Important information and facts related to the Lunar Eclipse (Chandra Grahan)

Published On : February 10, 2017  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

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The Earth and Lunar Eclipse – 10/11th of February 2017

Man is the only creature on this earth that has unique knowledge of the celestial events of the skies and their various impacts on earth. He has very well understood the fact that all the planets and the Sun have a unique impact on the lives of each and every human being. The moon also has a direct impact on every being dependent on The Earth And Lunar Eclipse (Chandra Grahan). Apart from that, it also nourishes the entire flora and fauna on earth with its soothing light. The effect of the moon on the earth could never be overlooked. On one hand it is believed as the symbol of beauty and creativity and on the other hand, it has subtle effects on the appearance and beauty of individuals. Since time immemorial, the Planet Moon has been the subject and source of inspiration for many poets and also it has the ability to enrich the creativity and curiosity of all beings. Many writers and poets keep on expressing the beauty of moon or moonlight in their poems. If we are to compliment someone for their beauty, we immediately compliment them with a name or quality related to the moon. Apart from this, we see that there are many such flowers on earth which release mesmerizing fragrance after getting stimulated by the soothing moon rays only during the night time. Similarly, the moon also nourishes the minds of a human being with its rays and energies. Based on moon’s impact on human nature, beauty, and behavior, many books have been written since time immemorial which is based on various aspects of the moon. Finally, we understand that a lunar eclipse is an astronomical event that has an effect on the moon and thus it has a direct impact on humans as well. It is certain that lunar eclipses do have an impact on every human being.

Lunar Eclipse: An Introduction

We see in the ancient scriptures like Vedas and Puranas talk of celestial events like eclipses in different places. Even the modern astronomy and astrology have endorsed the fact that eclipses do have a definitive impact on the earth and its beings. If we look at the Rig Veda, we come to know that seers like Atri had already acquired the knowledge of eclipses and it was thus mentioned in the Rig Veda. Even in ancient scriptures like Matsya Purana talk of solar and lunar eclipses. During the eclipse, there is an ancient tradition of taking bath in sacred waters, doing charity, and chanting holy mantras as per one’s capacity. There is a detailed explanation of various acts to be done during the eclipse and the things that should be avoided by men, women, children, and patients etc. it is explained that children and people with health issues are exempt from some of the rules. While healthy men and women should avoid consuming food, water etc and also avoid activities like intercourse during the eclipse.

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A lunar eclipse occurs only when the moon is in a perpendicular direction behind the earth so that the earth’s shadow falls on the moon. It can be said that lunar eclipse takes place when the Sun, earth, and Moon is in a straight line. A lunar eclipse takes place on the full moon or Poornima tithi. The eclipse takes place for a few hours and its effects could be positive or negative on different people. If the effect is going to be positive for some zodiacs then there is not much to consider. However, if the negative effect of the lunar eclipse is foreseen, then the special emphasis is given towards bathing in rivers, doing enough charity, and also towards chanting holy mantras as per one’s capacity. This is because it will help the individual to reduce the malefic effect of the eclipse on his life and he avoids diseases, miseries, and difficulties arising from the negative effects of the eclipse. To avoid the negative effects of lunar eclipse one must chant the mantras of moon such as “Om Shraam Shreem Shraum Saha Chandramase Namaha” and do donations and charities to one’s capability. The “Sutaka” period starts from about 9 hours before the beginning of the eclipse hence one should try to abstain from consuming food or liquids as much as possible. To prevent liquid and solid eatables absorbing the negative energies of the moon, few strands of Kusha grass could be kept in them or some drops of Ganga Jal could be added for the same. This will protect the items from getting polluted. As per the Puranic legend, when Lord Vishnu was distributing the divine nectar to the Devas and Demons, one Demon named Swarabhanu (Rahu) joined the group of devatas under disguise and started drinking the divine ambrosia. Lord Chandra witnessed this and hinted this to Lord Hari who for the sake of humanity cut the body of the demon into two with his Sudarshana chakra. His head and body were separated into two. Because of this reason, it is believed that Rahu always troubles the moon with eclipse as the act of revenge. Looking for guidance and solutions, get your personalized Horoscope Reading report from Pavitra Jyotish.

The effect of the upcoming lunar eclipse on India

Though the positive and negative effects of eclipse vary from one zodiac to another, the upcoming penumbral lunar eclipse on 10/11th of February 2017 will be very fractional and hence its effect on the Indian subcontinent will be almost negligible. Because of this reason, we are not elaborating on the effects of this eclipse on various zodiacs. As per most of the authentic scriptures on Vedic astrology also, penumbral eclipses are not considered equal to the complete or partial eclipses. The reason behind less importance of penumbral eclipses lies in the fact that the shadow of eclipse does not fall on earth during the penumbral eclipses. Unlike the other eclipses, only the astronomical changes could be witnessed on the umbra of the moon as a mild hue. The eclipse on 10-11 February, during the junction of Friday and Saturday, will technically have no significance from the religious point of view or from predictive astrology. However, for your information some of the facts about this eclipse are given below:

11 February 2017 — Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 

Contact with penumbra   Sat, 11 Feb 2017, until   04:04 (H: Min)

Maximum eclipse            Sat, 11 Feb 2017, until   06:13 (H: Min)

End of penumbral phase Sat, 11 Feb 2017, until   08:23 (H: Min)

Duration:  4 hours, 19 minutes

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