Matsya Jayanti

Published On : March 30, 2024  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Matsya Jayanti And Its Importance

Matsya Jayanti is one of the most auspicious festivals in the Hindu religion. Among many divine incarnations of Lord Vishnu, the celebratory festival of Matsya Jayanti is one of the most supreme ones. As a matter of fact, Lord Vishnu assumed a total of 24 deific incarnations to obliterate the burgeoning level of sins and tyrannies on earth. Among them, the Matsya (fish) incarnation is one of the most principal ones. Matsya Jayanti is celebrated with boundless joys of devotees every year on Tritiya tithi of Shukla Paksha in the month of Chaitra. On this day, a one-horned fish or Matsya Avatar of Lord Vishnu is worshipped through the religious method called Shodashopachar(in which a total of 16 puja-related materials are offered to worship lord Vishnu).

Moreover, devotees also chant his mantras and devotional hymns. The legend has it that Lord Vishnu assumed Matsya avatar/incarnation on the bank of the river, Pushpabhadra to protect the world and mankind from the havoc in the form of deluge. There are many interesting tales of lord Vishnu’s Matsya incarnation in various religious books, including Matsya Purana. On Matsya Jayanti, it is believed that any devotee who worships Lord Vishnu with utmost religious sanctity can attain desired results in his/her life, including complete solutions to their life’s various obstacles, sufferings, sorrows, agonies, fears, pains, diseases, etc. Why? Because the Matsya Avatar of Lord Vishnu was taken to serve the only purpose, and that purpose was to protect people and creatures on earth from the doom. Lord Vishnu assumed Matsya Avatar at a time when the submerged earth was waiting for its fated extinction. In a time when even a semblance of life was nowhere to witness on earth, there was Matsya avatar of Lord Vishnu bearing an individuality of unprecedented divine miracle.

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Puja Methods During Matsya Jayanti

On Matsya Jayanti, devotees must collect materials related to Vishnu Pujan and place them together at a puja spot. Take Achamana and proceed with the activity of self-purification by remembering Lord Vishnu. Do not entertain any thought of rage. Maintain the sanctity of puja and observe fast religiously. These are the activities considered very important to follow. Also, do not consume rage-inducing foods or any edible strictly prohibited, whether it is garlic, onion, or non-veg foods. Purify your body a week before starting Matsya Jayanti Puja. Conduct Lord Vishnu Pujan with shodashopachar methods. Conclude puja by offering anything to the lord.

Ancient Stories Of Matsya Jayanti

Matsya Purana, a religious book of Lord Vishnu’s divine incarnation of Matsya Avatar talks at length about how this incarnation came into existence as delineated in various mythological tales and references.

According to one of them, once a demon stole away all the Vedas from Lord Brahma. As a result, the earth and heaven plunged into the darkness of ignorance. Upset because of the horror that the demon ensued, all the gods approached Lord Vishnu, requesting him to recover the Vedas from the clutch of the demon. Finally, Lord Vishnu killed the demon and upheld the sanctity of religion and obliterated the darkness of ignorance by recovering the Vedas from the demon. In another tale, when the earth was just a week away from being doomed in the deluge, a pious king named Satyavrat was offering water to gods and his late forefathers, on the bank of a river. In his folded hands with water, the king caught sight of a tiny fish in it. When the king was about to leave the fish in the water, it requested him not to do so, big aquatic creatures will eat her up. Therefore, the king should protect her. Hearing this from the fish, the king took her in his stoup (kamandal). However, the fish increased her size so much that the stoup couldn’t accommodate her body. Again, the fish requested the king to place her somewhere more accommodating than the stoup. Interestingly, in whatever water resources the king tried to put the fish, due to its inflated size, nothing fitted her well. This surprised the king enormously and he knew that the fish was not an ordinary creature. He requested the fish to appear in its true form. Then the fish, which was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, told the king about the impending doom on earth. The fish added further that it would appear in Matsya avatar to save the world during the calamitous deluge. Since then, worshipping Lord Vishnu as Matsya Avatar has been in practice. Devotees celebrate the festival religiously. In the epic, Mahabharata, the incarnation of Matsya of Lord Vishnu is attributed to Lord Brahma, the creator of the world. Thus, the Matsya Avatar of Lord Vishnu is utterly beneficial and life-saving.

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