Lord Parshuram Jayanti

Published On : April 5, 2024  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Lord Parshuram Jayanti And Its Importance

Lord Parshuram Jayanti: In the Hindu religion, Lord Parshuram is one of the most famous divine incarnations of Lord Vishnu to save the people on earth from the tyranny and sufferings of the demonic forces, in Treta Yug. The dialogue between Lord Ram and Lord Parshuram is one of the most interesting and popular parts of any Ram Leela stage act. The Vedic books say that Lord Parshuram is immortal for which he is still worshipped for longevity. He is known as the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He was born to his parents, (father) Bhrugu and (mother) Renuka, out of performing the religious ritual of PutreshtiYajna. It was actually the boon of Lord Indra to his parents because of which lord Parshuram was born in Tritiya of Shukla Paksha during Vaishakh month. His parents raised him with all love and care. Lord Shiva gifted Parshuram a unique weapon called Parshu or battle-axe, thus naming him later Parshuram after his name was suffixed with ‘Ram’ in Parshu (Parshu+Ram). His new name, Parshuram, became popular throughout the universe. His early education took place under the supervision of Maharshi Vishwamitra, and Maharshi Richik, who also gifted Parshuram a divine Vaishnava bow which was infallible. He received Diksha from Maharishi Kashyap. He also received many boons from gods due to his extreme devotions. For instance, Lord Shiva gifted him a Kawach called Trilok Vijay (an impenetrable shield). Lord Vishnu blessed Parshuram, one of his divine incarnations, with the boon of living on earth till eternity. As a matter of fact, the birth of Lord Parshuram took place to obliterate the tyrannical forces from the earth. He was profoundly-educated in Veda shastras, and a proponent of the same. He was an instrumental part in eradicating the custom of polygamy in society. He advocated the maxim of keeping one wife in contrast to the polygamy that was running rampant at that time. He educated many of his disciples, including Karna, Bhishma, and Guru Dronacharya, a skilled archer. Happy Jayanti to Lord Parshuram! Celebrate the Divine Warrior’s Legacy!

Ancient Tales Of Lord Parshuram

There are countless tales and interesting mythological references associated with the legends of Lord Parshuram found in myriad sources, including Shrimad Bhagwat Purana, Shri Kalki Purana, Shri Ramcharitmanas, Ramayana, and Mahabharata. According to a saying, arrogance is the food of the god. It was due to this arrogance of Kshatriya of Haihaya dynasty that unleashed unspeakable atrocities on earth and which forced the god to kill it 21 times from the earth, to institutionalize Veda and shastra, together with promoting religions. In this context, the god Parshuram established many villages in India. In another tale, lord Parshuram, by using his archery, destroyed the vanity of the Lord sea by soaking all its waters spanning from Gujarat to Kerala. Then, he built hamlets on the dried land, an incident that accentuated his divine status across the regions of Gujarat and Kerala. People worship Lord Parshuram religiously. One of the personality traits of lord Parshuram was serving his parents and teachers. He evinced prompt obedience toward elders. He was an unbeatable champion of Bhargava Gotra. None matched his undefeatable status, nor will anyone be peerless like him. He used to say that the principal duty of a king was to safeguard the subjects, religion, and country, not to torment the subjects or impose royal commands on them. He was a nature lover and understood the language of all the animals and birds. He loved all the creatures and befriended them. Sometimes, he is considered a Brahman serving like Kshatriya due to his unbeatable bravery. Why? Because, in contemporary society, the role of a Brahman was to promote education and knowledge, including Vedic karma, Yajnas, etc. However, some mythological references suggest the advent of Brahmans and Kshatriya virtues. Lord Parshuram had five brothers, such as Viswa Vasu, Brihudyanu and Brutwakanwa, and Parshuram. Happy Lord Parshuram Jayanti! Embrace Wisdom, Strength, and Divine Blessings.

Other Details Related To Lord Parshuram

According to Brahmvaivarta Purana, lord Parshuram once attempted to enter Shiv Purni without the permission of lord Ganesha, who then made him unconscious. When Parshuram gained consciousness, he struck Ganesha with his battle-axe he received from lord Shiva. The weapon broke a tooth of Ganesha. Thence, lord Ganesha was called Ek Dant. According to the Ramayana, there was an incident involving both lord Rama and lord Parshuram engaged in an interesting dialogue. Another tale cites that once lord Parshuram’s father ordered him to kill his mother. Later, he made her alive by using the boon of his father. After the incident, he requested his father to grant him a boon that his mother and any of his family members don’t recollect his matricide. His father granted him the boon. Lord Parshuram’s birth anniversary is celebrated with great enthusiasm every year. The day is considered useful and educational in the Hindu religion. Happy Lord Parshuram Jayanti! Embrace Strength, Wisdom, and Divine Blessings.

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