Mercury (Budh) Retrograde on 10th April 2017

Published On : March 14, 2017  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Know The Planetary Status Of Mercury Retrograde

Mercury (Budh) Retrograde on 10th April 2017

Mercury is the only planet which turns retrograde more than once during the year. Mercury is measured as variable, convertible and kind of dualistic.  Mercury acts according to the company it keeps. If it is in association with benefice it supports the positive effect. When malefic is in the company of Mercury it supports malefic influences of the concerned planet.

In our body, Mercury has influence over our nervous system, hands, arms, shoulders, collarbone, tongue, perception, interpretation, understanding, and expression.

Well placed Mercury in the birth chart makes the native active minded, eager to acquire knowledge and skills. The native has then the great level of adaptability, dexterity, high level of perception, is quick-witted and have a good memory.

When Mercury is not placed well on the birth chart, is afflicted the native lacks the power of execution and carry ideas rather in creating. The native then inclines to excessive nervous activity both of mind and body and has the tendency to worry, haste which can lead to mistakes, forgetfulness, and controversy. Well-positioned powerful Mercury can make person noteworthy in position and weak Mercury can give devastating results.

Mercury becomes retrograde in a fiery sign Aries from 10th April 2017 at 11:15 and becomes progressive from 4th May 2017 at 04:32. Unique kind of feature about retrogression of Mercury is that the process takes place in fiery sign. Early at the commencement of the year, 2017 Mercury was retrograde in last of Fiery sign Sagittarius. While next time Mercury gets retrograde in the fiery sign Leo. There is a kind of phenomenon in this movement of Mercury. In January Mercury retrograded in Optimistic dual natured fiery sign Sagittarius. This led to rising in hope for better times. One did get a hint of this during movement of Mercury in Sagittarius. However, at a later stage, no major movement happened. Now this time Mercury traverses through first of fiery sign action-oriented Aries. This means during this transit of Mercury through Aries is to all about action.

2017 Mercury Retrograde as per given below (Budha Vakri and Margi Timings):

i) Mercury becomes Retrograde On April 10, 2017 (Monday) at 11:15 AND

Mercury becomes Progressive On May 04, 2017 (Thursday) at 04:32

ii) The second time Mercury becomes Retrograde On August 13, 2017 (Sunday) at 13:01

Mercury becomes Progressive On September 05, 2017 (Tuesday) at 23:29

iii) Mercury becomes Retrograde On December 03, 2017 (Sunday) at 20:34

Mercury becomes Progressive On December 23, 2017 (Saturday) at 14:51

Effects of Retrograde Mercury in general

The influence of Mercury is more prominent when it is retrograde. Difficulties and challenging situation, conditions crop up for some when Mercury goes retrograde. Mercury is associated with communication including telecommunication, media. Retrograde Mercury can lead to the breakdown of the system. Retrograde Mercury highlights lacuna in strategy. It is time to introspect, review past decision, action to identify the flaw. It is time to know about the chink in your armory. Miscommunications, omission, breaking down of communication system are some of the hazards retrograde Mercury can cause. Retrograde Mercury is not a time for results-oriented action.


Now let us see what is in store for your Moon sign during retrogression of Mercury in Aries.

Aries (Mesh Rashi)

Mercury passing through your sign turns retrograde here. Mercury rules the third and the sixth house for your sign. Career oriented has to now look for deficiency in your working methods. Job holder may be entrusted with a task which can prove challenging. Things may not work well for you in the relationship with the sibling. Some controversy in social life can put you in discomfort. Do not react to this over and handle controversy much tactfully. Some old health issue may stage a comeback to trouble you. Try to postpone decision-related to major financial involvement.

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Taurus (Vrishabh Rashi)

Mercury turns in the 12th house for your sign. Mercury is in charge of the second and the fifth house for your sign. This means Mercury plays the major role for you in matters related to finance. With now Mercury turning retrograde in the 12th house, do not take any risk in money matters. Otherwise, you may suffer loss. Disturbance in the family is to cause concern for you. Do not react critically to any shortcoming on part of a family member. You need to have patience on your side here. Wait till Mercury becomes progressive to resolve the issue. The student is to have difficulty in concentrating effectively while studying. One already in a love relationship is to develop some misgiving with loved one.

Gemini (Mithun Rashi)

Retrogression of Mercury takes place in the eleventh house for your sign. The eleventh house is about gains, relationships in general and fulfillment of a wish. Entry of Mercury raised hopes for good monetary gain. Retrograde Mercury is to expose the lacuna in a process and not allow you to gain. A misunderstanding with one in a meaningful relationship is likely to pinch you. This is no time to resolve the issue. Matter related to a household is to need your attention. Some gadget instrument of daily use can malfunction and need immediate repairs or replacement. However, during retrogression, the problem can persist in one way or other. Refrain from taking any risk with your savings here. There is a danger of loss, so take care.

