Magha Purnima

Published On : March 27, 2024  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

What is Magha Purnima?

It is considered to be the biggest step to the religious festival of the mankind, which draws in the attention of not only Hindus, but also the people from all over the world to make their lives divinely blessed. This is so a peerless festival for atonement and salvation of the victims suffered by many diseases and pains, including mental anguish caused by malefic planets. The divine-form of river Ganga attracts lords and forefathers due to her ability to put an end to the sufferings with her immortal sacred water. This is why pilgrims flock to Prayagraj Ganga and Sangam on Magha month on this earth. Swami Goswami writes, in this context – The month of Magha is the giver of extremely valuable and sacred results, thus explaining the huge gathering of devotees at the banks of Ganga and other rivers during Purnima.

Magha Purnima, Snana And Charity Works

Magha Purnima marks the importance of various activities such as bathing, indulging in charity works, doing Japa, meditation, hawan and Tarpan etc. The moon dwells in Magha nakshatra during Magha month, for which it is known as Magha. Auspicious works done during this occasion results in divine blessings to the doers, besides ending their sufferings of various kinds through puja and Anushthan rituals. Tarpan and charity works undertaken during this festival causes emancipation and salvation of forefathers. This means, importance of Sangam Snana during Magha Purnima is enormous. It is a great solution to various sufferings and pains, besides leading any work to its fruitful result. Magha Purnima falls on fifteenth day of Shukla paksha, which also marks conclusion of one-month long Magha snana.

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Tale of Magha Purnima Vrat

The story about Magha Purnima refers to a scholarly brahman named Shubhvrat, who spent all his life in earning wealth. On his old age, engulfed by various diseases, then he regretted for having not done any auspicious works. Suddenly, he thought of Magha month, and performed Japa, charity work, and meditation on the bank of Narmada river. However, this worsened his condition even more, and he died. There in the heaven after death, he asked lord Vishnu why he attained heavenly abode for the lack of any auspicious work he barely done in his past birth. At this, lord Vishnu explained to him that it was the result of his not getting involved in wrongdoing which qualified him the heavenly abode after death, despite not doing noble deeds. Besides, the lord also explained to him that he did charity works and vrat during Magha Purnima. Therefore, the attainment of Vaikuntha abode is the result of those deeds. Devotee observing Magha Purnima vrat should break the fast on next day by eating foods.

Tale Of Maaghi Purnima Vrat

People known as Kalpwasi visit the bank of Ganga, few days before Magha month, from different parts of the world. The kalpwasi are people belonging to domestic settlements, saints, and sages, including those living ascetic life. These people live in taints and cottages and observe vrat, Japa, charity works, yagna and other rituals with devotions and self-control for one month during this mega festival. They pray to lord Vishnu and sing devotional songs and pray to Mata Ganga devotionally and wish for wellbeing for their nears and dears, including world peace. Devotees observing vrat and other rituals since Magha month conclude their rituals on Magha Purnima. On that day, devotees take bath and indulge in charity works and donate food grains, clothes, foods, and other items as per their individual capacity, to saints, sages and poor, before returning to their homes

Special Importance Of Magha Purnima Vrat

Because of days, dates, nakshatras, yogas and planetary movements, the constitution of MahaYoga happens in places like Tirth raj Prayag, Haridwar and Nasik etc. These special incidents hold their respective importance, attracting people from India and all over the world to visit and take bath in holy pilgrimage of Prayagraj. Devotees who couldn’t take bath on Magha due to any specific reason can continue so on Magha Purnima and make their lives blissful. Mahayoga constitutes when Sun lord transits in Shravana nakshatra, moon and Jupiter transit in Leo, and Saturn dwells in Aries. This cosmic incident is known as special yoga or Yoga-vishesh, which is important to eradicate sins of devotees and make their lives blissful, if they take bath and donate. Arrival of thousands and thousands of devotees on this auspicious day makes it one of the most important Purnima festivals of all in a year.

Ways To Welfare On Magha Purnima

Finish your routines like attending washroom etc. before sunrise. Take bath in Ganga and drink Gangajal. Offer prayer to lord Vishnu religiously. Concentration activity should also be performed. Remember the lord by heart. Donate as per your capacity in remembrance of your forefathers. Offering foods and money to the needy is also a benevolent act, as donation made on this day benefits forefathers with salvations, plus benefiting the donors a lot. In fact, Magha Purnima constitutes divine powers of many lords. Listening sermons of lord Vishnu on this day is considered very fortunate for the devotees.

Beliefs Of Magha Purnima

Like a month of Magha, in Magha Purnima, the devotees must maintain celibacy, perform snana, puja, Yagya, donations, and offer prayer to lord Vishnu, who dwells in Ganga on this occasion. This is also attested by Brahmavaivarta Purana. Devotees who perform the ritual of taking a bath in Ganga on this day gets desired results. This day also marks ending of Kalpwas of Kalpwasi. Taking a bath in Ganga ends diseases. It is also believed to pray Mata Ganga and ask for forgiveness for your sins. It is also believed to pray to Mata Ganga for the opportunity of doing good works as long as you live. Doing charity works like donating blankets and warm clothes to the poor, saints and sages etc. on this day can grant the devotees the respite from sufferings in hell. It also strengthens body’s immunity. Huge gatherings of devotees is witnessed in Banaras, Haridwar, and Prayagraj, and Gangasagar during Magha Purnima. Some people follow arduous self-control and other rituals, make donation, and offer prayers to the lord. Donating cows and foods on this day is also very important deeds. Devotees pray, with clay of Ganga called Renuka and Gangajal, along with Prasad, to Mata Ganga, requesting her to come again.

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