Learn Astrology Lesson Two

Published On : May 26, 2020  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Details Of What Does Astrology Stand For In Its Layman’s Term

Learn Astrology Lesson  Two – Elementary Astrology Knowledge

Dear students, the last time we briefly discussed about the Importance of Astrology and our ancient sages, just to put an end to any misconception and suspicious surrounding astrology. This is important due to the fact that when you begin to study any lesson, it is very essential to remove any doubt, misconception or fallacy regarding the study. Now let’s move ahead with our discussion. In our preliminary astrological lesson, we will get to know about planets, planetary relationships, nakshatras, seasons, Maas, Paksha, Tithi, lords of Tithi, Karana, zodiac, Karkatva, and so forth. Please read them carefully and learn them by heart. You will have to learn these pieces of astrological knowledge at any cost, so as to develop better understanding and expertise into the field of astrology.

Soul is related to the body and deserts it like a worn-out rag. However, the body left out by the soul doesn’t relate to it in terms of sex and rites of the past birth. And this is what astrology establishes, that a soul residing in a current corpus relates to many of its births.

When a native is born, he becomes a part of a small family world consisting of parents, siblings, relatives and so on. However, a baby is not active since its birth. He virtually remains dependent till the age of 12. This is why astrology is not effective on a native less than 12 years of age.

On the basis of actions, psychologists have divided human personality into two segments –

  1. Outward Personality – According to this personality, a person grows from the time of his birth based on his past ideas, emotions, and activities. Personality development is a gradual process with this person.
  2. Inward Personality – This place is the storehouse of all activities, emotions and ideas collected from interaction with outward world of a person.

There are three forms of outward personalities based on astrology – Emotion, Action, and inner personality. Memory – it consolidates experiences and tendencies into consciousness. This is the symbol and seven planets of the solar system. This is being discussed briefly in the following way –

Outward Personality

Form                Planet     Effects

First Form    –   Jupiter  –  Body, religion, beauty, love, power.

Second Form – Mars      –  Consciousness, Pleasure, Wish, self-confidence, willpower

Third Form    – Moon     –  Emotional changes in body and mind, emotions, imagination

Inner Personality

First Form  – Venus  –  Art, love, beauty, attraction, selfless love, expertise, discernment, wisdom etc.

Second form – Mercury – Spiritual power, decision, wits, memory power etc.

Third form – Sun – Theism, plain living, willpower, status, wealth, self-confidence, kindness etc.


Third form  – Saturn  – Elementary knowledge, Nayaktva, Introspection, Patience, Tenacity, seriousness, alterness, workability etc.

Varāhamihira has described aforesaid seven planets and twelve zodiac signs as follows:

1    Head     –    Aries

2    Mouth   –   Taurus

3    Heart    –   Gemini

4     Chest      –   Cancer

5    Stomach – Leo

6     Waist    –   Virgo

7     Enima   –  Libra

8     Sex   –   Scorpio

9     Shoulder – Sagittarius

10    Knee    –   Capricorn

11    Calft    –   Aquarius

12    Foot     –    Pisces

Planets traversing these aforesaid zodiac signs are symbolic of the followings: Sun – Soul, Moon – Mind, Mars – Patience, Mercury – Tone, Jupiter – Wisdom, Venus – Happiness, semen, Saturn – Sympathy/condolence.

One of the members of solar system is – Earth. She does a non-stop revolving around the sun. She has the same level of gravitational force as that of other planets. Impressed by her trait, even sun consistently tries to pull earth back to it. As a result of this, earth has on her surface, temperature, power, aura, and light. The course of life runs into creatures on earth. Effects of sun and other planets equally fall on earth, which illuminates her.

The closest planet to earth is Moon. It mostly affects water on earth. This is vindicated by the tides that come on every full moon. Water is a movable element; it can’t stay still. This is why the moon makes the mind restless, because it (mind) is a movable element. Like Moon, the mind wanders in fleeting seconds. “चन्द्रमा मनसो जातश्चक्षो सूर्यो अजायतः” Moon is the lord of mind. Sun is a day-breaker, cause of the light. Therefore, it affects eyes the most. Illumination of consciousness also happens because of it. We prioritize Moon very much when it comes to analysing a person’s Horoscope.

All the planets in solar system traverse through a certain pathway. Whenever there is specific Planetary Transits effect on earth, its corresponding results take place. What orbital pathway earth follows to revolve around sun is followed by all the planets to move around sun. Adjacent to the same path is the gateway of all the planets in constellation ring, which rotates at 7-degree angle from Ecliptic.

The size of every zodiac sign is equal to the name of every creature living on earth. Similarly, we have twelve zodiac signs, each determined by its number, as represented in the following chart –

1   – Aries                    2    –  Taurus

3   – Gemini                4    –  Cancer

5  –  Leo                      6    –  Virgo

7  –  Libra                    8    –  Scorpio

9  –  Sagittarius         10  –  Capricorn

11  – Aquarius            12  – Pisces

Dear students, please memorize these numbers corresponding to their respective zodiac sign as indicated in the above chart. They will be discussed in our upcoming chapters. You will need them again and again, whenever you study horoscope. Hence, try to learn their importance. We will discuss next subject in our upcoming lesson of preliminary astrological knowledge.

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