Rahu (Dragon’s head) Decoded in Vedic Astrology

Published On : July 8, 2017  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

The Decoded Rahu Done By Vedic Astrology

Dragon’s Head Rahu Decoded – Mythology about the origin of Rahu

Dragon’s Head Rahu Decoded, Mythology About Origin of Rahu. According to mythology, when Lord Vishnu was disturbing Elixir which leads to immortality among Devtas, one demon disguised as Devta and stood in the queue. Lord Vishnu gave elixir to the demon. Sun and Moon immediately revealed the real form of the demon to Lord Vishnu. He promptly used his Chakra and beheaded the demon. Since Elixir was consumed by the demon both his head called Rahu and rest of the body Ketu became immortal. Since Sun and Moon revealed his identity, both parts Rahu and Ketu do not take it kindly. Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse results when they come in contact with Rahu. In Western Astrology, Rahu is termed as North node of Moon. Ketu is called south node of Moon.

Introduction to movement of Rahu

Both Rahu and Ketu move in retrograde mode on average. Both remain in one sign for around eighteen months. They do not own any sign of the zodiac. Rahu gives results in accordance with the ruler of the sign it occupies. Earthly sign Virgo is the sign of exaltation for Rahu. Some other knowledgeable see earthly sign Taurus Zodiac Sign as the sign of exaltation for Rahu.Rahu Ketu Transit Report for Your Career

Rahu through zodiac signs

One having Rahu in a fiery sign, Aries, Leo or Sagittarius can have a hard time in getting recognition and due rewards for his effort during initial stages of the career. Here Rahu in Leo leads a person to climb up the ladder in his/her pursuit. A person having Rahu in Aries or Sagittarius tend to use unfair practices to have monetary gain. In water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces Rahu render marked results. The decline here is notable and sudden. Then during a favorable transit of Rahu, the person regains his position and also makes progress. Rahu keeps you grounded. Besides Mundane gain, Rahu plays a major role for a person to make a notable progress in spirituality.

Indication of movement through houses

Transit of Rahu through the cardinal house from the Ascendant and Moon usually plays important role in life. At times it indicates relocation for the concerned person. Rahu moving through the tenth house from the Ascendant drives towards shouldering more responsibility for career oriented. A notable hike in remuneration is also on the cards here. However, do not opt for a change when Rahu is traversing through the tenth house.

Rahu transiting through the Ascendant can lead a person to be more assertive about his/her views. The native can tend to stretch vocal chords in order to assert his/her point of view. Here the attitude matters. You may be able to drive your point by raising your voice. However, making this as a habit can harm your long-term prospects. That is when Rahu shifts into the 12th house from the Ascendant, one can run into trouble. One has to then toil hard to remain in a run. On another side, if you are polite enough in stressing your point of view, you are to get encouraging opportunity to gain financially, when Rahu moves through the 12th house.

Although viewed as strong malefic, Rahu can act as a game changer in a positive way for a person, lift fortunes. Movement of These shadow planets is measured as a karmic effect. Viewing this attitude and perception matters in kind of result.  

Intensity of effect

The intensity of effect by the Rahu Transit is more when it is moving around the degree of Ascendant. The effect is also acute when Rahu traverses around the degree of its position in Birth chart alias Kundli. For example, if the degree of Ascendant is 20*. Transiting Rahu when it moves around 18* to 22* is to become more effective. Same applies to the degree of Rahu in a Kundli. One needs to avoid taking major decision related to Business, Career or finance during this phase. This way you can avoid any major negative effect on the transit of Rahu.

The best position for driving progressive results is when the degree of Ascendant or natal Rahu is around 29* to 1*in a Kundli. In this case, your chance of minting money is at best. This becomes then a story from rags to riches.

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