently.

The part of Ketu situated in a horoscope represents third and sixth position from its place in full view, and fifth, seventh and ninth place representing all these three places in full views. It is considered blinded in tripod positions.

I have studied the people in whose horoscope Ketu is situated in fourth position and predicted for them some incidents occasionally.

Presenting the analysis of the Horoscope of a native – After analysis, Ketu was found situated in fourth position indicating the native was residing elsewhere from his birth place. This is the same reflection noted in the lives of other natives. The native whose Ketu is situated in fourth place does not have cordial relation with his/her mother, meaning opinions of both contrast each other, and it has also been observed that the native is usually tormented by the illegal encroachment or intervention on his property by a third party.Get your Personalised Rahu Ketu Transit Report

The statistical analysis of horoscope in this regard is thus – In the fourth place of the horoscope resides Ketu, sun, forming triangle position, Leo the enemy zodiac to which belong the enmity of sun to ketu. Seated in its zodiac including Budh-Shukra friendly planets of Ketu in whose influence the native resides in foreign country away from his home town. Deprived of motherly love due to contrasting views with mother, resulting in deprivation of the parental property, though received after prolonged struggles, yet is without possession as brothers encroached it. The native who amassed several properties in the foreign land is condemned to sufferings due to illegal encroachment by a third party.

The sun stays in the fourth place with enemy Ketu, fourth place indicates parents-family and society. Sun commands respect but when it is eclipsed by Ketu, it delivers sufferings and strife among friends and native has to endure physical pains, wastage of money unnecessarily and mental sufferings as well bear the brunt of abuses.

Maharishi Parashar concluded that Ketu, when situated in fourth place, benefits the native with the growth in prosperity, happiness in relationship, Property Problems, and familial respect, thus granting full benefits to the native.

During under the influence of Ketu, the native was benefited with sudden traveling in abroad but had to endure certain mental sufferings on the front of fishermen, loss of wealth, ocular problems, headache, and other types of pains to suffer. The native had to endure objections from friends, defeats, depravity and other controversial issues causing him to struggle a lot. Ketu condemned the native to fear of untimely death and vagabonding here and there.

Ketu in different zodiac

A mythological reference suggests that when Lord Vishnu had the head of Swarbhanu chopped off using his Sudarshan Chakra, then the lifeless head was later named as Rahu and headless torso was called Ketu.

The body of rahu-ketu was of devil clan. They were considered reincarnated after being placed in solar planets, and their Gotra declared thereafter, too. Rahu became the member of Pathinas gotra while Gemini gotra was given to Ketu.

According to Matsyapurana, Ketu is of multifarious forms in which dhumketu/comet is considered the chieftain of all. Ketu belongs to Dhrum Varna. As per Mahabharata, Ketu bears flag-shaped appearance. Vedas narrate that the flag of ketu is higher than the sun.

Chitraketu is the lord of Ketu and Lord Brahma is its Pratyadhidevta. Ketu symbolizes everything representing luxury, prosperity, mantra, shastra, soul, knowledge, detachment from the world, and salvation. It stays in a horoscope for nearly 18 months. It is in exaltation period when situated in Sagittarius and is of Mulatrikona in Leo. Ketu has a period of Mahadasha for seven years. If traversing inauspiciously in a horoscope ketu delivers deleterious results to the native.

To pacify malefic effects of Ketu, Article to be donated as gifts are narrated in the following slokas:

वैदूर्य रत्नं तैलं च तिलं कम्बलमर्पयेत्। शस्त्रं मृगमदं नीलपुष्प् केतुग्रहाय वै।।

Mantras to be recited are as follows:

ऊॅं केतुं कृण्वन्नकेतवे पेशो मर्या अपेशसे सुमुषदिभ्रजायथाः।।


पलाश पुष्प सकांशं तारका ग्रह मस्तकम।

रौद्रं रौद्रात्मकं घोरं तं केतु प्रणमाम्यहम।।


बीज मंत्र – ऊॅं स्त्रां स्त्रीं स्त्रौं सः केतवे नमः

       ऊॅं कें केतवे नमः

God Ketu delivers results differently in different zodiacs. It debilitates a planet with whom it conjuncts. For example, if conjuncts with Shukra, it keeps the native modest. If with moon, it corrects emotions-related complexity. Similarly Ketu behaves with every elemental forces of a zodiac in which it traverses.Book-Your-Ketu-Puja

Results delivered by Ketu in different zodiacs

Ketu in Aries:

Aries is fire sign and masculine zodiac. Kujavat Ketu or Ketu equaling Mars in terms of delivering results, benefits the natives with passion and energy, enabling him not to tolerate interference of anyone and protests injustice unfolding in front of him regardless of the eventual results.

