Sati Ansuya Jayanti

Published On : April 2, 2024  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Sati Ansuya Jayanti And Its Importance

The Sati Ansuya Jayanti is an extremely auspicious and religious festival in India. It epitomises the sanctity of women and their marital union with male counterparts or husbands. The purity and dignity of a dimensional value such as what Devi Ansuya emits is nowhere to be discovered. The test of a spousal relationship between a woman and her husband stands as deep-rooted and firm as the Himalayas.  A concept like this is attributed to being the carrier and saviour of Sanatan Dharma. Mata Sati Ansuya is just like that, a divine lady of dignified lineage symbolizing an edifying lesson of an auspicious marital relationship. It, therefore, explains the joyous celebration of Mata Sati Jayanti by the devotees every year in India. The Jayanti or anniversary is like an enlightening message for people who have got drifted from maintaining the sanctity of a healthy and mutually-respectable relationship with their respective life partners. Sati Ansuya epitomized the sanctity of chaste in upholding the integrity of spousal union, the fame that reached out far and wide, not only across the earth but also the heaven. Such was the scale of popularity of her chaste that it stood second to none even today. Sati Ansuya was the daughter of Daksh Prajapati. Though she was endowed with virtues like speaking manners, modesty and characteristic purity, she was completely devoid of any character flaw like arrogance. Later, she was married to the Vedic sage Atri, who was the son of Lord Brahma. She settled with her husband in the Ashram situated in the district of Chitrakoot, in India. Therefore, the celebration of Sati Jayanti which epitomizes the sanctity of spousal union and peace in it is very important. Devotees, who worship Sati Ansuya on this day, become empowered to uphold the purity of marital union called Pati-Vrat. Moreover, the devotees also get the blessings and kindness of Mata Ansuya. And they also make their life blessed with peace and auspiciousness, which eventually help them in solidifying their marital unions with their life partner. On this day, fairs are organized at many places. It is believed that when Lord Rama, Mata Sita, and Laxman came to Chitrakoot during exiles, they visited the Ashram of Mata Ansuya and Atri. Mata Sita praised Devi Ansuya for her unflinching devotions to the relationship with her husband. It made her divinely impressive to an extent that the impression of her chaste cast an unmistakable effect on gods and goddesses, due to which Mata Ansuya is considered the first among the seven chaste women of divine values.

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Story Of Sati Ansuya Jayanti

There are many interesting tales found in mythological texts of Shrimad Bhagwat Purana, Markandeya Purana, and Mahabharata etc. which extol the chaste of Mata Ansuya and talk at length about her characteristic dignity.

Kind-hearted gods often come to the rescue of their devotees and fulfil their wishes after testing their devotions rigorously. In this context, once the divine trinity (Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva), after being requested by their respective wife (Laxmi, Parvati and Saraswati) to test the chaste of Ansuya, decided to visit the earth to meet Ansuya and test her well-famed chaste. The divine trinity, disguised as sages, visited the ashram of Mata Ansuya and sage Atri. There they found Mata Ansuya attending domestic chores, as usual. There was no sight of her husband, sage Atri. The divine trinity lords disguised as sages asked her to give them alms but on conditions, that she must do so by being naked. To preserve the sanctity of her chaste and not to disobey the religious doctrine of serving the sages, she used her divine power and turned those three trinity lords into 6-month-old babies and fed them with motherly love. This way, Mata Ansuya fulfilled their conditions. Meanwhile, the wives of the trinity lords got worried when they didn’t see their husbands come back. To find out the truth, they visited the ashram of Devi Ansuya and surprisingly found their husband as babies. The goddesses requested Devi Ansuya to give their husbands back to them. At this, Mata Ansuya refused, saying the babies are hers and they can’t be given to anyone. After a while, at the humble request of goddesses, Mata Ansuya turned the trinity lords into normal. The incident was met with jubilance from the gods in heaven who showered flowers on Mata Ansuya. And it also caused an end to the vanity of those goddesses.  Sati Ansuya Jayanti holds its divine significance beyond any words. It evokes inspiration, thereby explaining why it is celebrated so joyously by the devotees every year in India.

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