Cancer (Karka Rashi)

Mercury turns retrograde in the tenth house for your sign. Aggressive Mars also traverses the tenth house.  So Mercury takes order from Mars. You are to be keen to initiate action to push ahead of your prospects on occupational front. Mars prompts you to take measures whether ethical or unethical to push ahead prospects for material gain. Refrain from taking any shortcuts to remain ahead in the race. You may be at discomfort in the relationship with the sibling. Just think about the way to pacify hurt the feeling of the sibling. However, this is no time to resolve but just bear the challenging situation. Refrain from major financial transaction here.

Leo (Simha Rashi)

For your sign, Mercury turns retrograde while moving through the ninth house. Mercury holds the portfolio of finance and family for your sign. Mercury is also in charge of the eleventh house for your sign. Earlier transit of Mercury raised high hopes for monetary gain. The source from where you anticipated can suddenly dry up. No gains but losses if you continue applying to extract gains. So hold your gun for now till Mercury is in retrogression. Some issue with one in a long-term relationship can stress you. With strong Mars accompanying Mercury you may be no mood to relent. However, do not try to stretch the issue too far remain kind of neutral. The answer to your woes lies with Mercury becoming progressive.

Virgo (Kanya Rashi)

Mesh Rashi falls in the eighth house for your sign. Mercury is the ruler of your sign and also rules the tenth house for your sign. Your efforts to achieve higher growth in your pursuit are not to work well here during retrogression of Mercury. You may feel kind of low and restless. You are to feel like breaking all shackles and move faster on road to progress. However, with major planets Jupiter and Saturn also in retrograde refrain from imitating any action for now. Just try to explore the reason for not getting desired results. Maintain cordial relationship with higher-ups and elders in the relationship. Try to accommodate their views.

Libra (Tula Rashi)

Mercury turns retrograde right in opposition to your sign in the seventh house. This retrogression of Mercury through the seventh house can seriously affect confirm the relationship. If doing business in partnership relationship can take the dip here. Wait patiently without reacting critically till Mercury becomes progressive. Mars traversing along with Mercury can lead to hardening of the stance taken by you and you may be in no mood to reconcile. Married one is to remain in discomfort in the relationship with the partner for life. You need to keep your cool and not give further cause to hurt sentiments of your spouse. No trick is to work so do not attempt anything silly to please partner for life.

Scorpio (Vrischik Rashi)

Mercury turns retrograde here while moving through the sixth house. Career oriented can get annoyed on not getting the desired position. Do not express your anger here instead keep your cool for now. Unexpected expenses can upset your plan to save money. Some seemingly good opportunity for monetary gain is not to work favorably for you. Do not try hard and just have patience on your side. Some difference with one in old time meaningful relationship can sour harmony. Refrain from reacting critically or hold a grudge against the concerned person. Just try to detach from this for now and give cause to turn difference into a strong disagreement.

Sagittarius (Dhanu Rashi)

Mercury turns retrograde in the fifth house for your sign. Mercury is in charge of the seventh and the tenth house for your sign. Things may get disrupted on the occupational front for you. If doing the job, some omission, miscommunication can hurt your prospects during retrogression of Mercury. Remain wary about all these. Do not try to argue too much to prove your point. As this can further escalate the situation and lead to controversy. Things may also not work well for you in a confirmed relationship. Married one is to have the challenging time in maintaining peace and harmony in relationship with a partner for life. Handle this very much tactfully and do not give further cause to annoy your partner. Be the owner of smarter and calculated decision.

Capricorn (Makar Rashi)

Mercury holds charge of the sixth and the ninth house for your sign. Mercury turns retrograde in the fourth house for your sign. Refrain from lending money to a close relative. Else you are to suffer loss. Maintain status quo in matters related to finance. If planning long distance travel tries to postpone the date till Mercury is in retrogression. Hopes of progress in your pursuit are not to come true during retrogression of Mercury. Visit some sacred religious place to have peace of mind. The job holder is to have challenging time about performing effectively. Remain cautious about omission and check your work twice before submitting.

Aquarius (Kumbh Rashi)

Mercury governs the fifth and the eighth house for your sign. Mercury becomes retrograde in the third house for your sign. Some childhood memories and relationship can be hurting here. Refrain from asserting your line of thinking for now. Relationship with the younger sibling is to take a dip here. Goodwill in the relationship may get lost. Your attempt for reconciling may not work well for you here. Remain coolheaded and remain detached from a troubling issue for now. You may be troubled by some old health issue during retrogression of Mercury. Refrain from major financial involvement for now. Also, refrain from signing a contract or any legal papers. D

Pisces (Meen Rashi)

Mercury turns retrograde in the second house for your sign. The second house is about finance and family among other things. Mercury is in charge of the fourth and the seventh house for your sign. Retrograde Mercury can lead to the unhappy situation in family-related matters. Breaking down of some gadget, the instrument of daily use has a strong possibility. The difference, misgiving in a confirmed relationship can put you in discomfort. Married one can have the strong difference with the partner for life over a set of priority. Do not stretch things too far here and try to accommodate the view of the spouse. If running the business in partnership, cracks may appear in the relationship. Fix an appointment with Chief Astrologer Pt. Umesh Ji for face to face meeting and get your confusion cleared and know about the effect of retrograde Mercury in Mesh Rashi (Aries)  

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