Rishi Panchami Vrat

Published On : July 14, 2022  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Rishi Panchami Vrat And Its Importance

The celebration of rishi Panchami is a chain to connecting mankind with happiness, self-restrain, and elongating auspiciousness in their lives. The effects of this celebration are causative of ending all sins and sorrows of the devotees created by impurification. It is mythologically stated that a man sustains the result of his karma; good or bad, in this life. Since men naturally fall prey to sins anyhow, they have to wander and suffer in countless births, let alone being condemned to hell or heaven, based on the nature of their karma. Rishi Panchami Vrat, in this context, says, if atonement of any mistake committed in conjugal relationship is not performed, the culprit sustains countless griefs. Therefore, the worst sins that can condemn a spouse to the baseness of his/her birth, like the birth as an ox or a dog, are – mistakes done while performing conjugal relationship, a married woman who unintentionally touches a thing or a deity during her menstruation period or if she donates food items to a sage or a brahman priest by mistake or touches them, unwittingly. Therefore, Rishi Panchami is celebrated every year, to ward off the evil effects of these worst sins. The festival falls in Panchami of Shukla paksha during Bhadrapada month, every year. This time, it is to be celebrated on 23.08.2020 on Sunday. This festival should be observed by married women to neutralize the evil effects of their unintentionally-committed mistakes. Involved in this festival are groups of Saptarishi and their worships to remove the evil effects of mistakes done during menstruation period of women. The worship also eliminates the sinful effect of sexual-relationship with the wives undergoing menstruation period. The worship is recommended as per our religious texts. Married women worship rishis, including Arundhati, which give them auspicious results in their lives.

Puja And Vrat Of Rishi Panchami

The celebration of Rishi Panchami involves utmost maintenance of self-restrain and sanctity of rituals. collect all essential puja related materials a day before the vrat, such as rosary, fruits, dhup, dip, prasad etc. Also involved in puja of rishi Panchami is donation to Brahman seven books of rishi Panchami, seven rosaries, seven seats and clothes dedicated to sages, including their stoups. Perform the worship of rishi Panchami by a brahman priest expert in such rituals, have him invoked every sage and Arundhati, offer seat, and get the deities ensconced through mantra to continue the worship ritually. This would eliminate sins of every year. Devotees unable to get the puja done must visit a nearby temple where such rituals are organized, and should get the puja done there, and offer their worship to sages. Also, devotees should donate things and beg pardon for any mistake from the sages.

Story Of Rishi Panchami

According to the story of Vedic time or Satya Yuga, a pious king by the name of Shyenjit ruled Vidharbh kingdom. A peasant named Sumitra lived in the kingdom with his dutiful and pious wife. Once his wife was going through menstruation in which she did all her domestic works, except refraining herself from touching things prohibited, including the fact that she got laid with her husband. Eventually, whey the couple died, due to their sins, the husband born in a bovine family while the wife born as a bitch. Coincidentally, the bitch stayed in home of her family while the ox was employed by his son in farming. He helped in farming day and night until the time of Shradha to which his son invited brahman priests and performed the ritual religiously. Suddenly, a snake touched the foods kept for brahmans and poisoned it. The incident didn’t go unnoticed by the bitch and she (mother) rushed to the kitchen and ate up the food items, tainting them then and there. This enraged her daughter-in-law, who then beaten the bitch black and blue, and kept her isolated, starving. Foods were cooked again and shraddha rituals were completed. At night, the bitch went to her ox-husband and narrated to him all incidents transpired. The ox also told her of his agonies. The conversation between the two creatures was overhead by their son, because he understood the animal’s language. Later, the son fed them well and looked for ways to give his parents salvation. The son was advised by a learned sage to perform Rishi Panchami vrat, saying further to offer the fruit of the vrat to his parents suffering in their respective birth. This would eradicate them (parents) from the sins of being born in animal life. The son observed vrat on Shukla Panchami of Bhadrapada and offered the fruit of vrat to his parents, causing them attain emancipation from animal life. Therefore, the vrat of Rishi Panchami grants auspicious results and devotees attain safety from sufferings, and heavenly abode

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