Maharana Pratap Jayanti

Published On : April 23, 2024  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Maharana Pratap Importance

The name “Maharana Pratap” bears a magnitude of unforgettable remembrance for India’s brave son. His name remains embedded in history’s pages, even after many decades have gone by. In the course of time elapsed, countless brave sons and warriors were born in India, making the motherland a blessed land. Maharana Pratap Singh Sisodia is one of such brave sons of this motherland who was born on Sunday in Tritiya of Shukla Paksha during Jyeshta month, in the Vikram Era of 1597. To protect the self-honour of the Hindu religion and to beat the Mughals with the taste of their own medicine, Maharana Pratap displayed unparalleled valour. He also defeated Mughal emperors. Even today, his bravery, patience, courage and gallantry are extolled in folklore.

To say otherwise, Maharana Pratap fought against the forces of perils invading his kingdom and corrupting his religion like an unflinching rock buffeted by sea storms and turbulent waves. He conquered Mughals forces many times. He was born in Kumbhalgarh of Mewar in Rajasthan. Maharana Pratap Jayanti: Tribute to Courage, Valor, and Legacy Lives On.

According to the historian, Vijay Nahar, Maharana Pratap was born in the palace of Pali. It was an era witnessing rampant depredations done by the Mughals by attacking weak kingdoms, thus accounting for several wars and battles that were fought in those times. According to various contexts given by different historians, the Mughals tried all tricks and wars fruitlessly to defeat Maharana Pratap. Akbar was also one of the assailants defeated by Maharana Pratap. Embedded deeply in the pages of history, the name ‘Maharana Pratap’ commands respect and reverence. Many of his pictures and paintings can be found in the administrative buildings and houses of Hindus in India. Almsgiving is organized during Maharana Pratap Jayanti to worship and commemorate mother India’s brave son.

Other Details Related To Maharana Pratap

The immortal tales of Maharana Pratap are still told and remembered proudly in the Hindu religion. The lifelike statue of this brave son of mother India was ensconced in Birla temple situated in Delhi. The royal coronation of Maharana Pratap was done on 28 February 1572. Under some unavoidable circumstances, he married eleven times and fathered many blessed sons and daughters. The emperor Akbar tried many diplomatic and political pressures to capture Maharana Pratap but all his efforts bore no fruit. Maharana Pratap and his Mewar forces fought a historic ‘Battle of Haldighati’ against Akbar’s forces and won it. Chetak, the horse of Maharana Pratap showed exemplary bravery in the battle and was martyred. The fight of Maharana Pratap against Mughal forces continued for 12 years. He eroded their strength and expanded his kingdom. He never accepted defeat while fighting for the independence of his motherland. Many films and historians have aptly portrayed the exemplary bravery and patriotism of Maharana Pratap, calling him an immortal soul of mother India who never ever let the prestige of his motherland taken for granted, and who won an unprecedented victory over the enormous forces of the Mughal. No doubt, Maharana Pratap will remain immortal for his patriotism and heroism. His birth anniversary, therefore, is very important for people to emulate his sense of patriotism and valour. Maharana Pratap Jayanti: Honoring valor, legacy, resilience, and indomitable spirit.

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