Shiv Puja Importance and Benefits in Shravan Month

Published On : July 23, 2018  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Detail Of Shiva Puja Importance And Its Benefits For Devotees

About Shravan Month

The holiest Shravan month (Shravan Mass Festival) is the most auspicious period the devotees of Lord Shiva can take advantage from Shiv Puja, as such worship of the Lord has its own importance and benefits. Among total of 12 months in a year, the periods of July-August hold special prominence because of religious and astrological auspiciousness due to the importance of Shiv Puja. Days between these periods mark the beginning or ascent of Shravan, as per Hindi calendar. Reason about what sets Shravan into motion is none other than the planetary cycle of the Sun when it traverses zodiac Leo, according to Vedic Astrologer, while if we go by the lunar calendar, it is the New Moon Day which leads the dawn of Shravan.

About Shravan Month And Lord Shiv Puja

Shravan Somwar Shiv Puja

Shiv Puja Importance and Benefits in Shravan Month – Shravan is the most auspicious month. Worshiping Lord Shiva on Monday by heart and dedication during Shravan is considered to bestow on devotees the supreme power and blessings of the divine almighty, Lord Shiva. The transcendental Lord Shiva is all-omnipotent during Shravan which means, if you worship MAHADEV during this period, ill-effects of planetary Doshas, including Rahu Ketu, Saturn and other malefic planets, will be removed thus helping you attain great physical, mental and temporal development as well as spiritual well being in your life. It is therefore the reason that any activity designed to bring your attachment or devotion to Lord Shiva must be performed during Shravan. Book Shravan Month Shiv Puja for results such as peace, prosperity and good fortune in your life.Book-Your-Shravan-Somwar-Shiv-Puja

Benefits of Shiv Puja in Shravan Somwar

The worship of all-omnipotent divine almighty, Lord Shiva during Shravan manifests in the form of several benefits for the devotees, including the attainment of spiritual purification. Misery or problems caused by planetary Doshas get neutralized by the blessings of Lord Shiva when the deity is worshipped with accoutrements of necessary ingredients for His puja, such as Real Rudraksha, honey, ghee, belpatra etc. as per the guidance provided by an eligible Pandit.

Importance of Shravan Somwar and Lord Shiva’s Bhakti

The importance of Shravan somwar or Savan maas is that this is the pinnacle of sanctity close to the level of divine purity. During this month if you worship Lord Shiva’s Bhakti, you will not only attain his divine favor in destroying ill-effects of malefic Planetary Transits ruining peace, prosperity and growth in your life, but you will also get anelevated spiritual awareness, known as edification of Self, equalizing a soul with divine status.This explains why Lord Shiva bhakti is so important for people during Shravana, as this is the month when divinity of Lord Shiva transcends its omnipotence across the infinite celestial universe. Benefits of Shiv puja include positivity at your surroundings, removal of planetary Doshas, cure of negative karmas, and remedial solution to chronic health disorders, apart from attaining the grace of Lord Shiva. Book your shravan somwar shiv puja.Book Your Shravan Maas One Month Shiv Puja

Nothing More Divine than Shiva Puja during Sawan

In the holy month of Sawan, Worship Lord Shiva is the most recommended activity one should observe to dispel malefic effects of planetary transits and other undesired elements from their lives.

It is to be noted that Sawan also marks the era when the goblet of Halahala venom was churned out of the Ksheer Sagar (Samudra Manthan) by the joint cooperation of Devas and Ashuras. When they rejected to share the poisonous Halahala, it was Lord Shiva who drank every drop of it and rescued the universe from unimaginable destructions.

The mighty power of the venom turned Shiva’s neck into blue, thus naming Him Neelkanth since then.


Shiv Puja during Sawan Maas By PavitraJyotish

Amazing Benefits of Shiv Puja during Shravan Month:

  • Elevates you on spiritual level. It is also known as externalization of your divine-self.
  • Removes ill-effects of planetary Doshas of malefic planets like Rahu Ketu, Saturn and any of those during their unfavorable cyclic transit.
  • Shiv Poojan during Shravan leads revolutionary changes in physical-mental well being of devotees, blessing them safety from deadly diseases.
  • Women devotees are granted the wish to have an ideal husband like Shiva.
  • Shiv Poojan during Shravan leads devotees on the path of divine salvation, also known as Moksha.
  • Perpetual prosperity and gainful results in business, career, business etc,
  • Protection from untimely death if devotees chant mantras and worship (puja) of Lord Shiva

Invoke the blessings and grace of Lord Shiva in your life with Shiv puja we organize with a team of learned and veteran pandits following religious methods and rituals to please the God. Book your  Shravan Somvaar shiv puja.

Shravan Somwar and importance of Rudraksha, Locket, Parad Shivling, Rudraksha Mala

As explained, Shraavan month bears reverence of divine almighty of Lord Shiva. Rudraksha rosary and other resources of invoking the blessings of Mahadev during the auspicious period of Shravan are energized Locket Yantra and Parad Shivling among other energized stones. Rudraksha rosary contains cosmic energy and when this is energized using mantras, the transcendental power of Rudraksha rosary equals the divine status of Lord Shiva. It is believed that wearing Rudraksha Mala or worshiping Parad Shivling during Sawan Maas dispels malefic effects of Navgrah or planetary orientation, apart from other transformative cures provided to the devotees.

Energized Parad Shivling, locket and Rudraksha rosaries hold the key to positive energy force that is known to bring forth perpetual prosperity, peace, and success in addition to safety from ill-effects of malefic planetary transit in your life. They are the means energized by Vedic Astrology principles thus bearing effective remedial treatment against the malefic negative energy force responsible for destroying your life’s peace, growth or success.

In brief, we can say that importance of Rudraksha, locket, Parad Shivling and Rudraksha mala during Shravan is beyond the doubt to assess, in view of the fact that they are ritually energized holding the key to transcendental power of Lord Shiva which stands guards for the devotees against harmful and evil vibes. Shiv worship and wearing Rudraksha mala during Sawan will not only spiritually purify you, but it will grant Astrological Solution against unfortunate evil force thereby peace and prosperity start to dawn on your life making it prosperous and thriving again.

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