Maas Shivratri Vrat

Published On : March 28, 2024  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

What is Shivratri Vrat?

This vrat is observed to please lord Shiva, and for the attainment of desired results. Though there are total of twelve Shivratri in a year but it numbers to thirteen due to excessive number of maas. And Phalguni Maas of Shivratri is the most notable festival among the people. And this Shivratri vrat (which happens on Phalguni Maas) is observed by everyone. It is very popular not only in India but in also those countries with devotees of Lord Shiva. In addition, Shivratri that falls on the month of Shravana is also very significant. People take part into this festival with enthusiasms and worship lord Shiva. Huge gathering of devotees at Shiva temples is a common sight to witness. However, people knowing a great deal about Shivratri of every month are less in number. The religious results of these Shivratri vrats are equal to that of every Shivratri. This is because of the reason that lord Shiva is the divine figure known for his generosity. Therefore, devotees who follow Shivratri vrat during Maas gets the results in equal terms that they achieve out of doing Shivratri vrats during Phalguni and Shravana months. So, Maas Shivratri Vrat is the one that is observed on every maas. Doing worship of lord Shiva during maas Shivratri cause elimination of all pains and sorrows of devotees. It also puts an end to sins and cycle of diseases of the devotees. Therefore, everyone is advised to follow Maas Shivratri vrat with great devotions, to get the blessings of lord Shiva and remove their sorrows and turbulence from their lives. Just as a person does Ekadashi vrat twice in a month to gain the favor of Lord Vishnu, at the same way, doing vrat on Shiva tithi during every Chaturdashi Shukla and Krishna paksha gets you the blessings of lord Shiva. For Maas Shivratri vrat, in every month of Krishna Paksha during Chaturthi tithi of Trayodashi is considered very auspicious. Therefore, one must observe Maas Shivratri vrat to gain the divine favor and religious benefits of lord Shiva.

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Puja Methods For Maha Shivratri

A devotee must perform self-restrain and rituals a day before starting maas Shivratri vrat. Adopt the rule of self-purification by avoiding non-vegetarian diets. On the day of vrat, wake up early in the morning, finish your daily routine like attending washroom etc. and follow the ritual of self-purification. To please lord Shiva, keep a stock of all essential materials such as holy water, Gangajal, scented flower and rice, dhupa, dip, fruits, sweets, bhang, datura, and vilva-patra etc. Visit any established Shiva temple to offer your worship to lord Shiva. Or, if your financial condition allows it, you can have the puja done by learned religious brahman priests. Alternatively, you can do Achamana after doing self-purification, and remember the lord and offer him your puja. Beg your pardon to the lord, for any mistake you may have done during the course of puja, and then offer your worship to lord Shiva.

Story Of Maha Shivratri

This story revolves around a deer and a hunter. It also involves appearance of Shiva Lingaa. Certain beliefs point out wedding of lord Shiva with Mata Parvati on Shivratri, thereby setting in practice the festival of Maas Shivratri that is celebrated with great pomp and shows. That special occasion popularized Shivratri vrat even more.

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