Sheetala Shashthi Vrat

Published On : March 29, 2024  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Sheetala Shashthi Vrat And Its Importance

This is a highly influential and propitious vrat among the cycle of countless vrat festivals we observe. The effect of this vrat is that it leads to removal of many obstacles and diseases. This vrat is observed to attain the blessing of deity Sheetala. It is celebrated on Shashthi or sixth tithi of Shukla paksha during Magha maas. Because of this vrat, a devotee gets results, like progeny, fame, wealth and prosperity galore. Male and female both observe Sheetala Shashthi Vrat, but the female devotees show more reverence and devotions toward this vrat, considering huge number of women follow this vrat. Elimination of many terminal diseases happens due to observing la Shashthi vrat. Devotees worship the deity Sheetala by visiting the temple, offer the deity flowers and other types of offerings, navaidya etc. They also bring forward their request to the deity, requesting her to bless them and their families with wellbeing and speedy recovery of their any ailing relative. Dogs are offered good foods during this vrat occasion. Taking a bath with warm water is prohibited. Delicious foods are cooked with great devotions one day before observing the vrat. The cooked foods are stored in a safe place. After finishing up with bath and other routines, the devotees visit a Sheetala Mata temple on Shashthi tithi and offer their prayer to the deity with utmost reverence and devotions, praying for their wellbeing and good fortune. A belief concerning this vrat prohibits devotees from offering a freshly cooked foods to the deity nor to eat them. The popularity of Sheetala Shashthi vrat is more in North India, including Bengal and other States. The importance of this vrat is more to eliminate diseases, attain happiness and miraculous results.

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Puja Methods Of Sheetala Shashthi Vrat

Like other fasts, this one too involves following sanctity. Devotees, after taking a bath, should follow the vrat and do worship with shadopchar methods. Offer Mata Sheetala all those delicious and sanctified good stuff with reverence, recite Sheetala chalisa, and offer your prayer to the deity. Beg your pardon to the goddess for any mistake you may have done during the course of doing worship.

Story Of Sheetala Shashthi Vrat

Among many stories associated with this vrat, the one is related to a Brahman who had seven married sons but none of them had any offspring for many years. This made him very sad. On being advised by an old lady, he followed Sheetala Shashthi vrat, which then blessed his daughters-in-law offspring, respectively, and elimination of diseases from their family. Since then, this vrat has been observed by women devotees with reverence.

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