The native is self-centered thus isolating him from others. But this characteristic of the native succeeds him spiritually and eventually he attains materialistic prosperity.

Ketu in Taurus:

Ketu is the Earth element, the equator and the female zodiac. Venus, the monster guru, is related to Ketu as its master that makes a person of clean soul but delivers results after a prolonged time of hard works. Ketu makes the native wanderlust, but due to being earth element and a fixed natured, the native has stable thoughts in mind. The native is goal-bound and works hard to materialize it.

Ketu in Gemini:

Gemini is the air element and of dual-natured zodiac. Ketu traversing this place inspires the native for the attainment of knowledge, but being of dual-natured, it also encourages the native to earn knowledge in multiple subjects than focusing on a single subject or an area. Being eloquent, it benefits the native to work well in the employment fields related to entertainment and media.

Ketu in Cancer:

Ketu placed in Cancer describes the Horoscope of the native that he/she is quite conscious about their family, willing to lend them helping hands in needs, and they have full faith of people. Being a highly sensitive zodiac makes the native prone to being immediately responsive to any contrasting situations. The person is thinking about the opinion of others, and also shows recklessness in works, oftentimes. Naturally, the fourth place in the horoscope of cosmic man indicates happiness among brethren and the family of the native causing, therefore, the sense of alienation.Rahu Ketu Transit Report for Your Career

Ketu in Leo:

Ketu placed in Leo is indicative of stillness, asymmetric and of fire element. Under fire element, the Ketu-native becomes arrogant, tendentious to command others and cautious about their activities. He loves his opinions to be duly followed by others. The native is persistent seeker of fame and achieves it successfully.

Ketu in Virgo:

Horoscope showing Ketu placed in Virgo indicates that the native will be disciplined and can expect others to be disciplined as well.

Ketu in Libra:

The zodiac is of moving, stubborn and air element. Under this zodiac, the native socializes and harmonizes with others and is persistent in getting the works done. As represented by “scale” sign, the native is acute at analyzing profit-loss and behaves with others on equal terms.

Ketu in Scorpio:

The master of this mystique zodiac is Mars. Ketu person in this zodiac is of a nature associated with the discovery of mysterious and occult knowledge. The native masks his personal feelings so perfectly that other people barely know about them. They can do anything to accomplish their goals. This is the lowest zodiac of Moon sign, thus the native sometimes misbehaves with others and so ends up earning some enemies. The person is often engaged balancing himself.Book-Your-Ketu-Puja

Ketu in Sagittarius:

Zodiac is of dual-natured, unyielding, and of fire element serving the master Jupiter. The natives become passionate and positive-minded. They are full of energy thus enabling them to rekindle the hope in those desperate in their life.

Horoscope of cosmic man indicates Sagittarius placed in ninth symbolizing religion. Jupiter, master of it, is on the side of religion, thus enabling Ketu-person to become totally religious.

Ketu in Capricorn:

Saturn is master of Ketu. Placed in this zodiac, Ketu turns the natives practical and responsible. Such persons can embrace the bitterest truth in life easily. Ketu is an enemy planet for this zodiac, thus delivering late results. Ketu has the tendency to deliver the results all of sudden, which, therefore, is the reason that sudden loss or plans not executed on schedule are the typical results faced by the natives.

Ketu in Aquarius:

This is still, air element and difficult zodiac. It is symbolized by a man holding a pitcher splashing water on earth. Ketu enables the natives to be helpful for others.

Ketu in Pisces:

This is self-asserting zodiac of Ketu. Salvation is what Ketu attached with, and Pisces relates to spirituality. Therefore, Ketu placed in Pisces makes the natives spiritual and their sixth sense more active thus qualifying them to foresee an incident.

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