Kurma Jayanti

Published On : April 16, 2024  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Kurma Jayanti And Its Significance

Lord Vishnu is constantly engaged in nourishing and safeguarding the world. When demons, obsessed with the arrogance of power, tried to terrorise humankind on the earth, then the group of gods prayed to Lord Vishnu to rescue them from the diabolical forces. Granting the request, Lord Vishnu incarnated himself as Kurma (tortoise) and helped the gods, Mandara Parvat (mount Mandara) and Nag Vasuki during the Samudra Manthana (the churning of the ocean).

If it were not for the assistance of Kurma (tortoise) avatar of lord Vishnu, the mount Mandara wouldn’t have been positioned properly as the churning rod. In fact, the enormous mountain would have sunk deep into the bottom of the ocean if not supported by Kurma on his shell. With Vasuki Nag functioning as a churning rope, it paved the path for a panoply of fourteen treasures received out of the Samudra Manthana. Information about Lord Vishnu’s Kurma incarnation can be found in mythological books, like Shrimad Bhagavata Purana, Narasimha Purana, Mahabharata, Padm Purana, Linga Purana, etc.

The reason behind lord Vishnu assuming the form of Kurma was to support and protect the earth. Also, sage Durvasa cursed lord Indra for insulting Parijat Mala, thus causing Indra to lose all his divine splendour. Mata Lakshmi also disappeared somewhere in the ocean, thus depriving gods of wealth and radiance and plunging the world into darkness.

To solve the plight, gods, by the order of Lord Vishnu, began to churn the ocean of Milk. The reason why Lord Vishnu had to assume the Kurma avatar was to save the Mandara mount from sinking into the ocean and so it was held on the shell of Kurma, thereby facilitating the process of Samudra Manthana, which yielded fourteen treasures, eventually. Moreover, the goddess Lakshmi also originated from the Samudra Manthana.  On Kurma Jayanti, the jubilance of people can be witnessed all around the country. Mostly, the temples of Lord Vishnu are decorated for Puja. Lastly, Bhandaras are also organised at many places.

Puja Methods To Follow On Kurma Jayanti

On this auspicious day of Kurma Jayanti of Lord Vishnu, devotees must purify themselves by avoiding non-veg foods a day before the puja. Useful things primed for the occasion of Kurma Jayanti must be kept in order at a Puja spot. Devotees should wake up early in the morning, and finish their daily routines (e.g. attending washroom, taking a bath etc.).

Thereafter, be seated while facing eastern and northern directions. Complete self-purification activity by taking Achamana. Take a vow for completing Puja religiously by invoking Lord Vishnu. Start Kurma Jayanti puja with shodashopachar methods. Offer your puja with reverence to Lord Kurma. Beg your pardon for any mistake you may have committed during Kurma Jayanti Puja.

Story Of Kurma Jayanti

Once sage Durvasa visited Indralok. Out of respect, he gifted Parijat rosary to Indra. Unfortunately, Indra refused to take the gift due to his arrogance. Instead, he wore the rosary to his elephant, who threw it down on the floor. Then the elephant trampled the rosary. Theinsult of rosary enraged sage Durvasa so much so that he cursed Indra then and there, which caused him to become deprived of his divine lustre. The curse also waned the divine radiance of other gods.

To find a solution to their plight, the gods requested Lord Brahma for a cure. Lord Brahma asked them to approach Lord Vishnu. At last, the gods went to Lord Vishnu and told him how the curse of sage Durvasa extinguished their powers. Lord Vishnu advised them to partake in Samudra Manthana, adding further that it will yield an elixir or the nectar of immortality that will restore their divine powers.

The process of Samudra Manthana will also cause the appearance of the deity Lakshmi, said Lord Vishnu. Thus, all the gods took part in Samudra Manthana (churning of the ocean of Milk). However, without the assistance of demons, the process proved to be an impossible task. Later, they convinced the demons to assist in Samudra Manthana. However, when the churning of Samudra Manthana was to begin, the Mandara mount being used as a churning rod, started to sink into the ocean, causing dismay among gods and demons. This is where lord Vishnu came to their rescue, assumed the form of Kurma and held the Mandara Parvat on his shell, thus protecting it from getting sunk into the ocean.

The magnificent Kurma avatar of Lord Vishnu helped gods and demons to finish such a herculean task called the Samudra Manthana. Later, Lord Vishnu also assumed another avatar called Mohini (temptress) to mediate the disputes between gods and demons. Besides, Lord Shiva drank Halahala poison to save the world, including gods, demons, and creatures from its unspeakable horror. On Kurma Jayanti, any devotee who worships reverential Lord Vishnu with devotions is set to attain divine favours in their life.

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